Hot cute girly geek and Tekira in Paris!


Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course.

Sorry for the long absence from writing, as usual, busy. Real life is in the way of my weekly blogging, together with my Etsy shop and work. But I decided a nice update on my latest holiday adventures was a good way to come back to everything.


And as you can see by the title, I was not alone! Every year my work organizes a trip abroad for everyone who is part of our staff association and this time Paris was on the menu. And because Tekira is one of our interns at work we decided to go together. Yay! Geeky blogger trip to Paris, and boy was it geeky.

I’ll spare you the details of all the touristy stuff we did, it’s Paris and full of touristy stuff you can visit. But we decided to incorporate a bit of geekyness as well. Besides us talking about geeky stuff pretty much 24/7 and the amazing amount of fandom shirts I packed as well as my epic, homemade Tardis bag.

Ok, first stop on our geeky agenda:


Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde. Or roughly translated: the last bar before the end of the world.

DSC_0107what is it? Well, only the most epic geeky place you’ll find in Paris, 400 m² filled with references to science fiction, fantasy, manga, television series, movies and literature.DSC_0156 A place for all geeks to eat, drink, play games, and generally geek out over everything. If you are a geek in Paris, get your geeky butt down there asap!


The bar has a well stocked wall filled with games you can freely lend to play with fellow geeks. Everywhere you look it’s geek paradise with popular references to all yourDSC_0108 favourite geek shows, series, comics, movies, like Star Wars, Doctor Who, V for Vendetta and tons of manga and anime stuff I’m not familiar with but had Tekira in a right geeky flailing mode.


You can eat, although the menu for dining isn’t that great, think more along the lines of snacks, they do have stuff on the menu like triforce chips, dark side cookies, a ‘hello sweetie dessert’ shhh, spoilers (yes I ordered one, and no it didn’t turn magically into a glass of champagne). DSC_0115

DSC_0110And if you love alcohol, the drinks menus is even more spectacular. What about Captain Picard’s Earl Grey (Computer-tea-earl grey-hot), tenth’s health potion (justDSC_0109 brilliant!), the serenity, bad wolf, 42, Lannister, a Tardis, green dragon and many, many more.

The cupcakes come in gaming theme’s, the staff is brilliant and after some hard questioning say they have the best job in the world.


And I got jumped by a 10th Doctor female cosplayers who geeked-out over my tardis bag in rapid French. After I calmed her down she continued in English and we quickly bonded over cosplay, Tardisses and the Doctor. It was brilliant. Safe to say we ended up there both Friday and Saturday night.

Our second geeky stop was Museé d’Orsay… ok, how can a museum be geeky. Hello, Vincent van Gogh, Doctor Who, epic fangirling anyone?!

The enormous line in front of the museum didn’t hold us back, so we waited like good little fangirls in line and met up with an American family of whovians, again, they spotted my bag. DSC_0122DSC_0123Americans are crazy, but I almost adopted this cute family and it was fun to see that wherever you come from, your dad will always embarrass you in front of strangers. Well done whovian dad.

We got to see some brilliant paintings by Van Gogh and (shhh don’t tell) I was a bit naughty by taking some pictures. Seem familiar???


And of course we found the only English bookstore in Paris for our little geeky hearts to enjoy, it isn’t Waterstones but WHSmith does have a nice Sherlock selection and I found a lovely Doctor Who mug for my collection.DSC_0087

Although when I went to pay for it, something strange happened and we ran as fast as we could out of there.


Oh and a visit to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting Shakespeare and Company where I finally found a copy of Good Omens, which I have been looking for, for ages!


We did learn on our last night there was an exhibition about Marvel, but unfortunately running out of time and money we didn’t have time to visit. But if you find yourself in Paris before the 31st of August go check it out:

And I did spot some random cool Ninja Turtles posters near the Montmartre.


And after three days in Paris it was time to go home. We had an epic weekend in Paris and I might return some day, but first London!!!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy and Geeky sidekick Tekira.

YouTube Sunday

Hi my hot cute girly geeks, another lazy Sunday and I have found some funny and geeky vids for you.

This guy applied to DreamWorks and because he hadn’t heard from them he send in this vid. I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t get the job, I found it brilliant!:

Ok, I’m a huge fan of Queen, thanks to my mum. Also, I was born in the ’80 so I kinda grew up with at least some of their music. ‘I’m the invisible man’ was one of my favourite music clips when I grew up.’ The fact that I went 5 times to see We Will Rock You the musical (3x in the Netherlands, 2x in London says it all.) And this is awesome, Under Pressure by Freddy Mercury and David Bowie a-capella:

Remember the Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer I put up last week? The one that was made by a fan but had the whole fandom fooled for a couple of minutes? Here’s how he did it: I wonder if he already got a job offered to him by the BBC.

Happy elves, ok it’s not whatever your crazy brain is thinking of. The elves from the Hobbit watching fans watching the desolation of Smaug teaser trailer:

This is one kickass chick. You all know the internet meme about stepping on Lego, well, this gives a whole new meaning to that phrase:

My lovely friend Theta brought this video under my attention. DIY Star Wars Trench Run, just watch it and before you know it you will be making the sounds together with these guys:

This vid is for my friend Theta, he’s coming to Holland in September and we are planning to visit the Efteling, our own Dutch amusement park. Where one of the rides is a sort of haunted house with creepy music. Unexpected flash mob done by a choir who, this time, provided the creepy music themselves. Freaking awesome!!!!

I think teachers are under appreciated in pretty much every country. That’s why I love this vid. What do teachers make?: I do appreciate teachers, this one is for you Zee!

I love Charles Dance, I think he is brilliant in Game of Thrones, and now for something completely different, just watch and listen: Be advised for some language (I don’t mind at all)

Doctor Who drinking game. Seriously, if you just watch one episode and follow their rules you’d be totally pissed after 45 minutes:

Uber geeky nerd Nathan Fillion talks about Monsters University: I bow down to your geeky nerdiness.

If you follow my blog you know I love Peter Pan. Can we just appreciate this amazing Peter Pan staying in character in Disney:

This is my lovely friend and fellow blogger / vlogger Zee, she makes amazing vids and you should follow her: and this made me think of a new topic for my own channel. A monthly geeky roundup for geeky things I done, and so I’m making a vid today and hopefully will be able to upload as well.

How to be a real fan: this pretty much sums up my geeky fangirl life.

Just some Benedict and Moffat talking about Moriarty:

I screamed, Peter Jackson has a new production vlog and we get to see some Martin Freeman:

This is a real eclectic list this week. But I hope you’ll still enjoy. This is the link for the whole playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. I’m back with another YouTube Sunday, and it is a good one. Hope you enjoy. So sit back and relax.

I love Alex Kinston, I love River Song, here is a lovely interview:

I am the Doctor is one of my favourite tracks to listen to on the Doctor Who cd’s. And I love this version made by an orchestra:

I’m a huge fan of Richelle Mead, and her vampire books. I have all of them in my collection. And now she participated in the 50th anniversary special e-books. Watch this interview:

The next video had me fooled for a couple of minutes and I was screaming behind my laptop for it. But relax, it’s a fanmade vid. If you don’t have 3D glasses like I do, look at the comments to adjust the video so you can watch it properly. The 50th anniversary special Doctor Who trailer:

Matt Smith being adorable and for someone’s wish spending time at a family for Christmas. Especially the weeping angel bit:

David Tennent being really cheeky, don’t mind if you do:

John Barrowman being really cheeky about Benedict:

David Tennant trying his American accent, this is creepy, also, David, your Scottish is showing, please stick to UK/Scottish accents please:

I don’t know how many of you speak Finnish, I don’t. But that still doesn’t mean this Star Trek cast interview isn’t fun to watch:

I posted this before, but still. It’s Benedict in Star Trek:

One of my lovely colleagues told me about this video and I almost wet myself laughing. I know it’s mime, but please, watch it! This guy is brilliant!:

If you watched the previous video, then you have to watch this one. It’s the same guy, but with a special added guest surprise:

Did you guys know about 300 getting a second movie? I for sure didn’t. But I’m not complaining. Here’s the trailer for all of you who haven’t seen it yet:

I hate magicians as much as mime players, but imagine Sheldon Cooper doing magic tricks and this is what you get:

You either love or hate funny cat videos; again, this brought a huge smile on my face, especially the part where he talks about spiders to one of his cats:

3 half naked gay guys dancing in heels? What’s not to love, this is my new favourite go to vid when my job is being shitty: and the gagreel is even better:

We do have sort of talking trashcans in our Dutch amusement park the Efteling. For us Dutchies, ‘holle bolle Gijs’ but this trash can is the best:

Combine bagpipes with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and you get something like this:

Amazing cover of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, performed by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix:

Gishwhes 2013 is finally here, subscribe to to enter:

Andrew Scott, or also known as Moriarty, did a lovely little red carpet interview. And my fellow DCC friend Anieck just met him yesterday in London (me is very jealous fangirl right now)

Benedict talking Sherlock:  and

Benedict trying his deductive skills:

Short film Inseperable starring Benedict:

If you find yourself in London, visit speedy’s cafe:

It’s our favourite not gay elf Legolas, or Orlando Bloom and a lovely vid at his last day of shooting on the Hobbit. For tumblr fans, you know the song:

Don’t know if I shared this one yet, but still. The Desolation of Smaug trailer:

Tyler Hoechlin doesn’t understand Tumblr (please keep away from it Tyler!) and thanks his fans (can I just squee that Teen Wolf has started again!):

See your favourite Star Wars characters dance to good old fashioned rock music: and

Supernatural season 7 gagreel, please yes:

That was it for this lazy YouTube Sunday, if you want to watch all video’s here is the link for the entire playlist:

Hot Cute Girly Geek museum tour: the London Film Museum

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course, as you could have read in my last post, I’m still busy. I’m hoping that March will bring some peace and quiet in my life, but until then. If I have the time, I’ll write a couple of posts and let them be posted on my blog spread out throughout the week. I’m still catching up with older posts and as promised I would do a post about the film museum I went to last year.

  • Name: London Film Museum
  • Place: London, UK.
  • Location: South Bank.
  • Website:
  • Date of visit: 26th of September, 2012
  • Permanent collection: everything to do with movies
  • Current exhibition: Charlie Chaplin
  • Price: £13.50

So I went to the London film museum because when I was in London last year I decided to do a Doctor Who related tour of my own. I read online they had Daleks and a TARDIS on display and that was the main reason for me to go. I didn’t expect much of the museum itself and I was really shocked about the entrance fee they asked. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole museum is one big geekfest!  I snapped a lot of photos and had to contain my inner geeky squees a lot!

This location of the London film museum is located on the first floor of the Country Hall, next to the London eye. There is also a location at Covent Gardens. But the main one is on South Bank.

Upon entering they had the original Flash Gordon script and a lot of set photographs at display. Cue inner geeky squeak. I love that movie as well as the brilliant music by Queen.

Flash Gorden ScriptFlash Gorden set photo's 02






The film museum has different rooms with themes on display. Like the horror movie room, where you can see stuff from Hellraiser, some creepy heads, a monkey used in 28 days later (I also love zombie movies!)28 Days Later 01

Hellraiser 02Horror department 05

Or what to think of a Harry Potter room, with lots of goodies used in the original movies. Seeing I can’t post all the photos I took, here are the most awesome three: The Tri-Wizard cup, golden egg and Ron’s broken wand with letter from his mum. Or what to think of the brooms and books they used for studying. And what about clothes they used in the movie.HP outfits 02

HP Golden EggHP Brooms

Seeing as my latest fascination, or rather addiction to Sherlock, they also have a Sherlock room. Unfortunately not based on the new BBC series, but still.

Sherlock Holmes 04Sherlock Holmes 02

And how about some Star Wars goodies: Ewok fur, lightsaber, Han Solo.Star Wars 10


They also had some pretty amazing outfits from different movies: The mummy returns. Or what to think of the Chronicles of Riddick, freaking awesome!!! And not to forget, Batman begins.Batman Begins 01

The Mummy Returns outfitChronicles of Riddick 01

Oh and they had one of the aliens from Alien, as well as the facehuggers.


And look! Even some drawings of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I swear, whenever you turn the corner in this museum, you are surprised with some more geeky goodies!


Or the shirt Keanu Reeves was wearing in Constantine.

Constantine 01

And what to think of the shirt Simon Pegg, uber geek (I bow down to your geekyness sir) he used in Shaun of the Dead.


And a knife Hugo Weaving used in the Matrix.


Oh and look, a Terminators head and shirt from Terminator 2.

DSC_0133.JPGTerminator 03

How about some Total Recall money (used in the original movie, not that terrible remake!)


And a childhood geeky thing: the sub from thunderbirds! I really need to stop looking at my own pictures, this is getting ridiculous, I’m actually squeeing on the couch again!


I also hope you liked Highlander, here’s a costume used in the movie.

Highlander 01

Are there any Superman fans out there? Costume used in Superman Returns.

Superman Returns 01

Or what to think of the armor from a Knights Tale?

A Knight's Tale 01

And let me end with the main reason I went to the museum in the first place. Daleks and a TARDIS!

DSC_0151.JPGTARDIS 02 - Film Museum

Sorry about the picture spamming, but I really loved this museum. It’s worth every penny and you should visit it, if you have the chance!

Until next time. Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my lovely hot cute girly and boy geeks, its Sunday again, so time for another YouTube Sunday. Before I start I have a few announcements. I’m working on a Christmas post myself, as well as one or 2 video’s. That depends how the editing is going. Also, my good friend and fellow blogger Theta went to see the Hobbit and made and awesome and spoiler free review over at his blog, you should check it out:

Also, we are doing something Whovian for Christmas this year, a review of all the Christmas episodes and I need your help. I am giving you the opportunity to use my blog for one time to do a review for Christmas. Here’s how it works. You pick a Christmas special you like, let me know about it, do a review and send it to me and I’ll make sure it’s posted on Christmas day. These are the episodes you can choose from:

  • The Unquiet Dead: Theta
  • The Christmas Invasion: Hot cute Girly Geek
  • The Runaway Bride:
  • Voyage of the Damned:
  • The End of Time: Hot Cute Girly Geek and …
  • A Christmas Carol: Zandrina
  • The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe:
  • The Snowman:

So the end of time is a two part Christmas and New Year special, so it should be done by two people and needs some serious communication in order to pull that one off, who wants to do it with me. And as for the snowmen, this means you need to be able to actually watch that episode when it airs and write a review short after and post it or send it to me so I can post it for you.

That where the announcements, lol. So now you’ll get your vids:

I love musicals and I love Les Miserable, and I can’t wait to see the new movie. And I was surprised to find out that they added a song, check this out:

These two songs are my favorite on the Hobbit cd, and since I have to wait till the movie comes out on DVD, I have to make do with YouTube:

And another Christmassy preview for the doctor who Christmas special, the Hobbit:

I usually don’t post fanvids, but this one is so amazing and captures everything so well, I couldn’t pass on this opportunity to show you:

And the last video of today, Ewan McGregor plays with lightsabers:

I hoped you loved these vids and I hope to hear from some of you very soon.

If you want to do a review, leave a comment / reply or email me at

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy

Top 10 on Thursday!!! Top 10 hottest captains in sci-fi and fantasy!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, it’s time for another top 10 list and this time it’s time for the top 10 hottest captains you see on screen in sci-fi and fantasy.

Did you know how hard it is to find hot captains? Or captains that are actually called captain? So I cheated with one, because I found that he deserved a spot in my list. So enjoy!

10     Captain America (the Avengers) Chris Evans: Like I said, it was hard to find hot captains, but seeing as my internet friends are fangirling about him, I added this one to the list, and admitted, he is cute, but not my kind of captain 😉chris-evans-captain-america-21

09     Captain Kirk (Star Trek: the Future begins) Chris Pine: Again the same thing as number 10, but if I had to chose between the original captain Kirk and the new one, give me this one please.chris-pine-kirk

08     Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek) Patrick Steward: Ok, how can you go wrong with captain Picard, I know he is old and bald, but the guy has charisma, and that accent and the tea, earl grey, hot.b89f31a85da7290ddecdad44f2628c17e208901f

07     Han Solo (Star Wars) Harrison Ford: With this one I cheated. Harrison Ford did look good back in the days and wouldn’t you want to go on a flight in his space ship?


06     Captain Hook (Peter Pan 2003) Jason Isaacs: I’m a huge Peter Pan fan, doesn’t matter what version I love them all. If it’s the Disney classic, the movie Hook, return to Neverland or the movie Peter Pan, have you seen this man’s eyes!


05     Captain John Hart (Torchwood) James Marsters: How can you possible go wrong with James. I fell in love with him on Buffy, oh Spike. And I was surprised to see him on Torchwood, KISSING!!!! Another hot captain, hell yeah for fanfiction explosion.

Torchwood - James Marsters as Captain John Hart - Adrian Rogers/BBC Worldwide

04     Captain Malcom ‘Mal’ Reynolds (Firefly) Nathan Fillion: Oh Nathan, one of the cutest captains. What can I possible say more, just look at him…


03     Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) Johhny Depp: This captain got bumped to the 3rd spot just because of the fact that I imagine he doesn’t smell nice, yep that’s a weird reason. I mean, it’s Johnny Depp and even dressed as a drunk Keith Richards look-a-like pirate, he still managed to be hot.


02     Captain Hook (Once upon a time) Colin O’Donoghue: If you haven’t already watched Once Upon a Time, I urge you to do so. The series is brilliant and this captain Hook is really, really hot, and young, and his eyes, and the accent and… this can go on for hours.


01     Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood / Doctor Who) John Barrowman: Obviously the number 1 in my list. Captain, immortal, hot, sexy, cute, sassy, sexy, funny, sexy, companion, con-man, omnisexual, 51st century pheromones, sexy, award winning smile, stuck in our time-line, long grey coat, sexy. Well you get the picture.


I hoped you liked my list (and the pictures) until next time, my hot cute girly and boy geeks.

Love, mendy

btw, couldn’t resist adding the picture for nr 5 and nr 1 kissing (sorry boys):


YouTube Sunday!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. I know I promised you a vlog, but I’m terrible at planning and since I had to bake practically the whole weekend I didn’t have any time to edit it and I’m not real happy with the footage so I’m probably gonna reshoot it sometime this week and post it. But now, YouTube Sunday and I have some beauties for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the vids.

As any good geeky girl I watch the Big Bang Theory and I love the show! So here is a little video about what happened during shooting an episode. Also, look at Sheldon, just staying in the background, lol.

I love the Lord of the Rings and I love the piano guys. I have 2 videos from them. The first a beautiful one where they do a piece of music from the Lord of the Rings and the second one is a Star Wars parody.

The next video is a little bit long, but it contains epicness and Alan Rickman, what more do you want?

How can you combine 3 awesome shows? Well cast members from Supernatural and Doctor Who and watch NCIS this week, here is the promo:

Another Star Wars film, this time a flash mob in Germany:

Ok, the last video needs some explaining. I live in the Netherlands, we do celebrate Christmas but we don’t believe in Santa Clause when we are children, this is because we have our own celebrating the 5th of December and it’s called ‘Sinterklaas.’ His helpers are ‘zwarte pieten’ or black Piets. And they made their own gangham style cover. Which I think is hilarious. It is in Dutch, but still fun to watch. And if you want to learn more about ‘Sinterklaas’ visit this wikipage where it is all explained.

I hoped you enjoyed this week’s videos. Until next time, my geeks.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy.