5 anime that make you scream: ‘JUST KISS HER/HIM!!!’

Hello everybody!

I know I promised to write a review about Hyrule Warriors, but I just started my second Master and I have to read A LOT. That means I have to fill my few free hours after dinner with Hyrule Warriors, catching up with anime and having a social life. As a result, I haven’t played Hyrule Warriors enough to write a proper review about it. It’s awesome though, I can say that! So in stead of a review of Hyrule Warriors, you guys get this random post.

I’m sure you guys know that some series that have those ‘almost kiss-moments’. Where the lead character wants to say ‘I love you’ but doesn’t. Where there is so much romantic tension your chest literally hurts. This blog is about anime that are about just that. When you watch these anime, prepare for sobbing, screaming and face-palming! Note that this is not a top 5, but just 5 anime I watched in random order.

Suki-tte Ii na yo (Say ‘I love You’)

Summary according to Wikipedia:

Quiet and unassuming Mei Tachibana has spent her high school years without making friends or getting a boyfriend because of a childhood incident that left her believing that people will betray each other sooner or later. When she encounters a popular boy named Yamato Kurosawa, he becomes interested in her, and it is through their tentative friendship and blossoming relationship that Mei ultimately begins to branch out and befriend others.

My thoughts
I like this anime because unlike many others *minor spoiler* the main character gets in a relationship pretty quickly. The anime is more about figuring this relationship out than actually getting the relationship. We also get to know other character’s motives and problems. Really lovely anime!

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Summary according to Wikipedia:
Futaba Yoshioka wants to “reset” her life. In junior high, girls ostracized Futaba because too many junior high boys liked her. The only boy Futaba liked, Kou Tanaka, moved away before she could tell him how she felt. Now in high school, Futaba is determined to be unladylike so her new friends will not become jealous of her. While living her new life contentedly, she meets Kou again, but he now uses the name Kou Mabuchi and has a cold attitude. He tells her that he liked her too in junior high, but feels differently now.

My thoughts:
I finished this anime yesterday. And wow, a ride it was! The  beginning of the anime focuses on Futaba’s ‘reset’, but soon after it’s more about Kou and his personal issues. I don’t think there has been an anime that my chest hurt more than this one! Small set-back: this anime was obviously made for having a second season, but as always with anime, you don’t know when that season is going to come or if it comes. So expect an open ending! If you can’t stand the wait, go read the manga (like me!). The manga is still on-going.


Summary according to Wikipedia:
Chihaya Ayase is a girl who has spent most of her life simply supporting her sister in her model career. That changes when she meets a boy named Arata Wataya, a talented karuta player. After becoming friends, he believes that Chihaya has potential to become a great player. As Chihaya takes on a new dream of becoming Japan’s best karuta player, she is soon separated from her karuta playing friends as they grow up. Now in high school, Chihaya is reunited with her childhood friend, Taichi Mashima. Together, they form the Mizusawa Karuta Club. With her teammates and friends supporting her, Chihaya strives to become the best karuta player in the world and to one day be with Arata again.

My thoughts:
Chihayafuru! My favourite anime of all time! All right, not your typical love-story anime, since it’s more about karuta. Actually, I believe it actually is a sports anime (but it’s not your typical sport’s anime either). But we get to see so much of the character’s personal stories an motives! Chihaya is wonderfully oblivious about the love triangle that’s going on, which sometimes makes you want to scream. Chihayafuru currently has 2 seasons, airing date of the 3rd is unknown. I’m still patiently waiting, trying not to read the manga to find out what happens next *self-restraint* . The manga is still on-going.

Natsuyuki Rendezvouz (a Summer Snow Rendezvouz)

Summary according to Wikipedia:

A young man named Hazuki decides to work at a flower shop after he falls for the owner, Rokka. Unfortunately, Hazuki can see the spirit of Rokka’s dead husband, Atsushi, who has made a point of sticking around and interfering with any relationship Rokka may find herself in. What Atsushi didn’t count on was being visible to Hazuki.

My thoughts:
If you’re some kind of masochist and you love the feeling of crying your eyeballs out, watch this anime. This anime is also a bit artsy, so prepare for surrealistic-stuff. But really, it’s an awesome anime with a great story, can’t say anything more.

Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends)

Summary according to Wikipedia:
High schooler Yūki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Fujimiya is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming acquainted, Kaori reveals that she loses every memory of her friends each Monday. Despite learning this, Yūki endeavors to become her new friend every week.

My thoughts:
This anime is a bit different than the other anime that I mentioned because the main characters are a bit younger. As a result, this anime is incredible innocent and cute. And the art style is amazing! The only bad points are that the characters are sometimes a bit too oblivious, and that the ending feels rushed. But I just found out that the manga is still on-going so the anime-ending is probably not the canon-ending.

Did you watch any of these? Or are you planning on watching them now that you read this post? What are your thoughts on this genre? Let me know in the comments!

Museum Review: World of Manga

Hello everybody!

First of all: Sorry for writing in such a low pace. Life can be busy sometimes! But I’m planning to write about lots of stuff (Tsunacon, cosplay, an anime review, and more!) in the near future so I’ll make it up to you!

World of Manga was an exhibition in the Word Art Museum (Wereldmuseum) in Rotterdam from June 28th 2013 to January 12th 2014. I visited in July, before I’ve even heard of Hot Cute Girly Geek, hence the (very) late review. But if you missed it and want to know what you missed: this is your chance! But since it’s about half a year ago since I visited, I don’t remember the exact details of the exhibition 100%. So I’m just going to give you the highlights of what I remember.

Also, for credits of the artwork and photo’s, please keep your cursor on the image for a bit 😉

Let’s first watch this trailer:

Sounds cool doesn’t it? I thought so too! I remember we first entered a room with a lot of ancient Japanese relics and statues, of course each with it’s own story. Later in the room, they showed parallels with ancient Japanese folklore stories and characters from the video game Street Fighter. Very amusing to read. I always like in-depth analyzation of games!

Next was a room which focused on mecha. There were a lot of mecha artworks, either from the the games series Armored Core or just from the fantasy of the artist. The drawing below is especially made for the exhibition. You can see the Erasmus Bridge on the background!

A few other rooms I remember, in random order: a room dedicated to Japanese tattoo art, a room with drawings of a specific artist which told a story about an emperor and his lover, and a room with photographs of people as manga-like characters. The room I enjoyed the most displayed (digital) art of various artists. The colors and details were amazing! The drawings are not related to any official manga or anime. Here are a few examples:

Last was a room dedicated to the recent movie Wolf Children. They showed concept art, stills from the movie and a few short fragments.

What did I think of the exhibition? I liked it a lot! But there is one, but very BIG ‘but’. The whole exhibition didn’t have anything to do with manga. I haven’t seen a single manga page. I expected that they would give information about manga, like my manga 101 blog or my genre 101 blog. Some information about the history of manga or famous artists like Tezuka or famous anime creators like Hayao Miyzaki. But there was none of that. Yes, they did give some in depth information, but that was about (only 2!) games. And the last room was just one big promotion of Wolf Children. Even in the museum shop, I could only find three manga booklets. There was other cool stuff though, like kimono’s and informative books. But no manga.

Conclusion: World of Manga was in interesting exhibition! But if you visited the exhibition with the intention of learning something about manga,  you would’ve been disappointed. ‘World of Japanese Visual Culture’ would’ve been a better name.

More photographs, artworks, and information about the artworks (in Dutch) can be found here:


A very Geeky Valentine 2014!

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. My fellow bloggers worked very hard to get you some awesome gifts for Christmas 2013, and I screwed up by a serious lack of time. So I guess I owed them and you faithful readers of course something special for Valentine’s Day this year.

Without further ado, some lovely gifts for that geeky someone in your life, a collaboration post done by Theta, Tekira and myself!

Doctor Who / Torchwood:

Theta: On the visual side of things, I have a bumper bundle of DVDs and Blu-Rays timed for release around December last year to get your hands on.  Firstly, and the most costly, is this boxset of Series 1-7 on Blu Ray.  It includes the Specials along with Series 5,6 and 7 on Blu Ray, but it also includes Series 1-4 which have previously been unreleased in this format.

Theta: Shortly after the November transmission, there will be a release of two programmes which mark the fiftieth anniversary.  The first of these is the docu-drama “An Adventure In Space And Time” written by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss and starring David Bradley (Argus Filch in the “Harry Potter” franchise and Solomon The Trader in the Doctor Who episode “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship”) in the role of the actor who portrayed the First Doctor, William Hartnell.

Theta: The other item to mark the fiftieth anniversary is the episode that we’re all waiting for, “The Day Of The Doctor”, starring Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper and John Hurt.

Theta: The final DVD is the first of two special releases marking the recent recovery of lost episodes in Nigeria.  “The Enemy Of The World” features the Second Doctor, portrayed by Patrick Troughton, in adventure where he faces up to a ruthless dictator, Salamander, also portrayed by Troughton.

Theta: The fiftieth anniversary is being marked by Big Finish Productions, who have been producing Doctor Who audio adventures since 1999, with “The Light At The End”, a story that stars Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann in their respective incarnations of the Doctor who have to face off against The Master, portrayed by Geoffrey Beevers, reprising his role from the 1981 story “The Keeper of Traken”. The story can be bought in three formats – Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition and a Limited Vinyl Edition.

Theta: Finally, some clothing and I’m going to use it as a shout out for a Whovian friend who produce t-shirts as part of her ongoing artwork projects. Sami produces t-shirts as part of her “Time and Space and Cute” range through Red Bubble and the name pretty much sums up the shirts as she has designed a series of shirts which portrays various Doctors, companions and villains in cute designs.  Suitable for both girly and boy geeks.

Mendy: Ok, first of all, I’m going to use my whovian gift ideas as a shameless self-promotion for my recently opened Etsy store. How about a nice and cute cuddly plush Adipose toy? They have different accessories; you can add bowties and fezzes if you like.

Mendy: and if that’s not to your liking, how about a warm, hand knitted Doctor Who season 18 hat. The hat is based on the famous red, orange and purple scarf the fourth Doctor wears oh and the scarf itself is not for sale, at least not made by me. It takes me about 2 months to knit such a long scarf and you can’t afford my prices I would ask 😉

Mendy: Talking about scarves, you can actually buy them from someone else, check out the Doctor Who scarves by Lovarzi. They have the multicoloured scarf, the red, orange and purple one. Even a lovely Dalek scarf, as far as Daleks can been seen as lovely.

Mendy: one thing I have my eye on, and if there isn’t a lovely geek willing to buy me these, I’m going to buy them in September myself, are the range of new  Doctor Who earrings from forbidden planet! They have the 10th and 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, the Tardis, Cybermen and Daleks. I want them all!! And the best thing, they are affordable!

Mendy: although not really romantic, I’m gonna give another shout out to the geeks from Direct Blinds for their amazing Tardis Blind. Check my blogpost for details and remember they have a promotion at the moment for 33% off!

Mendy: If you don’t already have it in your collection, I recommend, as a Torchwood fan, to buy this book: the Torchwood Archives. It’s amazingly detailed and a must have for every Torchwood fan.  And just to add another book, Torchwood Exodus code, written by John and Carole E. Barrowman (his sister) and it picks up after the Torchwood TV series! Again, you must read this!


Mendy: as always, there isn’t a lot of Sherlock merchandise out there. After we ended season 3 the BBC picked up on some items. If your geek doesn’t have it yet, buy him/her Sherlock season 3 on DVD (I don’t have it yet, hint hint!)

Mendy: as I said, the BBC has released some amazing items (don’t have them either!) To enjoy your cuppa after running around London with a certain Detective, the Sherlock mug. Or what if he ruined another one of your shirts by doing experiments. Sherlock T-shirt set based on season 3. Including an ‘I don’t shave for Sherlock’ and ‘I don’t understand, I still don’t understand.’ They come in different sizes and in men and women shirts!

Mendy: Something the BBC shop doesn’t have, but I do, another shameless self-promotion. The one and only Sherlock deduction game Chullo hat. Hand knitted, warm and ideal for a deduction game with annoying siblings or loving geeky partners.

Mendy: I bought some amazing and lovely Sherlock earrings from Etsy last year and I wear them almost every day! Check out Pia’s etsy shop and don’t be afraid to ask her if she has a new batch ready!

Mendy: One of my dear DCC friends Meike as her own etsy shop as well and I have 3 of her hand drawn Sherlock pictures on my wall. She is an amazing artist and I urge you to buy something from her!

Mendy: last item on the Sherlock list, made by ConsultingFangeeks, a 221B messenger bag available on etsy!


Tekira: You can never go wrong with figures! They exist in all price categories, and they are made for Practically each manga, anime, or game. Just make sure the other person does not already own the one you intend to buy. They are quite easy to acquire. I always get mine from amazon.co.uk or achonia.com. You can also buy them on anime and/or game conventions

Tekira: On Etsy, you can find jewelry of every fandom you can imagine. I’m especially fond of Zelda jewelry. Last Christmas, my boyfriend made me very happy with this Heart Piece necklace from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, available on www.thepixelsmithy.com

Tekira: (Limited Edition) Guide books Often not so limited as you might think, but awesome nonetheless. For a few pounds less you can get the ‘regular’ version, but that just means a less awesome cover in most of the cases. You can get them in game stores and on amazon (the picture shows Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Legendary Edition (Prima Official Game Guides), available on amazon.co.uk).

Tekira: Plushies are awesome. There is not much else I can tell about them. Buy them on amazon, game stores, or achonia.com.

Star Trek

Theta / Mendy: I think that everyone will agree that the highlight of Star Trek Into Darkness was Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Khan… I mean, John Harrison.  Well, IDW has created an official tie-in mini-series of comics not surprisingly titled “Star Trek: Khan” which tells the character’s back-story.  Oh and don’t forget to buy the DVD ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ if your geek doesn’t have it already!

Game of Thrones

Theta: Okay, I admit it.  I’m still not into this whole Game Of Thrones thing but as “Winter Is Coming” (see that, I’ve made a pun), I thought that this box set of books would be a nice item to put on any Game of Thrones or fantasy fan’s wish list.

Mendy: People like their eggs all sorts of ways. In an omelette. Scrambled. Fried. Poached. Boiled. And then there’s Daenerys. She likes hers roasted in a funeral pyre. Illyrio’s gift to Daenerys upon her wedding to Khal Drogo, these eggs are now yours to take home. No, really. We asked Jorah Mormont. He’s cool with it. Note: Do not place these in your fireplace. They will not hatch dragons. And if they do, it’s not our fault. These ‘Game of Thrones plush Dragon Eggs’ are a must have for any Khaleesi! If you can’t find the real deal of course!

Mendy: Speaking of eggs, to stay in the same theme here. Buy your lovely geek a ‘Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister’ to keep hidden treasures, a pre-hatched dragons (capacity: 1) or home bakes cookies safe.

The Hobbit/The Lord Of The Rings

Theta: For Tolkien related items, it’d be so easy to go with an item from the new film “The Desolation Of Smaug”, but I’m going to pick two which are more generally “Hobbit” based Firstly ladies, for that frustrated LARPer in your life, this Deluxe role play Dwarven battle axe should hit (see, another pun) the spot.

Theta: Secondly, I’m going to suggest a big part in my TV childhood with this CD reading of The Hobbit from the BBC television children’s series “Jackanory”.  The Hobbit was selected to commemorate the 3000th episode of the programme and is read by Maurice Denham, Jan Francis, David Wood and (now how’s this for geeky credentials) Bernard Cribbins.

Mendy: To unlock the heart of your geeky love, use this lovely ‘Thorin Oakenshield Key’ and a slight warning, only accessible on Durins day!

Mendy: Or something to cuddle with, a cuddly and ‘invisible Bilbo’ I wonder if Amanda Abbington has one in her collection. I’d say you buy a bell and put it around his neck, those damn invisible burglars these days!

Mendy: and last but not least, of course Smaug deserves some love. All those gold coins and jewels don’t warm that big heart of his. I have yet to find a good plush Smaug, but this cute ‘Flygdrake’ from IKEA makes a good representative!


Mendy: well, this is my area! I freaking love vampires! And I do mean the monsters, not the sparkly kind. First some advice from last year, ‘Anita Blake’ Laurell K. Hamilton has everything on her website, check it out!

Mendy: A tat more expensive, but for the hunter geeks amongst ourselves, as in Buffy the vampire slayer, Think Geek provides us with this amazing ‘Vampire Hunter Kit’ everything a slayer needs these days!

Mendy: a ring for your loved one! The reason I started wearing this particular ring was my love for the show. ‘Claddagh Ring’ you can get one at your jewellery store, but Amazon ships.

Theta: I thought that I’d select a vampire film, or should I say films, which uses the winter atmosphere of snow and the like are “Let Me In” or “Let The Right One In”.  Now, I have to admit that I’ve only seen the Hammer version that was released in 2010, but I thought that it was a hauntingly beautiful film.


Theta: Okay, when you think of werewolf franchises, you’re probably thinking of the current “Teen Wolf” television series.  Well, as I had already exhausted my number one pick of “Being Human”, I decided to go back to my cinematic teenage years and pick the original “Teen Wolf” film starring Michael J. Fox.  He manages to craft a character who is funny, the underdog (number three on the pun-o-metre), and learns a lesson to be true to yourself, rather than just being popular.  A brilliant film.

Mendy: Although the series Beauty and the Beast doesn’t really fall under the category werewolves, he does look like one, check out the ‘Beauty and the Beast webshop’ for all cool stuff.

Mendy: What to do if you meet a real werewolf? Thank god your geeky love provided you with this silver bullet to protect you. (Ps not real ammo, just for decoration only!)

Mendy: and I though you Teen Wolf fans out there love these ‘Teen Wolf Phone Cases’ just so you know (go Stilinski)

Comic Books and Movie adaptations

Theta: Well, it has been a year for comic book adaptations in the movies, but I’m going to focus on two.  The first is “Man of Steel” directed by Zack Snyder.  Granted, this film has polarised opinion, but I really enjoyed it with the treatment of the source material with suitable gravitas and Henry Cavill making for a suitable portrayal of Clark/Kal-El/Superman facing off against Michael Shannon’s Zod.  Think of it as “Superman: Year One”.

Theta: The second, and my favourite adaptation of this year is “Kick-Ass 2”.  Rude, crude and exceedingly violent, this film sees Kick-Ass, portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, inspiring a whole host of superheroes including Colonel Stars & Stripes, portrayed by Jim Carrey, whilst having to battle against the former fake super-hero Red Mist (I’m not going to say his character name on this site), portrayed by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whilst fellow super-hero Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) struggles to find a place in the world after the death of her mentor, Big Daddy.

Mendy: wanna be part of the good guys? Show you are a secret / not so secret agent? Wear an ‘agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ t-shirt and the whole world knows. Maybe not so smart to wear it in public, you might never know what kind of baddie you may encounter.


Theta: Rather than putting a book related item on this list, I’m going to plug a series of books based on the virtue that I really enjoyed the first book.  The “Geekhood” series of books by Andy Robb follows the character of Archie who seeks to build a relationship with classmate Sarah in the face of a hostile reaction from his fellow geeks and intimidation from a bully.  The first book was a fast read that I could relate to and I really want to get hold of the second novel.

Mendy: I do love books and bookish gifts, and again I’m dusting of a gift idea I gave you last year. I love all the bookish gifts this site provides. Check ‘the Literary Gift Company’ for the ideal geek Valentines gift for your lovely bookworm.

That’s it:

That’s it my lovely geeks, I hope you liked this epic post and you’ll be able to find some nice geeky gifts for that special geek in your life, and it’s safe to say we all accept one of these gifts as a thank you 😉

Love, your geeks, Tekira, Theta and Mendy.

Tekira’s challenges for 2014

Hello everybody! Just as Mendy, I’m planning to set some challenges for myself this year. I’m not planning on participating in much ‘official’ challenges, but I’m definitely going to set some personal goals.

As for my personal life, 2014 is going to be the year that I graduate from university and hopefully get a job, so those are some challenges on their own. But that isn’t going to stop me from setting a few nerdy geeky challenges as well!

1) I want to participate in NaNoWriMo! I’ve only heard about it it for the first time last year and it was too late to participate. I want to be done with my thesis in April so I hope I will have plenty of time to write in November (especially if I haven’t found a job yet about that time but let’s not jinx anything shall we?).

2) I’m not going to set a goal on how many books I’m going to read this year, but I want to be reading a book at any point in time. I can take as long as I want before finishing the book, but when I finish it I want to start reading another one instantly.

3) I want to follow at least 1 anime every season. Last season I watched nothing and I really disappointed myself because I usually follow 2-4 anime per season.

4) I have an Unlimited Cinema Card but I don’t use it enough to make a profit out of it. So I want to visit the cinema at least once a week.

5) I want to write a review of every game, manga, and anime I finish. I know I have been lacking in the game-review area and that doesn’t make sense at all because I finished 4 games in the last 2 months (Windwaker HD, Pokémon X, a Link between Worlds and Super Paper Mario for those who want to know). It would be a waste not to write reviews about them.

I realize I make a lot of promises right now and I really hope I can fulfill them all. I’m going to do my best and give it my all. 2014 is going to be awesome!

Manga and anime review: Genshiken

I actually wanted to write a review about the anime of Genshiken Nidaime, but as I was thinking it out, I realised I couldn’t do it before telling you guys more about the original Genshiken. And since I’ve read both the manga and seen the anime, I thought it was best to review both at the same time.


  • Romaji name: Genshiken
  • Mangaka: Shimoku Kio
  • no. of chapters: 55
  • original run: 2002-2006
  • Status: finished
  • genre: comedy, slice of life.

In Japan, every high school and university has after school time clubs. Most students are a member of such club and in some schools membership is even mandatory. There are cultural clubs, such as art, drama, and history, but also sports clubs, such as football, tennis and kendo. Students are even allowed to form their own clubs, as long as the school board allows it.

Genshiken, which is short for Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyūkai (The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture) is such a club. Although the club name may sound pretentious, the club contains of nothing more than a bunch of otaku’s who spent their time watching anime, reading manga, gaming or discussing them. The word otaku can be roughly translated as ‘geek’. But it has a slightly stronger meaning. The average otaku is a socially awkward shut-in, who’s built his entire life around manga, anime and gaming.

In the beginning of the story we meet Kanji Sasahara, who is in his first year of Shiiou University (Tokyo) and decides to join the genshiken. As the story progresses, we meet the other members and follow their everyday lives, and also learn a lot about otaku culture in Japan. Manga, anime, video games, eroge (which is short for erotic games), cosplay, figure collecting, model kits, dōjinshi (fan-made manga), visual novels,fujoshi (literal translation: rotten girl; a girl who’s into boys love), visiting Akihabara (the electronics shopping district of Japan), and comifes (comic festival), nothing is left out. As a non Japanese otaku, or a noob otaku, this manga is really interesting to read, because it basically learns you everything you need to know about otaku life in Japan.

Although we follow Sasahara at the beginning of the story, there are a bunch of characters that get just as much attention or even more, so there isn’t really any lead character. It’s almost as the mangaka wanted you to pick your own leading character. Is it Sasahara, new to the otaku world? Or Madarame, a real otaku-veteran. Or maybe Saki, who actually despises otaku, but is forced to join because her boyfriend is a member. You can also pick Ohno, who’s really into cosplay, or Ogiue, who has to come into terms with her fujoshi-ness. As we follow the members for four years, old members leave university, new ones join, and relationships develop.

Genshiken is one of those manga that really stuck with me. Because you follow the characters over a course of four years, I was really able to develop a bond with them. There is lots of humor and you learn something about otaku-life.

Grade: 8/10


  • No. of seasons: 2
  • No. of episodes season 1: 12 (2004)
  • No. of episodes season 2: 12 (2007)
  • No. of OVA’s: 3 (2006-2007)

Although there are some slight differences, the first season of the anime almost literally follows the story of the manga. There is a gap between the first and the second season, which is filled by the OVA’s. Unfortunately, the second season skips a lot that happens in the manga. So if you want to know the whole story, it’s not enough to only watch the anime. The first intro (King of my own pace, by manzo) is really catchy (I prefer to listen to it right before I attend to an anime/manga convention to get into the mood) and the anime is really able to catch the atmosphere of the manga. But because I know they left out a big part of the story in season 2, it’s hard to enjoy it as much.

Grade: 7/10

Abundai convention by Tekira

DSC02802Dutch summer holyday was coming to an end, and that only means one thing: Abunai! (the explamation mark is part of the spelling of the name). Dutch, Belgian and German anime-fans will maybe know, but for others: Abunai! is the largest anime/manga/Japanese culture convention in the Netherlands, which takes 3 days and is held annually in Veldhoven. This is the second time I’m attending to Abunai!, but the fifth time I attend to an anime convention in general.  So I can’t really say I’m a convention veteran, but I’ve gained some experience.DSC02803


DSC02807Abunai! is held in NH Koningshof, which is apparently the largest conference hotel in the Benelux, which (as the name says) is also a hotel. Sadly for us (my boyfriend and me), the hotel was already full so we had to book another one, which was more than one hour away with public transport, but a 20 minute drive with a car. Plus, I intended to spend a one month’s worth salary in the dealer room (which is less than you think though), and, we had to transport our cosplay (because you can’t go to an anime convention without cosplay of course), so we decided to arrange a car. On location, we found out that a car is not only a good device for transport, but also for dumping stuff. Saves waiting in line for the cloak room (since you’re not allowed to bring bags to the dealer room and the game room)DSC02748

If you go to an anime convention, you stand out if you are not cosplaying. Of course, doing cosplay brings extra stress and effort, but it is also lots of fun! DSC02797You can make it as expensive and complicated as you want. As a student, my budget is quite low, so I always try to do cosplay of characters who wear clothes you could also buy in regular stores. In the past I cosplayed Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate) and a female version of Death the Kid (Soul Eater), and this time a wore a general steampunk-ish outfit on Friday and I cosplayed Wii Fit Trainer on Saturday and Sunday (in honour of the upcoming Super Smash Brothers U and 3DS, in which she is a new character). My boyfriend (let’s call him Sander from now on, because, that’s his name) cosplayed Hijikata Toshiro (Gintama) on Friday and Animal Crossing Villager (also a new character in the upcoming SSB games) on the other two days. Ironing the ‘1’ on his shirt brought some last-minute stress, and paining me white every morning took one hour, but it was worth it! A lot of people of people wanted to take pictures of us, which is, I think, one of the biggest compliments you can get as a cosplayer.DSC02746

DSC02809Now let’s talk about the convention! We prepared a list of events we wanted to attend, because there was so much to do! There is the dealer room, which is the size of a football field (I guess, I don’t really know anything about football), where they sell figurines, model kits, DVD’s, posters, clothes, wigs, games, manga, Japanese food, swords, jewellery, gadgets, and much, much more! There is a manga library (Manga Kissa, Utrecht), a (Japanese) food court, a game room (where you can play on almost every console ever made and compete in different tournaments), a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) room, a Karaoke corner, different workshops (pendant making, several card games, paper craft, amigurimi, sake tasting, sushi making, ect.), lectures (Japanese business etiquette, AMV (anime music video) making, cosplay-101, Japan Travel, ect.) and events (cosplay competition, AMV-competition, fashion shows,  among others).DSC02745

On the first day, we went to the cosplay competition, which were also the Dutch preliminary’s for Eurocos. Too bad my camera wasn’t good enough to capture good shots in DSC02806the dark, but I managed to make some short movies (afterwards I found out that that was forbidden, so I won’t share them here). Starting this year, it was also allowed to do non-Japanese characters, so there was some diversity. I will name the ones that stayed on my mind the most. A short haired, bridal gown version of Rapunzel, a guy who did a splendid imitation of Mad Jack the Pirate, a girl who did Angewomon (Digimon), Wakka (Final Fantasy X) who sang a piece of Shakira’s song of the same name and, of course the winner, a girl who did Fiona (Soul Calibur V).DSC02744

DSC02804In the dealer room, my eye came across a replica of the Master Sword from tLoZ: Skyward Sword, which I HAD to buy (it was sold out ten minutes later). My boyfriend bought a lot more than I did (as you can see in the picture), but I’m still happy with what I bought. What I always find surprising is the price difference between boots. Really, if you ever go to an anime convention, check the prices of all the boots before you  buy anything, it can save to dozens of euro’s (or whatever you pay with).DSC02741

On the second day, we went to a panel called ‘the dark side of cosplay’, in which an English professional cosplay group (who only did US cosplay, to my DSC02800surprise) told about all the downsides of doing cosplay. We also went to a panel about making AMV’s which was actually really about what makes an AMV good. It was interesting nonetheless. The afternoon started with the cosplay acting competition, a new event. It’s basically a couple of cosplay groups doing a little show in character. There were good ones and bad ones, and it was fun to see the difference in quality. The winners did an hilarious sketch named ‘The Sims 4: the Partyvengers’, in which the Avengers were playable characters (including a LokiXThor Kiss!). We also hung out in the game room, manga library, played bingo, checked our streetpass hits a hundred times and met some awesome new people, making the day complete.

DSC02792The third day was the day of the AMV competition. What was surprising this year was the amount of dubstep (not a good thing in my opinion) and the lack of storytelling. Still, the overall quality was high and it inspired me to go watch Evangelion, Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. After one last round in the dealer room, it was already time to go home, where I try to manage with my post-con depression and already look forward to next year!


Changing the blog.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. I have been working on some changes on my blog. I have been planning this for some time now, and I’m finally starting the process and with a bit of help and luck I’ll be done around October.

First of all I want to welcome a new permanent blogger on my site, Tekira. If you look at the menu you can read all about her and she will mainly post about Manga and Anime.

Second of all, Zandrina and Theta no longer have a guest post status but are also permanent bloggers. Theta will blog mainly about Doctor Who.

Zee will blog about gaming and games together with Tekira.

Also, I updated the whole menu thing, added some links where to find us. Added some blogs / pages you guys should follow.

Also, I’m still looking for 2 more bloggers. One who will write art posts about geeky artists and give them a spotlight on this blog. Second blogger, still looking for someone who does cosplay and want to write about it, interview other cosplayers and goes to conventions.

And some good news, I found myself an artist who wants to draw for me! How awesome is that.

I’m also looking into getting a premium membership for my blog so I can make some more changes and make it more personal.

Let me know what you think, and if you want a permanent blogger job (for eternal gratitude of course) let me know!

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy