YouTube Sunday

Hi my hot cute girly geeks, another lazy Sunday and I have found some funny and geeky vids for you.

This guy applied to DreamWorks and because he hadn’t heard from them he send in this vid. I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t get the job, I found it brilliant!:

Ok, I’m a huge fan of Queen, thanks to my mum. Also, I was born in the ’80 so I kinda grew up with at least some of their music. ‘I’m the invisible man’ was one of my favourite music clips when I grew up.’ The fact that I went 5 times to see We Will Rock You the musical (3x in the Netherlands, 2x in London says it all.) And this is awesome, Under Pressure by Freddy Mercury and David Bowie a-capella:

Remember the Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer I put up last week? The one that was made by a fan but had the whole fandom fooled for a couple of minutes? Here’s how he did it: I wonder if he already got a job offered to him by the BBC.

Happy elves, ok it’s not whatever your crazy brain is thinking of. The elves from the Hobbit watching fans watching the desolation of Smaug teaser trailer:

This is one kickass chick. You all know the internet meme about stepping on Lego, well, this gives a whole new meaning to that phrase:

My lovely friend Theta brought this video under my attention. DIY Star Wars Trench Run, just watch it and before you know it you will be making the sounds together with these guys:

This vid is for my friend Theta, he’s coming to Holland in September and we are planning to visit the Efteling, our own Dutch amusement park. Where one of the rides is a sort of haunted house with creepy music. Unexpected flash mob done by a choir who, this time, provided the creepy music themselves. Freaking awesome!!!!

I think teachers are under appreciated in pretty much every country. That’s why I love this vid. What do teachers make?: I do appreciate teachers, this one is for you Zee!

I love Charles Dance, I think he is brilliant in Game of Thrones, and now for something completely different, just watch and listen: Be advised for some language (I don’t mind at all)

Doctor Who drinking game. Seriously, if you just watch one episode and follow their rules you’d be totally pissed after 45 minutes:

Uber geeky nerd Nathan Fillion talks about Monsters University: I bow down to your geeky nerdiness.

If you follow my blog you know I love Peter Pan. Can we just appreciate this amazing Peter Pan staying in character in Disney:

This is my lovely friend and fellow blogger / vlogger Zee, she makes amazing vids and you should follow her: and this made me think of a new topic for my own channel. A monthly geeky roundup for geeky things I done, and so I’m making a vid today and hopefully will be able to upload as well.

How to be a real fan: this pretty much sums up my geeky fangirl life.

Just some Benedict and Moffat talking about Moriarty:

I screamed, Peter Jackson has a new production vlog and we get to see some Martin Freeman:

This is a real eclectic list this week. But I hope you’ll still enjoy. This is the link for the whole playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Hot Cute Girly Geek goes London, March 2013!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. I’ve been neglecting you all big time these last couple of weeks. Hopefully April will be a bit quieter and more time for my blogging. I went to London last weekend and here is my review, sort of. And also, as a bonus, 2 vlogs!!!

Friday morning 4.45 AM. Woke up terrible late, overslept big time, so it was a rush to pack the last things in my bright pinks suitcase (sorry, it was a gift) and get in the car on time to leave for Rotterdam where the busses would be waiting. (It was organized from work and I played tour guide for the weekend) Because I was one of the ‘guides’ I needed to be there a bit DSC_0112earlier than the rest of my colleagues to make sure everything went well and pack stuff into the bus. Finally, around 07.00 AM we left for Calais where we would be boarded on the train (I hate those things, I’m claustrophobic) On the way, me and my fellow tour guide colleague where busy pouring coffee and tea, handing out sweats, joking with the bus driver and inside the train, playing cheezy bingo, with prizes nobody actually wants to have.

We made it to the UK and I send a message to a friend of mine, working at Harrods, if he would be working that afternoon. Boy was he surprised that I was coming toDSC_0041 London! (A good surprise). So we made our way to the hotel at Ealing Common (also known as, fuck that’s a long way from the rest of London) and after a quick check-in, some freshen up, the bus dropped us of at Harrods. And I got to see and hug Dani again! After chatting with him he had to get back to work and I went on a major shopping spree at Forbidden Planet. I bought such awesome goodies (check vlog part 1 for details). Feeling a bit peckish, boyfriend and I made our way to Sheppard’s Bush to eat an amazing burger at Byron’s. I knew the place from last year (Dani introduced me) and it was as good as I remembered.DSC_0047


And after dinner we made our way back to the hotel, because of the lovely weather (snow, cold, windy) and us waiting about 15 minutes on a deserted platform, it wasn’t that great.

DSC_0082Saturday morning, enjoying a lovely English breakfast (just toast scrambled eggs, bacon and a proper cup of tea) and quickly in the bus to go on a guided tour DSC_0035(not by me this time) trough London and its famous sites. It was boyfriend’s first time in London and I decided to tag along. The tour was funny and informative, only downside we didn’t get to take as much pictures as we wanted. We went to see Buckingham Palace (remember when the Titanic almost crashed it) 10 Downing street (remember the Slitheen) the Tower (I wonder if UNIT also works during the weekend) and much, much more.DSC_0071

DSC_0083Seeing as we wouldn’t be going to Covent Garden on Sunday morning, we decided to go after the tour. Some other colleagues wanted to come as well and I felt like a proper tour guide, since I knew how to get there. (Please, don’t forget to tip your guide). After I showed my colleagues how to get there I went on the hunt for the guy who sells the Doctor Who merchandise, only to find his regular spot empty. I asked one of the other vendors and he doesn’t sell on the weekends. We decided to buy tickets first for We Will Rock You on Leister square and then go to the shop, only a short ten minute walk from Leister square.

And I bought some awesome goodies as well form the stamp shop. I even got some free merchandise because I mentioned having a screening party when the new DSC_0077Doctor Who episode airs this Saturday. (See vid for the goodies I bought).

Next stop St. Barts. For the Sherlock lovers you know the hospital from the scene where Sherlock plummets to his death. Oh all the feels seeing that spot. There is a DSC_0129red telephone booth on the corner and Sherlock fans are leaving messages here such as ‘I Believe’ and ‘Moriarty was real’ only it seemed like they just cleaned DSC_0120it. Naturally I left my own message.DSC_0119


DSC_0138On our way to Baker Street we went past the American candy shop. Oh my, it was awesome, but I did manage to contain myself and only bought flipz. Those are chocolate covered pretzels and we used to have them in the Netherlands back in the ’90. I ate bags and bags of that stuff.

To keep in the spirit of Sherlock, we went to the Sherlock museum, which has a significant increase in visitors since the new Sherlock BBC series. We stood about an hour in the freezing wet cold before we could go inside. The museum is designed around the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but definitely worth DSC_0143a visit for just 8 pounds. And of course I had to buy some stuff as well. Amongst the things I bought was an awesome book, containing all the original stories. (See my vid as well). After that it was time to go back to Tottenham Court Road for We Will Rock You, with a quick pit stop at BK.

I saw the show for the 5th time. 3 times in the Netherlands and this was the second time in London, but it’s still one of my favourite up beat happy musicals. I even flirted with the Killer Queen during the show, how awesome is that!

And then it was time to go back to the hotel for some much needed shut-eye.

Sunday, after again a marvellous English breakfast it was time to leave the hotel and go to petty coat lane. This market is supposed to have more than 1000 stalls, but due to the weather it was decreased in size. It looked kinda sad really. But I did manage to buy myself a cheesy t-shirt and sweatshirt, as well as a t-shirt for a colleague of mine and some pashmina shawls. I adore those and have them in almost every colour.

A quick stop at Tesco’s to buy lunch (and some more Cadbury eggs, I even managed to get some more colleagues hooked on them) and we went back to the Netherlands. I don’t know why, but going back through the tunnel the second time was more awful then on the way to the UK. My claustrophobia kicked in pretty good, although luckily no panic attack. I managed to contain myself pretty well. We played some more cheesy bingo and eventually ended somewhere in Belgium for dinner.

It wasn’t the best of dinners (give me Byron’s any day) only the dessert was jummy, although I still don’t know what kind of pie I ate. All I know is that it tasted good. After dinner it was time for karaoke. I vetoed this! I hate karaoke, especially when my lovely colleagues try to sing, when they clearly can’t. At the end of the night my ears where ringing. I would have preferred to watch Sherlock, but some colleagues can be very persuasive, unfortunately.

And around 11 pm we were back in Rotterdam. Which left us just to say goodbye to everyone and go home, fix a proper cup of tea and cuddle James.

That was my weekend in London, and I loved every second of it!

Hope you enjoyed my vids and this post.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday anyone???

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. How’s life?

Mine is pretty much boring. I’m still at home, recovering from surgery, and I have my good and bad days. A.k.a. in a little bit of pain or in a lot of pain. But the surgery went well and every day I can do a little bit more. But if you have any tips for me to watch or to do at home, while lying on the couch, cause I still can’t sit straight for no more than 15 minutes at the moment, I love to hear about it. Writing is also a bit challenging but since I have all this spare time left; I’ll try to write more for my blog. So I came up with a new theme for those lazy Sunday’s. I don’t know how you geeks normally spent your Sundays but I just like to veg out on the couch, watch TV or funny YouTube video’s on my laptop and boy are there some cool video’s out there. So I’ll try to post 3 till 5 video’s a week, with of course a geeky or nerdy theme. Is this something you’d like? Just let me know.

This week’s video’s are:

  • Nintendohemian Rhapsody: what do you get when you combine the all time classic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody, with Nintendo and two absolutely brilliant nerds, well this:
  • Klingon Style: we all heard the new song gangham style; this is the Klingon version of it. Yes those Trekkies are crazy:
  • The Star Wars that I used to know:  another parody on a song, this time Somebody I used to know, Star Wars style, just watch and enjoy:
  • I built my own Tardis: I think I posted this one before, but still. Yes I know it’s a long video but this geeky girl is awesome and my personal hero! Can I keep her?

That’s it for this week, if you have any tips for next week, or comments about the blog, I love to hear from my readers, just leave a reply and let me know what you think about the new theme for Sunday.

Love your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Vampire Academy #5, Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead, a book review.

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Here’s another book review. And I’m getting behind on my reviews. After this one, I still have 2 more to do, if I get them done before I finish the book I’m currently reading, but enough said, look out for spoilers ahead.

Last time we left Rose getting a note from Dimitri, that he isn’t dead and he will be killing her when he sees her again. She is back in school and thinking about what Oksana and Mark said back in Russia, that a Strigoi can be healed by a spirit user. Problem is, the spirit user who did this, turned out to be Victor Dashkov’s half brother Robert, and Victor is in a Moroi prison.

Rose is about to graduate and she has to pass her final test. An obstacle course where she has to lead a Moroi, played by a guardian, to safety, while being attacked by Strigoi, played by other guardians. And it turns out, the guardians made it extra hard for Rose, because she has real world experience and they are confident she can handle it. All of her friends and family came to watch, even her mother Janine and her dad, Abe Mazur, also known as Zmey, or old man, as Rose likes to call him. Needles to say Rose passes her test and finally graduates from St. Vladimir Academy, getting her Promise mark.

I realize I didn’t explain the tattoo’s in the other reviews, so here is a quick update on the Dhampire tattoos:

Guardians are given a molnija mark for every Strigoi kill they make. Molnija is “lightning” in Russian and as you can see from the picture each mark is a small lightning bolt. Rose gets her first two molnija marks in Frost Bite after decapitating two Strigoi in Spokane and saving two Moroi lives.

The Promise Mark is awarded to Dhampir’s upon their graduation as guardians. It is usually placed in the center of the nape of the neck. All the graduates receive their tattoos together during the graduation ceremony. Only a select few Moroi are invited to the celebrations.

The Zvezda mark (battle mark) is given to guardians who have killed many Strigoi. Rose receives her zvezda mark in Shadow Kiss after battling the Strigoi who entered the Academy and kidnapped many of the guardians and Moroi.

After graduation with high marks, Rose and her friends travel to court, so they can begin their lives outside of the Academy and in to the real world. Rose made a promise to Adrian in the last book and is now currently in a relationship with him, although not everyone is too happy about it.

Rose, still occupied with Dimitri, also made a promise to Lissa, that if she ever wanted to take off on another adventure, Lissa is bound to come. And boy, is there an adventure. Rose plans to “rescue” Victor from prison, in order to get to his half brother, so they can learn about the healing of Strigoi and maybe saving Dimitri.

So, with the help from Lissa, and Eddie, another one of Rose fellow graduates (and the guy who also was kidnapped together with Rose, Mia, Christian and Mason in Frostbite) they spring Victor from his prison and head over to Las Vegas, where Robert lives. They learn that a Strigoi can be healed only by a spirit user, staking a Strigoi with a stake infused by spirit. Rose is against this plan because Lissa is too weak to stake a Strigoi.

Adrian also turns up in Vegas, because Rose used a credit card she got from him in the last book. Victor and Robert escape them. During a Strigoi attack, lead by no other than Dimitri. Rose misses her chance again to kill him.

Back at court Rose is being punished by running off with Lissa again and her chances to becoming her guardian get slimmer and slimmer. Lissa and Christian are off to visit the college she will be attending next fall, together with two guardians the Queen appointed. Lissa and Christian trick the guardians in to teach them how to stake a Strigoi.

While on their visit, the group gets attacked by Strigoi and Dimitri, and Dimitri kidnaps Lissa and Christian in order to lure Rose to him. Rose is still bound to Lissa and she and the other guardians at court go on a mission to rescue them.

During this rescue, Lissa gets the chance to stake Dimitri with a spirit infused stake and… he turns Dhampire again. Dimitri is taken back to court and prison to find out if he really is Dhampire. But because he is saved by Lissa he feels obligated to her. And he has a huge remorse over what he did to Rose, so he won’t see her, and when Rose finally sneaks in to his prison, he tells her he doesn’t lover her any more. Rose is heartbroken by this. (And so was I when I read this.)

What’s also going on at court is that the queen is trying to lower the age of the dhampires to graduate, in order to protect the Moroi from Strigoi. Rose is even lured in to one of the council meetings, without telling what it is about, so she can tell everyone about the Strigoi she attacked in Frostbite. So basically telling them at an early age she was ready to kill and protect. The queen uses her testimony to lower the age and Rose is really pissed off about this, calling the queen a bitch in open court and threatening her. (Wouldn’t it be cool though if Richelle plays the queen if there is a movie?)

Rose bumps in to Dimitri, who is finally set lose from his prison, when Rose is being attacked by other guardians, in order to arrest her for the murder of the Queen. Dimitri fights with Rose, but she tells him not to, because she is worried about his status as a new Dhampire, so she gives up and is being lead to prison. She gets a hearing where there will be decided is there will be a trial or not, and of course there will be. So her ass is being hauled back in to prison.

Ambrose, the queen’s ehh, pet dhampire, if you know what I mean, slips Rose a note from the queen. Where the queen explains that she knows she is in danger and where she reveals that Lissa has a sibling no one knows about. And with this sibling Lissa can claim a seat in the royal counsel, so Lissa can help balance things out.

Ehh, what?! This book is extreme! Rose breaking in to prison. Not getting caught, Lissa staking Dimitri. Dimitri not Strigoi but Dhampire again. Breaking Rose’s heart, but still fighting for her. Rose being imprisoned for something she actually didn’t do and a surprise sibling for Lissa. O my, this is a true rollercoaster. And I love it. Although the prison break of Victor was a little too easy. A couple of 18 year old breaking in to maximum security prison? Little farfetched if you ask me, but it was needed for the story. And thank god Dimitri is Dhampire again. SO maybe, there will be a chance they get together somehow. (I already know, I read the books a couple of times, but I won’t tell, so either read the books yourself, what I highly recommend, or wait for my next review)

Rate: 8 out of 10.

Love, your hot cute girly geek.