Supernatural season 3, the road so far!!!

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. Long due was a review about season 3 of Supernatural, with spoilers of course.

The previous season ended with opening a gateway to Hell. A lot of demons escaped and this season is about hunting down a lot of them. Unfortunately, this is a short season, only 16 episodes, due to the writhers strike back in 2007-2008. But 16 is better than none.

The boys have only a year left, till Deans pact with the crossroads demon ends and his soul ends up in hell, also they have to put back as many demons, which escaped hells gate, as they can. And in the first episode, when the boys fight the seven sins, in the form of devils, they get help by a demon, named Ruby.

Ruby is played by Katie Cassidy in this season. Because she is a demon, the producers of Supernatural can cast different girls to play Ruby and she will eventually be played by Genevieve Padalecki.  Gen is now married in real life with Jared Padalecki (on February 27th 2010) and they have a son together, Thomas Colton Padalecki, born march 19th this year, they affectionately refer to him as their demon baby.

But as I was saying, blond demon Ruby, turns out to be a big help for the Winchester boys. She has a knife which kills demons instantly, unfortunately also kills their human meat sacks. And throughout the season she pops in to help the boys.

Dean is living carefree at the moment. He knows he can’t weasel his way out of the deal so his does everything to live his life to the fullest. Drinking more, eating more bacon burgers and sleeping around more. Sam is bugged by his brother’s attitude and is still trying to find a way out of the deal. Dean decides he want to pay Lisa a visit. Lisa is a former ex-girlfriend of his, which he has not seen in about 9 years. When he arrives at her door, a party is going on. Lisa’s son Ben is having his birthday and is turning 8. And scary as it is, it’s a mini-Dean. Dean figures this out also and does the math. But Lisa explains Ben isn’t his son. Although this being said. I still wonder. Maybe Lisa is lying, but we will never find out. I still believe, till this day that Ben is his son, but Lisa lied to him.

In this season we also get to meet Bela Talbot, being played by Lauren Cohen, and we also know her from the Vampire Diaries as Rose and from the Walking Dead as farmer’s daughter Maggie. She plays a sort of supernatural antiquities hunter and being a big pain in the ass for the boys. She really kicks ass in this role!

Because Deans time is still running out, he starts teaching Sam how to fix baby, his Chevy Impala, and we also get a Christmas episode with a lot of flashbacks in Sam and Deans past, so we learn a great deal more about the boys and how they come to be the way they are.

And then there is my least favorite episode. The Mystery spot. Although it’s a lot of fun, its Supernatural’s Groundhog Day. I find the way they kill of Dean in various ways very funny, but how I hate the song Heat of the moment by Asia because of this episode. It turns out that the trickster is behind all this. Making Sam re-live Dean’s death a hundred times, just so the boys learn a lesson. They are each others Achilles heel.

Episode 12 Jus in Bello is an important one. The boys show off their anti-possessing tattoos (the one I’m getting in June, me is a very happy fan girl) and they try to get the colt back from Bela. But Bella sold it and she tipped of the FBI for the boys, they are wanted for numerous crimes. Ruby also steps in and reveals Lilith is after the Winchesters also. Lilith being the big bad leader in hell at this time and she is going to play a major role the next season.

In the 15th episode, they investigate a case where a doctor seems to have the eternal life. Sam thinks this is the way for Dean to get out of his deal, but in order to do so, they have to kill innocent people and Dean doesn’t want this. Dean finds out where Bela is, with the help from Bobby and learns that Bela made a deal with Lilith 10 years ago. She let the demon murder her parents, because she was abused by her father and her mother didn’t do anything about it. Bela tried to get out of the deal in return for the colt, she didn’t sell it after all, but it wasn’t enough and this episode ends with Bela hearing the howling of the Hellhounds in order to collect her soul.

And the last episode of this season. Dean has 30 hours left before the hellhounds collect their bounty and the boys try to track down Lilith. Hoping they can kill her so the deal is off. It turns out Lilith is eventually in Ruby’s body. She tries to kill Sam, but somehow, her powers don’t affect him and the boys are out of time. Dean is being killed off by hellhounds and the season ends with Dean in hell, strung up by chains and meat hooks. How is he going to escape this one???

Although the season is a short one I absoluty love it. I love Dean’s kid Ben, even if he isn’t his kid, or is he? Dean going on a, I only have a year to live, rampage. Doing everything he wishes. The first sign of the tattoo. Ruby playing the sort of good demon.  Can demons even be good? And Bela’s superb roll. The ending was gruesome, with Dean hanging in hell, covert in blood, screaming for his brother.

It gives a great inside in the boys and lays a superb path for the next season with Lilith as the big bad evil bitch from hell.

So it’s another must see season and please do so, let me know what you think about it.

Rating 9 out of 10 again.

Love, your hot cute girly geek!