How to survive the Doctor Who hiatus till Christmas, or what I did in London!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine. Tonight is the final episode of Doctor Who, till Christmas!!! I know, it’s terrible! I just watched it and I’m a sobbing mess right now. How do we whovians are gonna survive this! Well, since you’re asking. I have some pretty crazy ideas about that.

First crazy idea and my personal favorite. Go to London and create a Doctor Who tour of your own.  And now you sure want some ideas of where to go. I know most of the filming of Doctor Who was done in Cardiff. But it mentions London a lot, so why not pine over your favorite Doctor in good old London and visit the following places:

So before you start, make sure you have your mp3 player stocked with Doctor Who music, your sonic screwdriver ready (because you can’t be sure what you’ll come across with) and for an in between snack, buy a bag of Jelly babies.

First stop the London film museum: costs: £13.50 I thought the London film museum would be some stuffy old crap and about the history of the British film industry, but it’s actually pretty cool. They have lots and lots of cool stuff from a lot of movies I like. (Be sure to look out for my London Film museum post) and they have of course Doctor Who stuff:

You can also see a TARDIS at London Film Museum. This TARDIS belongs to Peter Cushing, who used it in the 1965 film Dr Who And The Daleks. And of course the Daleks!!!

Next stop, since you are close by. The London Eye: costs: just pictures are free!

The London Eye doubled as the transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness in the episode Rose (2005). Take a trip on the eye to see London from the sky. The pods are very space age!

And just across the bridge is the Big Ben. Costs: free! Oh where is an invisible spaceship when you need it… sigh. (Season 1, episode “The Empty Child”) By the way, they did a pretty good job restoring the clock tower after that Slitheen craft destroyed it in 2006 (Season 1, episode “Aliens of London”)

Haven’t seen enough yet? Go visit the British Museum: costs: free! Now I hear you guys talking, the British Museum, Doctor Who? Yep. I accidently came across it myself. Besides all sorts of cool stuff, if you like history, just like me, they actually have something of Doctor Who in the museum. Remember, the Runaway bride Christmas special? The 10th Doctor creates a diversion where money is flying out of a cash point. Well, they created specially made Doctor Who money for that.

Another great sight to visit it the Shakespeare globe theater: costs £13.50 and make sure to wait for the guided tour. Besides learning all sorts of things about the theater and Shakespeare. The theater was also used as a set during the third season in episode “The Shakespeare Code” Oh and David Tennant got married at the Globe Theater.

Still not enough? Go to Earl’s Court. It’s a tube station and walk outside. Blimey, someone parked their TARDIS there. Wonder who left it?

The next stop was on my way into central London from the place I was staying. Battersea Power Station. Yep, where the Cybermen tried to convert the human race into more Cybermen in the second season during a two part episode “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel.

There are a lot more sights to be seen in London, for more ideas check: or ask the guy at the Doctor Who merchandise stand in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I run out of time. But I will return to London, but first Cardiff for me next year.


If you want some cool Doctor Who merchandise, you can go to forbidden planet: or my personal favorite Covent Garden. At Covent Garden there is a stand filled with all sorts of cool Doctor Who merchandise, and the guy running it, is a big Whovian himself. I bought a lot from him. He also owns a store and there is a website:

Second crazy idea. Ok, so you did the whole London thing, but still got some time left until Christmas, what’s next?

Well, you can always throw a cool cosplay party with your fellow whovian friends. Dress up as your favorite character and go watch some episodes on DVD, like on Saturday night. To keep that special Doctor Who feeling inside yourself. But dressing up every Saturday night is a bit much for some. So for our creative Whovians why not do this:

Third crazy idea: crafts, make your own Adipose. I sure am going to try that. For patterns and how to guide look here:  Also, check out the Dorkadore site, they have lovely stuff on how to create cool Doctor Who stuff and also other Geeky things.

Fourth and crazy idea: Doctor Who cupcakes. A lot of people try this so you can find cool pics online. I even tried some myself.

Fifth and final idea: for the geeky knitters. Why buy the Doctor Who scarf if you can knit your own. And here’s how to do it: just in time for Christmas. That would be a cool present for a fellow whovian friend!

So I hope you find this guise helpful and if you try some of these things, let me know how it went. I want pics and details lovely geeks.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy

PS: yes I did made all those cupcakes myself and yes, all the pictures in this post are taken by me in London this week and the merchandise is bought by me.