Supernatural season 1, the road so far.

Hi hot, cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine. As promised a review of Supernatural season 1.

As you all might, or might not now, I’m a huge Supernatural fan. When I first stumbled on the series I was zapping trough my TV channels because I couldn’t sleep. Supernatural was playing, season episode 4. And I trough it was scary. So I zapped right past it. But then I was still curious, and zapped back. I watched the episode further and I thought it was something I would like. The next day I turned on my computer and downloaded the first season. And it was epic! I loved the Winchesters, the demon hunting, the fun jokes in between. I downloaded the remaining seasons and I was hooked.

Now I follow the actors on twitter, I participated in Gishwhes, look up stuff on superwiki, , can’t even think straight when I hear the Eye of the Tiger playing on the radio, did an epic happy dance when Supernatural got renewed for season 8, and even thinking about getting a supernatural tattoo as my next one.  So yeah, I’m addicted to Supernatural and proud of it!

Without further ado, here is my review of Supernatural season 1. Oh and spoiler alert!

What I loved about the first season is that the episodes are about a lot of urban legends. You know the stories and they are great. Supernatural just gives its own twist about it. We start of in 1983 (omg the year I was born in) where Sam and Dean’s mother is getting killed by a yellow eyed demon.  And we skip a few years. Turns out Sam and Dean where being dragged through the country by their father, hunting demons and monsters and hunting this yellow eyed demon. Sam took a break from hunting and went back to school, dating and having a life actually, while Dean keeps hunting with their dad, John Winchester. Dean finally finds Sam, because their dad is missing on a “hunting” trip. And Sam being a good son helps Dean hunting their dad.

They  don’t find their dad, but a trail leads them back at Lawrence Kansas where Sam witness his girlfriend being killed exactly the same way his mother died. So he decides to take a year off of school and help Dean further in their mission to find their dad and killing monsters along the way.

They finally find their dad and team up in order to find the yellow eyed demon. It turns out that Sam has some psychic abilities in the form of visions. But Sam and Dean decide to tell no-one, because the other hunters might think Sam is a monster and hunt him.

We also get to meet Jo and Ellen in this first season. Ellen was married to a hunter and Jo being her daughter, they run the roadhouse bar, a hideout for other hunters and Ash. A redneck kinda super IT guy. All three of them decide to help the brothers in their quest for answers.

They also find out that the only thing to kill the yellow-eyed demon is a colt, made by Samuel Colt, a hunter in his times. And they now have it.

The season ends with Sam, Dean and John being in the car and having a crazy accident, where they get hit by a truck, while the truck driver is possessed by a demon.

I don’t know if this is a good recap of the first season. But for those who don’t watch Supernatural yet, I hope this makes you curious enough to go watch it!

If you watched the other seasons like me and are rewatching them again, you’ll notice that some things being said in the first couple of seasons are being used in the other season, like unicorns farting rainbows. Oh god, I cracked up, when Dean said this.

Another thing I am crazy about is all the 80’s rock music Deans listens to. I love 80’s rock music. The series is not all demon hunting and scary things. It’s actually funny too. Dean with his smartass remarks and the bitchfighting between Sam and Dean while driving their car. Oh and their car, the 1967 Chevy Impala, also knows as baby. There is a whole subcultural fanbase about baby going on, on twitter.

So, I rate this series with a 9 out of 10, and urge you all to go see it. Buy the DVD’s download it, watch it on TV, I don’t care, just watch it.

Love, your hot, cute, girly geek.