New series review: Wynonna Earp

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks. Today I will be reviewing Wynonna Earp, or at least the couple of episodes that have been aired up until now (that’s just 4!!!).


I’m always on the look-out for new series to watch, yep, I have no life, at least not a social one (well, a partially social life). And this time I stumbled upon Wynonna Earp. Or as I call it, hopefully the female version of Supernatural, set in the Wild Wild West if Jo was still alive.

Wynonna Earp is brought to you by the syfy channel and it has that same feeling as a lot of their series. I don’t know what that is, but if you’ve been watching a lot of series you immediately can tell if it’s produced by syfy, or CW or HBO or any other network.


Originally starting out as a comic book series and riding the success of the Marvel / DC brought to our screens. It specifies as an Action/Western/Fantasy/Horror series. Yep….

According to IMDB: Based on the IDW Comic, Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she’s the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

But like I said before, it feels like the female version of Supernatural, only the sisters don’t travel cross-country but stay in Purgatory, the town, not the gateway to Hell.

I mean, there is Wynonna herself, leather jacket wearing, drinking, swearing, bad-ass with a gun, older sister coming back to her hometown where just about everyone hates her. She lost her father (shot him) and her sister, has a nasty prophecy hanging above her head and a special gun that can kill demons! Oh and she is trying to protect her still alive sister. (Dean)


And we have Waverly, the younger sister, trying to bad-ass herself, bit of a dork, super smart, speaks Latin, does a lot of research, had an imaginary friend called Bobo, and wants nothing more than help big sis killing demons. (Sam)


Agent Dolls, bit of a mystery man, can get his hands on some really old, creepy occult objects, knows his occult stuff, trying to teach Wynonna how to kill demons and other monsters and how to shoot. Doesn’t take shit from no-one but somehow will protect the girls. (Bobby)


Doc Holliday, once a good-guy, now we don’t know yet, seems to be working for both parties, the good and the evil side, old but still good looking, there is some tension between him and Wynonna and you’re constantly wondering if she is gonna kill him or f*ck him. (Cas)

WYNONNA EARP -- "Keep the Home Fires Burning" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

And we have demons, not the black-eyed ones but these have red eyes, are stuck in Purgatory, again the town and trying to get out before Wynonna kills them with her special gun. If they are killed they get sucked back into hell, looks pretty cool.

So, we’re four episodes in and I kinda like it. It’s funny, I like strong female leads, it reminds me of Supernatural, I don’t know, it appeals to me for some reason.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts? And no I haven’t read the comics so no spoilers!!!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


Are you a series snob?

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Today I want to address something that’s been bugging me for a while now.


Being a series snob. For those who grew up or already were adults in the 90’s and a geek things finally started to look up, series wise. (This might have happened earlier, but I was born early 80’s and grew up in the 90’s and can only talk about my own experience.) series and particularly sci-fi series became a thing.

Pre-download and pre-streaming services, yes those were scary days, we had one channel in the Netherlands supplying us with those epic series all the way from the US. You had to make sure you were home to watch it, or videotape the latest episode, 1 episode a week! Oh the horror!


But… It was something you were looking forward to, I even remember discussing episodes at length with friends prior and after it aired. There wasn’t much diversity so if it was slightly sci-fi or fantasy like, you watched it and kept on watching it until you liked it, because that was it!

The fond memories I have while watching the X-files, a couple of very obscure series I don’t even know the name of. Star Trek during dinner and my mum complaining about the gruesome prosthetics that made her loose her appetite. The adventures of Buffy and her Scooby gang and whether you had the hots for Spike or Angel. Friday night and Babylon 5 with a bowl of crisps, or chips depending on which side of the big pond you live. Cue the nostalgic feelings please.


Back to today. We have basically everything on demand. Netflix on the telly, illegal downloading, semi-illegal streaming on line, DVD’s are fairly cheap if you want to wait two months. And more series than you can possibly watch in an entire lifetime, even though we, or I, try.

With the overabundance of different series I find myself getting more critical about what I watch. I have my popular regular series, namely the big 3 (SuperWhoLock) and about a dozen or so I also follow. I often start new series, but whenever the CGI is very bad, for example Grimm, I give up very easily. I do this as well with series I find too confusing (as in I don’t have to watch every freaking second or I might miss an important plot). If the story line disappoints me and it’s more of the same every damned week, bye bye series. (how many freaking doppelgangers can you have parading on the screen).


Some series get a second go because there’s an actor on it I admire, Arrow is such a series. I love John Barrowman, but I know Oliver has been stuck on the damned island by now. Just stop with the freaking flash backs.

Some series are entertaining enough even though totally unrealistic, Scorpion anyone? Seriously you have an IQ of 170 and use Bing as a search engine???


Also, I love crossovers! Arrow and the Flash, the Flash and Supergirl, now if someone, and I’m looking at both Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, made a Doctor Who / Sherlock crossover I would be over the moon.

But going back to my original point. I’m more critical in watching my series and not very loyal in watching it all the way towards the end. I give up when it doesn’t interest me any longer. Much faster nowadays than a couple of years ago.


Are you a series snob? Let me know in the comments.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Gotham, a new series review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks. Sometimes I wonder if I have a life because of the amount of books I read and series and films I watch. But then again, I mostly do this during the evening of my weekdays.

I have another new series to talk about. Usually I wait for 2 episodes to write something about it. But just like Scorpion, I’m writing about Gotham just after one episode.


Synopsis according to IMDB:

The origin story behind Commissioner James Gordon’s rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman’s arrival.

Official website

My thoughts:

First things first, I only know the Batman universe from the films, not the comics, so my opinion is based on said films. I loved the ‘90’s films, not so much the newer ones and I remember watching cartoons and a series on tv. I grew up with Batman and Robin and I much anticipated the new series Gotham.

I loved this episode! It’s like watching the muppet babies in the Gotham universe. Everyone is so young! Again, the pace was really high.

We start with the most important scene from all Batman universes, the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. And a terrible young Bruce Wayne aka Batman still a little kid, crying over the brutal murder of his parents and a young James Gordon, still a Detective and just started working at the Gotham police department. Promising young Bruce to catch the killer.

We see a young woman, almost a teenager, behaving catlike, jumping and climbing on and off buildings, feeding stray cats with stolen milk. Catwoman anyone?

We see a young psychotic Oswald Cobblepot, his facial charactaristics very familiar, and basically lashing out to everyone calling him penguin as a nickname.

We also get to meet Ivy Pepper, a sweet poison Ivy in her younger years.

A lot of characters from the Batman Universe get there introduction and even more references are being made toward people like the Riddler and Dr. Freeze and my guess is I still missed half of them.

And with the first episode giving us al these characters they need a hell of a story to keep things interested for the rest of the season. Gotham laid all its cards on the table, and although, what I know of the series, it’s not a new Batman story, but revolving more around James Gordon and how he came to be the Commissioner, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Oh and can we talk about Alfred Pennyworth? I mean, in every depicture of the Batman world you see him as the stiff upper lip butler, the best of the best in British servants and here? He’s like this though bloke from around the block, cussing his way trough things he doesn’t agree with and not the smart, some what docile / senile Alfred we know.

All in all, I really loved the first episode and I’m really curious as to see where the storyline brings us. And if our young Catwoman and young master Bruce get to meet as well.

So, have you seen Gotham? Any thoughts? Did the first episode live up to it’s expectation? Let me know!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy



Scorpion, a new series review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Winter is coming and summer hiatus is finally over. Fall is also the start of many new series. Everything that interests me I’ll watch and I’ll let you guys know about it. Just like last year.

For now, let’s have a look at Scorpion, a new series by CBS:


Synopsis according to IMDB.

An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world.

Official website

My thoughts:

Geeks, nerds, autism, hackers and highly intelligent people are hot at the moment. A lot of series use these characteristics as a main focus in their series. Look at Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, Sherlock Holmes in BBC Sherlock, Chasing Shadows, Numb3rs, the film Hackers, the Net and so many more. We have a huge hackers theme going on in the ’90, with the uprising of personal computers and the world wide web. And now it seems it’s all coming back.

If we look at Scorpion it’s a combination of all of these series above with a bit of McGyver in there as well. And I think it has a lot of potential, but for the love of god, please let the scriptwriters consult with real hackers. The numerous mistakes made in just the first episode are astounding and I’m not even a real IT nerd. But even I cringe at the ridiculous solutions the series presented. Although it’s supposed to be based on real events.

I mean, obtaining a LAN connection between a Porsche and a moving plane? Come on. Or what about destroying a hard-drive in a car door because of the speaker system?

The soon to be named Scorpion team consists of 4 people: Walter O’Brien, the über smart hacker. Toby Curtis, the über smart psychology major who can deduct human behaviour just like Sherlock. Happy Quinn, our über smart hardware / electrician and Sylvester Dodd, the über smart maths guy. Combined they have an IQ of almost 700. They can do everything they want concerning there field of expertise, but forget to eat proper, keep relationships or pay there bills.

But it does have a lot of potential. The first episode had a high pace and you really needed to keep your attention towards the screen to catch everything. I like the main character (although the first couple of minutes reminded me a lot of Hackers), a young boy, hacking into NASA and being picked up by one of the numerous US alphabetic agencies, his brilliant mind being used to develop (what later is explained as a weapons system, killing lots of innocent bystanders.

And one thing I didn’t like was the whole, oh we’re really smart, so we function on a different level. We recognise emotions but don’t know how to act on them. Although, if you look at the end of the episode, that was what needed to create a new human element in this ‘McGyverish’ team.

It is heart breaking to see the little kid being lost in his own mind and our four savvy techies recognising him for what he is, explaining his behaviour towards his ‘normal’ mum.

What I’m trying to say, it’s a lot of stereotype behaviour, and in my opinion, giving a very wrong signal about how these kids are, behave and function. Not all kids / people with a high IQ are beaving like autistic people. A lot of them can function just like you and me, although there interests lie elsewhere.

But even though I think the series got so many things wrong, for me it’s really good entertainment and I look forward to the second episode. Although I get the feeling, if they continue in this path, there won’t be a second season.

What new series are you looking forward to? Have you seen Scorpion? What are your thoughts? Let me know.


Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Bitten season 1, a series review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Thanks to all my regular series being in summer hiatus, I now have time to catch up with other series I wanted to watch. One thing I do love is binge watching a series. Just give me all the episodes at once please.

I have watched Vikings and Bitten, currently watching Crisis and I seriously need to pick up on last year’s Covert Affairs and True Blood. But that’s for another time. For now enjoy the Bitten review and beware of spoilers!


Synopsis according to

Elena Michaels thought she left the world of supernatural behind when she left Stonehaven behind ‘for good this time’ she thought. Until the night she got the mysterious call from her pack leader asking her to come back. So now she is heading back, leaving her life as a normal photographer in Toronto for the moment to re-enter the world of werewolves, rules about protect the pack and a man she has spent years trying to get out of her system. Oh and did she mention she was the only living female werewolf in existence?

My thoughts:

Yay, another werewolf series! Although nothing can tip Teen Wolf (sorry, it’s just too funny). It seems like we’re not done with the Supernatural beasties for the moment. After the whole we love tormented sparkly vampires and zombies crawling out of their graves we move on to werewolves, one of the oldest monsters from the book.

The series is Canadian based (it seems that lately all TV series are either shot in Canada or have a Canadian origin, but I’m not complaining.) It revolves around Elena Michaels, and as the synopsis already told you, she’s the only female werewolf alive. Apparently in this ‘world’ women are too weak to carry the wolf genes and if they get bitten they die during transition.

A couple of things are different from the usual werewolf rules we know. These wolfs can change whenever they want, so they don’t need a full moon. We have just the one pack and one Alpha to rule over all the werewolves, but no Beta’s or Omega’s. Instead we have pack members and Mutts. And all the wolves, in their wolf forms seem to still have some control and can tap into their humanity when they are changed.

I like it. The series I mean. The story is good, although just like every other werewolf series the wolves seem to struggle for a power play and it’s nice to see a strong female lead character. It has a lot of really nice naked men in it as well. What I don’t like is again the CGI. Luckily they don’t look like the twilight wolves, but still. Another thing, can we please be done with the whole love triangle thing where the girl needs to choose between the two men that love her. I am so done with it.

You know what I would really like to see? And especially in this Bitten Universe? Some gay wolves, because let’s face it. The only wolves that are around are male and you can’t just sell it to me that there has to be some gay tension around there. The bromance is dripping from the screen for crying out loud!

Another thing I’m basically done with is the ‘I don’t accept the nature of my beast’ story arc. Just about every monster on screen seems to struggle with his / her humanity and acceptance and I’ve seen it all. I mean look at Louise from interview with the vampire, that sparkly vamp from the film we’re not naming any more, the beast from Beauty and the Beast and the list goes on and on. Can’t we, for once, have a monster or beast that is happy who he or she is and enjoying themselves instead of keep whining about how hard it is to change or crave blood or fight for your rights? Also, can it be the good guy as well instead of the bad boys who seem to enjoy themselves?

If you love beasties / werewolves, hot naked guys, some nice fighting scenes and a different Werewolf Universe I urge you to catch up with season 1 of Bitten. I hope you enjoy it!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Defiance, season 1

Hi my hot cute girly geeks, and boy geeks of course. As I said before, I am catching up with my TV series and this one was recommended to me by one of my followers. And I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t follow up on it, now would I? images


Seeing as I recommended Defiance in my 2013 ‘Winter is coming, and so is the start of a new season filled with TV series.’ And in case you missed it, read it here. It was time I naamlooswatched the first season. And although we have to wait until next year (grrrrrrr) it was every minute well spend.

Synopsis according to the official website:

In the year 2046, it’s a new Earth – with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond imagesCAKUZ3BRrecognition. To the town of Defiance, on what used to be St. Louis, comes the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). As they settle into town – overseen by the mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) and filled with residents like the powerful Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), enterprising lounge owner Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and the ambitious, alien Tarrs (Tony Curran and Jaime Murray) – events begin to unfold that threaten the fragile peace this border town has fought for.

My thoughts:imagesCAXB5LE5

It clearly is a show developed by SyFy channel. They have a certain feel to their series and everything about this just screams SyFy. Not that it’s a bad thing. I mean, they made ‘a town called Eureka’ and ‘Warehouse 13’ two series I absolutely love! And I think this series is a sort of mix between the two shows, together with a hint of flavour from another science fiction show called ‘Adromeda’ and it also reminded me a bit of  ‘the fifth Element.’

First of all, let’s start with the cast and some familiar faces. We have Grant Bowler, playing Joshua Nolan (you may know him from True Blood as Cooter) a renegade former military man, scavenger and now Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance. He’s a tad too violent and has a lot of secrets in his past that slowly unravel throughout the first season.


Next up Julie Benz, playing Mayor Amanda Rosewater, and for us geeks we all know Julie as the twisted vampire Darla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series Angel, oh and she also had a role in Dexter, but I stopped watching after one season. Mayor Rosewater is actually not elected and temporarily stepping up to do the job after interning for the previous mayor who had to step down, only three weeks into the job she has to put up with a lot of difficulties from outside town as well as from the inside.


Mia Kirshner plays the role of Kenya Rosewater; you guessed it, Amanda’s sister. You might recognize her from the Vampire Diaries as Isobel or as Sarah from the Crow: City of Angels. She is the owner of NeedWant in Defiance, the local bar and brothel. And she is a hard worker indeed. Her husband, who mysteriously disappeared, was the previous owner, but now the bar flourishes with its new owner.bg_kenya_default_0

Stephanie Leonidas plays the role of the alien Irisa, although she is a bit unrecognizable in her role. Dutchies may remember her from the movie ‘Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek’ although I recommend you read the book. Irisa is an Irathient, one of the alien races now inhabiting the earth and she was rescued by Nolan when she was a young girl. This girl has a troubled past, PTSD and is very trigger happy. She is torn between the upbringing as a human by Nolan and the way of her own people. Also, her PTSD may not be properly diagnosed after all.cast_irisa

Tony Curran plays the role of alien Datak Tarr, and again a bit unrecognizable because of all the make-up, but he indeed played Vincent van Gogh in Doctor Who, you may also know him from X-Men: first class, Covert Affairs, Medium, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Blade II, Underworld Evolution, and many more geeky series and movies. Datak Tarr is a Castithan, again another humanoid alien race inhabiting earth and the head of Defiance’s underworld. He is cruel ruthless and will stop at nothing to gain more power together with his wife and son.cast_datak

Jaime Murray plays Stahma Tarr, wife of Datak Tarr and she is a familiar for SyFy watchers as we know her from Warehouse 13, playing H.G. Wells. As the popular saying goes, behind every great man stands a strong woman, and this is no exception to that rule. She may play the docile wife most of the times, but beware of her. She is one mean and scary bitch.cast_stahma

Graham Greene plays the human Rafe McCawley, one of the richest inhabitants of Defiance and owner of the mines. He has two sons and a daughter who is madly in love with the Tarr boy. And of course both families disagree with this love (what’s a good show without a bit of Shakespearean love interest) and Rafe has a nasty secret about his dead wife.cast_rafe

The last member of cast I will mention is Trenna Keating, playing Doc Yewll, a humanoid alien from the Indogene race. She is one smart Doctor and I love her sarcastic and snidy bedside manners. But as most of Defiance members of society she also has a few tricks up her sleeve and dark, very dark secrets in her past.cast_doc_yewll_0

Ok, what is it with these people and their pasts. Basically everyone who lives in Defiance has done some nasty shit during the ‘war’ and I don’t mean some simple smuggling. But that’s what makes it interesting, doesn’t it.

DefianceCast5Although I would love to have a bit more back ground information about how the war and terraforming of earth started, it’s interesting to see how humans imagesCA98PDVEadapted with the newcomer aliens and their own cultures they bring with them. These different races are truly amazing to see and beautifully created, even with their own languages and everything and you soon start to pick up on it as well.

This science fiction series is filled with all sorts of new alien tech, new alien species, strong female leads, intrigues, a good deal of violence and bloodshed, Defiance - Season 1humour, sex and a sort of post apocalyptic world. The pace is high, the secrets not too easily discovered upon first glance and of course a major cliff hanger, wanting more of this show and hating the hiatus until June 2014.

So if you love sci-fi series, I do recommend you watch it and let me know what you think of it. Like I said, I can’t wait for next year’s season premier.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.