YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Since we have an extra hour of weekend, this weekend, what better way to spend it watching geeky YouTube vids. Enjoy!

Honest trailer reviews of the Walking Dead:

Got stuck watching the BBC and stumbled upon the Sarah Millican show, interviewing some Game of Thrones cast members, ok sucky quality vid, but otherwise amazing:

And we got a new teaser trailer for the 50th anniversary! Watch it:

12 years a slave, starring Benedict Cumberbatch:

Pretty much how my cat reacts to spiders (and myself for that matter, I hate spiders):

John Green! Talking about Candy-mental floss: it’s awesome, watch it!

Some more Benedict, as Smaug, or rather, behind the scenes doing the voice of Smaug:

The Escape artist, starting next week with David Tennant:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford at the Graham Norton Show:

Even more Benedict:

Real life Carrie?

The desolation of Smaug TV spot, yes please:

Little Favour full trailer, not available for pre-order on I-Tunes, release date the 5th of November:

I love Martin Freeman, here’s some:

Halloween is coming and don’t forget, All Hallows read as well. Neil Gaiman explains: (I do accept scary books)

Remember I went to a book signing with Neil Gaiman? And the interview that went with it. And how I screwed up not remembering the interviewer’s name? (Sorry Marcel, I remember now) Here’s the whole interview: Now the thing is, although the text below says this is the interview in Utrecht, it’s actually the one in Rotterdam. so I heard myself whooping and cheering on camera (lol) but you can’t see me (thank god for that one) But it’s still amazing to watch it again.

If you want to watch the whole playlist, click this link:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Another Sunday and another lazy day to spend behind your computer watching amazing YouTube clips I found for you guys. Beware of some spoilers.

Let’s start with Supernatural. Season 9 is beginning next week, on Tuesday to be precise, because, what can possible happen on a Tuesday, right? Here are some promo’s to get you in the mood, not that we need that. But the more the better right?

Oh and for the hell of it, the Crowley and Castiel promo again:

And some cast interviews for the season 9 promo:

Jensen Ackles:

Jared Padalecki:

Mark Sheppard:

Misha Collins:

And just to top things off, a small outtake as well:

Moving on to… the Hobbit! Oh my how I geeked out over that trailer. We start with a couple of promo introductions by the cast and finish, of course with the actual trailer. Enjoy (I know I did, oh god that voice…): Stephen Fry  Martin Freeman (or as the subtext says Martina Freemana) Richard Armitage Luke Evans and Lee Page (ok skip the vid after the promo cause up next is the new trailer without subtitles.

The actual trailer in HD:

There is a lot of discussion going on about Wonder Woman and making a movie about it. Here is one epic fanmade trailer for a movie that may or may not happen:

I love me some bloopers, enjoy the ones from the Last Enemy (with Benedict Cumberbatch):

So what do you do if you love your job, but hate your boss and you work for a company that makes news videos and you wanna quit. You make a video of course. And this lady is epic (btw she was offered a job with the Queen Latifah show):

The treehouse of horror couch gag for the Simpsons created by Guillermo del Toro (can you name all the movies?)

I love Catherine Tate, combine her with David Tennant and it’s epic:

Ok, I am going to Gent (Belgium) next week to see the premiere of the Fifth Estate (Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) here are some promo, preview etc thingies:

And we end this lovely list with some cheeky John Barrowman:

I hope you enjoyed this lovely list. I know I did (oh god, that voice…)

And if you want to watch the entire playlist instead of the separate vids, click on this link:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

YouTube Sunday (finally!)

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Sigh; finally have the time to do a proper YouTube Sunday again. This last month has been crazy. I had to pick up the workload for a colleague who went on a 4 week holiday and after that I had my own vacation break. But that also meant I was to freaking tired during the week to gather geek vids for you guys. When I encountered one I saved it. But I never posted them. So now, on the last day of my holiday (eugh, I need to start working again tomorrow) I’ll post them all at once.

So now, still in my pyjamas, cause you know, it’s Sunday, I’ll be sorting through about 40 vids I collected. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Some may be a bit old, but nevertheless fun to watch. Enjoy!

Seeing as the movie How to train your dragon 2 is coming out June 2014, here’s something to kill the hiatus for you in between waits. The making of part 1: if you go to the geek who posted it, there is more where that came from 😉

I first encountered the song Sail by Awolnation in a fanvid made for Sherlock: and I think this is one of the most awesome fanmade vids with this song; it fits in every way possible. And now I found a Supernatural one as well!:  I mean, this song, is just perfect if you’re having a crappy day and want to get it out of your system by playing angry music and shouting along with it. It’s one of my favourite songs on my mp3 player.

Ok, this is old news for a lot of Sherlockians and a lot of rumours online as we wait for season 3. But fake scenes??? What?: (no Setlock involved in this vid)

A bit of Sherlock season 3 in this drama trailer by BBC: when is the wait finally over!

The Little Flavour teaser trailer has finally landed, and when it came out, my social media exploded, it’s short, it’s bloody and I need more:

Neutron creme! I’m talking about Star Trek obviously, this vid is a crappy quality, but Karl Urban explains a bit about is:

Talking about Star trek, here’s the honest trailer:

So what happens if you cross Harry Potter with Doctor Who?  another fanvid.

There are countless of version online for the cup song (song by Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect the movie), but I really like this one as it’s in Gaelic:

I’m going to Gent in two weeks to see the Julian Assange movie ‘the Fifth Estate’ here’s Julian’s reaction to Benedict’s accent: I can’t wait to see this movie! Oh and a bit more Fifth Estate:

More Benedict? Yes please: another interview with Benedict:  and one more:  oh ok, I’ll give you another one:

Although I haven’t watched Merlin (seriously I tried, several times) I did enjoy this children’s in need vid the cast made:

Winter is coming, but not season 4 of Game of Thrones, we still have to wait for some time. Until then, enjoy this extended version of the intro:

Season 8 gagreel Supernatural!!! they are the best! Ladies, hold on to your ovaries for this one.

Spoilers people, for Supernatural season 9: Oh god, is it October yet? Also a nice Castiel and & Crowley promo (insert exploding ovaries here…): (can I make that into a ringtone ‘Hello Crowley here, aka the King of Hell) and of course the extended promo, again, spoilers:

Tom Hiddleston and Cookie monster, do I need to explain myself?:

This is seriously one of the craziest vids I have seen. And it’s a big hit on tumblr as well, what does the fox say:

Since we are still waiting for the 50th trailer to come out, at least for the ones who didn’t go to ComicCon, there are a lot of fanmade trailers popping up, enjoy this one:  also a fanmade intro for Peter Capaldi:

And also a bit of behind the scenes for Doctor Who as well: and a vid about the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver universal remote control: just shut up and take my money!

Neville what happened to you? Innuendo bingo with Matthew Lewis:

Vlogbrothers and Neil Gaiman? God yes please:

My name is Khan on a 20 min loop; kuddo’s if you can actually watch this for 20 min I made it to 2:

David Tennant on the Proclaimers:  Oh god, that accent.

Ohhh new trailer for you guys, Disney’s frozen:  Seriously, I’m just a big kid, geeking out over this trailer.

For the Avenger fans, a Thor featurette:

I love Simon Pegg, haven’t seen the Worlds End yet, but here he is explaining the 12 stages of drunkenness:

We end this YouTube Sunday with a nerdy chat with Steven Moffat:

I hope you guys enjoyed this YouTube Sunday; I know I did, for the full playlist, check this link:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. How is your lazy Sunday coming along?

I had a lazy morning and now it’s time to do some work. Starting with providing you a lazy YouTube Sunday playlist. So let’s get started:

What do you get when you put 600 whovians together? An amazing geeky theme song:

Just a fun little song, performed by 2 Sherlockians, waiting, like the rest of us, for season 3!

This new Doctor isn’t what I expected: (be aware for some strong language in this vid)

I know a lot of people squeeing over this trailer, a sneak peek at the new Thor movie:

Adam Savage and Doctor Who, need I say more, this is one freaking amazing vid:

This is a movie I’ve been looking forward to big time. I’m a huge fan of the vampire academy books by Richelle Mead, and now there’s a movie!:

For the lovely people in the US. Torchwood Miracle day is coming to your TV:

For the peeps who didn’t watch it on TV, introducing the new Doctor:

And here is the Doctor himself:

That’s it for this week. I’m going to eat some lunch, work and then finally write my epic blog about Neil Gaiman!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

YouTube Sunday

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course,

It’s Sunday again and I have a short YouTube Sunday for you today.

Before we start, if you are trying to reach me on twitter today, don’t expect an answer, as I’m participating in twitter silence.

We start with another comic con vid, Sam showing us around at comic con and the Game of Thrones experience:

Next up is Benedict Cumberbatch and James Rhodes talking and playing piano: and

So Who is excited for tonight? And you know I’m talking about the BBC Who will be the next Doctor live event. It’s being aired on BBC 1, 7 pm UK time (8pm for us Dutchies) and we’ll finally get to meet the new Doctor! I know I am. Here are 2 previews, one for the BBC and one for BBC America, cause it will be broadcast live in different countries all around the world: and

And last, but certainly not least. The Sherlock season 3 teaser trailer. This aired right after Reichenbach falls last Friday. OH how I needed that bright orange shock blanket. It’s short but we get to see so much and the same time, so little. I need an airdate, asap: I have just one main observation. John, what the hell is that growing on your face! Get rid of it, now.

Talking about Sherlock. I love social media, I love how news is posted immediately, I love how you can connect with your favourite artists, writers, actors, musicians etc. What I don’t love, and I think I mentioned this before is how boundaries seem to disappear on social media. Within a blink of an eye you can post your inner thoughts, without thinking. At the moment Mark Gatiss is getting a lot of shit from fans. And it’s not all meant as insulting. But fans seem to tweet him a lot along the lines of, you are killing me with this teaser trailer. Or damn you Gatiss, for all those feels.

If you post such stuff on tumblr, to express your fangirling / fanboying feelings it’s ok. But how does a writer and actor like Mark Gatiss supposed to know you mean it in a funny way. This is one of the reasons I’m participating in the twitter silence today. Because of cyber bullying.

Just, be nice to the actors, writers, musicians, stars whatever. Express your love. But remember, they’re not your closest friends; they don’t know if you’re joking about your feelings. Be respectful, think before you send out a tweet, a facebook message, whatever. Be respectful and keep your fan feelings well away from them.

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday 28-07-2013 Including comic-con stuff and a lot of trailers!!!

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Welcome to another YouTube Sunday and a massive one. Comic con 2013, are you guys still sobbing just like I am about not being able to attend? It’s on my bucket list to attend somewhere in the near future. But let’s just watch the video’s for now.

We start off with Zachary Quinto running around town asking random people ‘it’s Spock, do you care?’ Well I would!:

Gishwhes 2013 is coming!!! Still sobbing I can’t participate this year. But enjoy this special message from our overlord himself Misha Collins, and I will be joining the hunt next year:

Sherlock!!!! If you have missed this special video, you must have been living under a rock or something, watch Martin and Benedict and a very special video message for the SDCC: (I blame Mycroft for the loss of signal. Minor position in the British Government my ass!)

Spoilers ahead!!! What is happening on True Blood in the weeks to come, watch it here: (PS, look at our own Dutchie Rutger Hauer as creepy fairy grandpa)

So Loki decided to crash the Thor panel at SDCC:  (I would claim loyalty in a heartbeat!)

Can I just say I screamed when I saw this trailer! Riddick! I love Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick and he is back!:

And Kick-Ass 2 is also coming:

Nerd HQ this some pretty amazing panels this year at SDCC, to watch them all, just go to YouTube and watch them all. This is a short interview with Jenna, Matt and Moffat:  and the Doctor Who Panel:

Teen Wolf panel at SDCC:

Dylan and Tyler (Sterek) at SDCC:

I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, have all the DVD’s watched it on TV. Have a secret (well now not so secret any more) crush on Spike. And here’s Xander introducing the ‘Once more with feeling’ BTVS musical:  bonus points for the snoopy dance.

Matt Smith in disguise at SDCC, all the peeps not recognizing him and seeing this video, I bet you are kicking yourself at the moment:

Jared and Jensen at Nerd HQ:

I’m a Marsmellow, no seriously, I am! Why? I adore Veronica Mars, and followed the kickstarter fundraising. Here’s the

First look at the movie: (I love Mac!!!)

Spoilers again, Vampire Diaries season 5 at SDCC:

Benedict in Japan:

Fangirl meetings, yup, pretty much accurate:

My good friend Theta send me this link. Doctor Who credits in Iron Man style, I like it:

I hope, one day, I will be able to create awesome costumes like that, look at these amazing costumes from the SDCC:

The Star Trek 2009 gagreel: now where the hell is the 2013 version!!!

The Sherlock Nerd HQ panel:

And don’t forget John Barrowman, talking about awesome stuff:

A Dutchie vid now, about Summer Darkness in Utrecht, and if you look at the cute Lolita, you might recognize the lovely Stella, my good fellow fangirl friend:

Another Dutchie vid, about Imagicon our very own first Dutch con, an interview with the organizer from Imagicon:

A brief view of Mark Gatiss on SDCC:

Spoilers! If you haven’t already watched GoT:

Remember I posted the write like the wind vid a couple of weeks ago, turns out George found out: and here’s the original vid again:

The first trailer for 12 years a slave with Benedict Cumberbatch:

The first trailer for the Fifth Estate with Benedict Cumberbatch: (bonus, my fellow DCC friend Anieck plays an extra in this movie)

Benedict arriving in Tokyo (watch out for the screaming):

Benedict bored on a plane:

Benedict on top gear: and behind the scenes:

Wow, I hope you liked these vids. If I missed anything, just let me know. Here’s the full playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy

YouTube Sunday

Hi my hot cute girly geeks, another lazy Sunday and I have found some funny and geeky vids for you.

This guy applied to DreamWorks and because he hadn’t heard from them he send in this vid. I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t get the job, I found it brilliant!:

Ok, I’m a huge fan of Queen, thanks to my mum. Also, I was born in the ’80 so I kinda grew up with at least some of their music. ‘I’m the invisible man’ was one of my favourite music clips when I grew up.’ The fact that I went 5 times to see We Will Rock You the musical (3x in the Netherlands, 2x in London says it all.) And this is awesome, Under Pressure by Freddy Mercury and David Bowie a-capella:

Remember the Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer I put up last week? The one that was made by a fan but had the whole fandom fooled for a couple of minutes? Here’s how he did it: I wonder if he already got a job offered to him by the BBC.

Happy elves, ok it’s not whatever your crazy brain is thinking of. The elves from the Hobbit watching fans watching the desolation of Smaug teaser trailer:

This is one kickass chick. You all know the internet meme about stepping on Lego, well, this gives a whole new meaning to that phrase:

My lovely friend Theta brought this video under my attention. DIY Star Wars Trench Run, just watch it and before you know it you will be making the sounds together with these guys:

This vid is for my friend Theta, he’s coming to Holland in September and we are planning to visit the Efteling, our own Dutch amusement park. Where one of the rides is a sort of haunted house with creepy music. Unexpected flash mob done by a choir who, this time, provided the creepy music themselves. Freaking awesome!!!!

I think teachers are under appreciated in pretty much every country. That’s why I love this vid. What do teachers make?: I do appreciate teachers, this one is for you Zee!

I love Charles Dance, I think he is brilliant in Game of Thrones, and now for something completely different, just watch and listen: Be advised for some language (I don’t mind at all)

Doctor Who drinking game. Seriously, if you just watch one episode and follow their rules you’d be totally pissed after 45 minutes:

Uber geeky nerd Nathan Fillion talks about Monsters University: I bow down to your geeky nerdiness.

If you follow my blog you know I love Peter Pan. Can we just appreciate this amazing Peter Pan staying in character in Disney:

This is my lovely friend and fellow blogger / vlogger Zee, she makes amazing vids and you should follow her: and this made me think of a new topic for my own channel. A monthly geeky roundup for geeky things I done, and so I’m making a vid today and hopefully will be able to upload as well.

How to be a real fan: this pretty much sums up my geeky fangirl life.

Just some Benedict and Moffat talking about Moriarty:

I screamed, Peter Jackson has a new production vlog and we get to see some Martin Freeman:

This is a real eclectic list this week. But I hope you’ll still enjoy. This is the link for the whole playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. I’m back with another YouTube Sunday, and it is a good one. Hope you enjoy. So sit back and relax.

I love Alex Kinston, I love River Song, here is a lovely interview:

I am the Doctor is one of my favourite tracks to listen to on the Doctor Who cd’s. And I love this version made by an orchestra:

I’m a huge fan of Richelle Mead, and her vampire books. I have all of them in my collection. And now she participated in the 50th anniversary special e-books. Watch this interview:

The next video had me fooled for a couple of minutes and I was screaming behind my laptop for it. But relax, it’s a fanmade vid. If you don’t have 3D glasses like I do, look at the comments to adjust the video so you can watch it properly. The 50th anniversary special Doctor Who trailer:

Matt Smith being adorable and for someone’s wish spending time at a family for Christmas. Especially the weeping angel bit:

David Tennent being really cheeky, don’t mind if you do:

John Barrowman being really cheeky about Benedict:

David Tennant trying his American accent, this is creepy, also, David, your Scottish is showing, please stick to UK/Scottish accents please:

I don’t know how many of you speak Finnish, I don’t. But that still doesn’t mean this Star Trek cast interview isn’t fun to watch:

I posted this before, but still. It’s Benedict in Star Trek:

One of my lovely colleagues told me about this video and I almost wet myself laughing. I know it’s mime, but please, watch it! This guy is brilliant!:

If you watched the previous video, then you have to watch this one. It’s the same guy, but with a special added guest surprise:

Did you guys know about 300 getting a second movie? I for sure didn’t. But I’m not complaining. Here’s the trailer for all of you who haven’t seen it yet:

I hate magicians as much as mime players, but imagine Sheldon Cooper doing magic tricks and this is what you get:

You either love or hate funny cat videos; again, this brought a huge smile on my face, especially the part where he talks about spiders to one of his cats:

3 half naked gay guys dancing in heels? What’s not to love, this is my new favourite go to vid when my job is being shitty: and the gagreel is even better:

We do have sort of talking trashcans in our Dutch amusement park the Efteling. For us Dutchies, ‘holle bolle Gijs’ but this trash can is the best:

Combine bagpipes with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and you get something like this:

Amazing cover of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, performed by Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix:

Gishwhes 2013 is finally here, subscribe to to enter:

Andrew Scott, or also known as Moriarty, did a lovely little red carpet interview. And my fellow DCC friend Anieck just met him yesterday in London (me is very jealous fangirl right now)

Benedict talking Sherlock:  and

Benedict trying his deductive skills:

Short film Inseperable starring Benedict:

If you find yourself in London, visit speedy’s cafe:

It’s our favourite not gay elf Legolas, or Orlando Bloom and a lovely vid at his last day of shooting on the Hobbit. For tumblr fans, you know the song:

Don’t know if I shared this one yet, but still. The Desolation of Smaug trailer:

Tyler Hoechlin doesn’t understand Tumblr (please keep away from it Tyler!) and thanks his fans (can I just squee that Teen Wolf has started again!):

See your favourite Star Wars characters dance to good old fashioned rock music: and

Supernatural season 7 gagreel, please yes:

That was it for this lazy YouTube Sunday, if you want to watch all video’s here is the link for the entire playlist:

YouTube Sunday!!! And Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who.

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Wow, are you fellow whovians as shocked as I am? If you haven’t heard yet, you must have been living under a rock or something. Yesterday evening the news came out that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

Yep you heard it. Matt Smith, the current 11th Doctor (not taking in consideration what part John Hurt may play in the 50th episode) will be leaving Doctor Who during the Christmas episode at the end of this year.

I think I was one of the first of my friends who found out yesterday evening. The news was leaking a bit early. They planned on releasing the news around midnight, but it was online around 10 pm last night. And the internet exploded. Facebook, twitter, and I can only imagine how tumblr must have looked. I didn’t have access to TV or a computer last night and depended on others feeding me snippets of news. Oh how I love my fellow fandom friends, keeping me updated.

So what are your feelings about this whole ordeal? I love Matt as the Doctor, he did some brilliant episodes, played the role exceptionally well, but he isn’t my Doctor. That is and forever will be David Tennant.  Maybe that was the reason I wasn’t freaking out as much I thought I would. I mean, I had my proper Doctor moment last night, when I read my twitter feed. I think I exclaimed ‘what’? About six times. And my friend was a bit worried about me, to say the least.

I talked about Matt Smith with my good friend Theta a couple of days ago. We wondered how long he would be playing the role. The news was that Matt signed for season 8, and now he’s leaving. I will miss him as the Doctor, but I’m also anxious to see who will be next in line. I trust the good people of Doctor Who to pick a brilliant actor for this role. And like everyone I have my preferences.

Can we have David Tennant back? He is back for the 50th, so he can continue as the Doctor… I know, this is never ever gonna happen, but a girl can hope.

The second name I would like to drop is Ben Whishaw. He is a young actor, upcoming star, just won a Bafta and would be perfect for the new Doctor.

And people, please don’t mention Benedict as the new Doctor. He already declines the role ones, he is far too busy with other stuff and I don’t think he would be a good Doctor. Not that he’s not qualified to play the role. But it just feels wrong.

Check out this link, where Blogtor Who has a list of his own:

I will keep you guys updated with news, if you want instant news you should follow my twitter account, otherwise, just subscribe here.

For now, we continue with a couple of vids.

Don’t know if you have seen it already, but this is an awesome vid. Some cheerleaders decided to make a video clip from the song, Call me maybe, and some US military guys, decided to remake theirs. Watch:

Some pranking behind the scenes of shooting Harry Potter:

Who hasn’t seen the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, when they grew up? Or at some point during their life. Turns out, Will Smith and his son where guests on the Graham Norton show, and boy do they have a surprise! Watch the whole vid and prepare for rolling of the couch from laughter.

One of my fellow Dutch Supernatural friends is currently living in London and as part of her graduation project she made this awesome vid about cycling in London, we Dutchies just love to cycle. Watch it and share it please!:

And I end this small YouTube vid list with the news item of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who as seen on BBC news yesterday evening. For the peeps, who just like me, didn’t have any access to a TV at that time.

Lots of love, from your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Morning my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. It’s awfully early this Sunday, but I have a busy schedule and now a 45 minute downtime while I wait for my hair dye to do its work.

I have a couple of lovely vids for you this week, not that many as last week, but we can’t have everything all the time now don’t we?

I’m going to the Game of Thrones Exhibit tomorrow, here’s a vid about the opening in Amsterdam last week, enjoy!

Why Holland and Amsterdam are cool! Lovely and funny vid about us Dutchies:

Last week we had the season finale of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Matt Smith happened to be in the US and watch it in a local bar. Here is some Moffat saying thank you to the fans:

Are you guys excited for season 3 Teen Wolf? This is gonna hurt, the official trailer:

Little bit of Hobbit spam for you guys, and the lovely Martin Freeman swearing under his breath:

And of course some lovely Benedict Cumberbatch being adorkable at a Star Trek into Darkness press interview while something went wrong and he is bored:

More Star Trek into Darkness a twitter question being answered:

Star Trek versus IKEA, how do people come up with these questions?

Character profile of John Harrison in Star Trek into Darkness:

Although we have to wait another 6 months until my birthday, oh sorry, I mean the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we got a new Strax field report:

Some people have too much time on their hands. Here is the Game of Thrones intro, but with some Star Wars music:

That’s it for this week guys.

Hope you enjoyed, and here is the link for the whole playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy