Hot Cute Girly Geek museum tour: the London Film Museum

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course, as you could have read in my last post, I’m still busy. I’m hoping that March will bring some peace and quiet in my life, but until then. If I have the time, I’ll write a couple of posts and let them be posted on my blog spread out throughout the week. I’m still catching up with older posts and as promised I would do a post about the film museum I went to last year.

  • Name: London Film Museum
  • Place: London, UK.
  • Location: South Bank.
  • Website:
  • Date of visit: 26th of September, 2012
  • Permanent collection: everything to do with movies
  • Current exhibition: Charlie Chaplin
  • Price: £13.50

So I went to the London film museum because when I was in London last year I decided to do a Doctor Who related tour of my own. I read online they had Daleks and a TARDIS on display and that was the main reason for me to go. I didn’t expect much of the museum itself and I was really shocked about the entrance fee they asked. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole museum is one big geekfest!  I snapped a lot of photos and had to contain my inner geeky squees a lot!

This location of the London film museum is located on the first floor of the Country Hall, next to the London eye. There is also a location at Covent Gardens. But the main one is on South Bank.

Upon entering they had the original Flash Gordon script and a lot of set photographs at display. Cue inner geeky squeak. I love that movie as well as the brilliant music by Queen.

Flash Gorden ScriptFlash Gorden set photo's 02






The film museum has different rooms with themes on display. Like the horror movie room, where you can see stuff from Hellraiser, some creepy heads, a monkey used in 28 days later (I also love zombie movies!)28 Days Later 01

Hellraiser 02Horror department 05

Or what to think of a Harry Potter room, with lots of goodies used in the original movies. Seeing I can’t post all the photos I took, here are the most awesome three: The Tri-Wizard cup, golden egg and Ron’s broken wand with letter from his mum. Or what to think of the brooms and books they used for studying. And what about clothes they used in the movie.HP outfits 02

HP Golden EggHP Brooms

Seeing as my latest fascination, or rather addiction to Sherlock, they also have a Sherlock room. Unfortunately not based on the new BBC series, but still.

Sherlock Holmes 04Sherlock Holmes 02

And how about some Star Wars goodies: Ewok fur, lightsaber, Han Solo.Star Wars 10


They also had some pretty amazing outfits from different movies: The mummy returns. Or what to think of the Chronicles of Riddick, freaking awesome!!! And not to forget, Batman begins.Batman Begins 01

The Mummy Returns outfitChronicles of Riddick 01

Oh and they had one of the aliens from Alien, as well as the facehuggers.


And look! Even some drawings of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I swear, whenever you turn the corner in this museum, you are surprised with some more geeky goodies!


Or the shirt Keanu Reeves was wearing in Constantine.

Constantine 01

And what to think of the shirt Simon Pegg, uber geek (I bow down to your geekyness sir) he used in Shaun of the Dead.


And a knife Hugo Weaving used in the Matrix.


Oh and look, a Terminators head and shirt from Terminator 2.

DSC_0133.JPGTerminator 03

How about some Total Recall money (used in the original movie, not that terrible remake!)


And a childhood geeky thing: the sub from thunderbirds! I really need to stop looking at my own pictures, this is getting ridiculous, I’m actually squeeing on the couch again!


I also hope you liked Highlander, here’s a costume used in the movie.

Highlander 01

Are there any Superman fans out there? Costume used in Superman Returns.

Superman Returns 01

Or what to think of the armor from a Knights Tale?

A Knight's Tale 01

And let me end with the main reason I went to the museum in the first place. Daleks and a TARDIS!

DSC_0151.JPGTARDIS 02 - Film Museum

Sorry about the picture spamming, but I really loved this museum. It’s worth every penny and you should visit it, if you have the chance!

Until next time. Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, it’s time for another YouTube Sunday and I have fun one’s for you today. A bit more then I usually do, but I had to share them. Is everyone ready for Christmas yet? All the presents bought and groceries stocked for a lovely Christmas dinner? I’m just really happy with my Christmas bonus from work, this means I can do some much needed repairs to my house, and I bought a sewing machine and I’m gonna buy the Doctor Who and Torchwood DVD’s from Amazon as soon as I figure out how I can order without a credit card, it will be a Christmas present for myself J

But let’s start with the vids:

Flash Gordon, an old movie, but one that I absolutely love, the cheesy lines, the terrible sparkling clothing and the crappy special effects, to top it off the best music ever by Queen, so what’s not to love, here’s Flash Gordon in a nutshell:

The next vids is a Christmas video made by Darren Hayes last year. I’ve been a fan since he started Savage Garden and I count myself lucky to have seen him for the first time live this year in London:

This vid you can save for a rainy day (or rainy Christmas day) it’s all the video blogs made by Peter Jackson for the Hobbit:

And there was a new trailer for the new Star Trek movie this week; I can’t wait to see it in the cinema next year:

We also got a new Doctor Who prequel / minisode this week, my my, Christmas did indeed come early this year:

Another Doctor Who vid, I’m gonna spend my Christmas with a Dalek (why would anyone want that?)

The Fine Brothers made this amazing and really fast talking Doctor Who video, 47 years in 6 minutes, I bow down to your geekyness gentlemen:

2 Santa’s reenact the Twilight love scene; yep still a better love story then twilight:

If you are a fan of the walking dead, then you are gonna love this parody, The Walking Dumb ways to die, slight warning, it contains zombies and gore and blood:

Next is a little Christmas party trick over at the amazing geeks from QI, poor, poor Alan Davies:

Nativity 3, dude where’s my donkey. A production made by absolute radio, starring David Tennant as the Virgin Mary, even if you’re not a doctor who fan this is absolutely fun to watch. I laughed so hard I almost… well you know. Part 1:  Part 2: and part 3:

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy