Happy B-day and discount in my Etsy shop.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Because I’m turning 21 plus taxes (31 actually) this Sunday I thought it would be nice to give something back. Since I can’t all give you cake.

So this weekend only I’m hosting a 10% discount in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HotCuteGirlyGeek

You can use the following code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY2014

Browse the shop for great wintery gifts, aka fandoms hats, pillow cases and stuffed / crochet animals. You can buy something nice for yourself or as a lovely Christmas gift.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Sock Monkey Hat!

New design available, a crocheted sock monkey hat. The most epic and most ridiculous hat you can own for all your geeky adventures.


This is the perfect hat to keep you warm during the winter, to keep you company if you need a cuddle, or in preparation of GISHWHES 2015. I mean, if Misha Collins wears one, why shouldn’t you? And now you can!

The hats are crocheted out of 100% acrylic and hand and machine washable at 30 degrees.

The size available is M/L and L/XL although if you need something bigger / smaller just let me know.

The hat is designed in the original colors white, red and grey and has 2 black buttons as eyes, but if you need this hat in any other colors just drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

I do accept custom orders as well.

Original pattern designed by Repeat Crafter Me (although I tweaked it a bit).

Oh and my lovely fellow GISHWHES teammates will get a discount if they order from my blog. (just leave a comment when you order and I’ll make you a nice deal).

I do accept paypal and my hats are also sold on Etsy.

Price: Hats are 15 euros, shipping withing the Netherlands 2 euros, everywhere else 3.50 euros. I do ship worldwide.

Supernatural anti possessing symbol tablet / e-reader / hunters journal cosy

Are you a hunter? A Winchester? On the run from demons? Or just enjoy the show Supernatural? I have something special for you!


This cosy is designed for your e-reader / tablet / hunters journal to protect it from demons. It is knitted with the anti-possession symbol so no scary black-eyed monster can access it. (Unfortunately also non accessible for Dean now he’s gone dark side).


The cosy is hand knitted with sparkly metallic yarn, but you can also opt for normal yarn in any two colours you want. Just let me know in the comment section of the contact form.

Just let me know which size (in cm) you need this cosy and I will custom knit it. As well as wash it in salty water, add in some invisible Enochian sigils, and protect it with every spell in the book.


Price: 15 euros, shipping in the Netherlands 2 euros, with another item 1 euro. Worldwide shipping 3.50, with another item 2 euros.


I accept PayPal.

Webshop: Tardis e-reader / tablet cosy

If you’re a whovian and you love to read books on your e-reader (he, it’s bigger on the inside) and you are tired of those boring protective cases. Why not choose this amazing Tardis e-reader cozy.
Or use it as a protective case on your tablet.

The cosy is double sided.

Always carry this amazing Tardis with you in your bag, show off your inner whovian to the outside world, protect your loving e-reader or even tablet with this amazing hand knitted cozy.

The cozy is made out of 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Machine and hand washable on 30 degrees.
If you are interested in buying one, contact me with the messurments in cm so I can knit you one that fits.

Every cozy is soniced to the maximum durability, whovian fandom love, epic geekery and to withstand travel inside the vortex.

Prizes: The cosy is 15 euros, shipping within the Netherlands 2.00, with another item add 1 euro. Worldwide 3.50, with another item add 2 euros.
I accept PayPal!

Webshop: Geeky phone cosy’s

Do you own a smart phone? Of course you do. Do you want to show your inner geek to the outside world? Yes!

Are you a geek? Well duh!

This is your chance to own one of these epic geeky phone cosies.

All phone cosies are hand knitted, material is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. And they are machine washable and washable by hand at 30 degrees. All phone cosies are double sided.

So what do I have in store?

A Dalek Phone cosy! This is one lovely Dalek you don’t need to be afraid of! Exterminate!!! The come in different colours as well, just let me know which two colours you like. (Add this in the comment section).


Sparkly Tardis Phone cosy: A whovian can’t do without his or her smartphone, and what better way to protect your phone against trips throughout the all of time and space as with this lovely and sparkly phone cozy. Always carry this amazing Tardis with you in your bag or pocket, show off your inner whovian to the outside world, protect your loving phone with this amazing hand knitted cozy. One side reads Police and the other side Box, and the window pattern is knitted on both sides. The sparkling Tardis Blue yarn is made out of 95% Acrylic and 5% metallic yarn. And the black and white yard out of 75% acrylic and 25% wool. It’s hand washable. But if you don’t like the sparkle on your cozy, you can always choose the option Tardis blue, in that case you get regular blue yarn made out of 75% acrylic and 25% wool.


Union Flag / Union Jack phone cosy: As an anglophile, a Sherlockian and a Whovian, I needed something else to confess my love for the UK and you can as well with this hand knitted Union Jack phone cozy.


Doctor Who bowtie phone cosy: Bowties are cool, every whovian knows that, and know your phone cozy can wear a bowtie as well! Although I would make sure River doesn’t get to see it, she might try to shoot it! The phone cozy is knitted with multicolored yarn and results may differ from the photos. But you may also choose for a plane brown background color or any other color you wish, just contact me if you wish to customize your order.


221B Baker street phone cosy: Are you Sherlocked and you want to express your inner geek to the outside world, why not with this hand knitted 221B Baker street phone cozy. It’s perfect for protecting your smartphone while chasing criminals through the streets of London, or anywhere for that matter. Have your own piece of London’s most famous address with you at all times


And last but not least, the Sherlock Chullo phone cosy. Inspired by the ridiculous Sherlock chullo hat! Do you own the Sherlock Chullo hat yet? No? They are available in my shop. Don’t fancy hats or want a matching phone cozy? Look no further. New in stock, the Sherlock Chullo phone cozy, as seen in the Empty Hearse! (Well the hat, not the phone cozy, but I bet John would love to have one.) Available in Navy Blue or Black. So if you’re as bored as I am with the terrible Sherlock hiatus (2016? Really?) Want to play the deduction game with your annoying, cake eating sibling, or just something to protect the most priced possession any consulting detective can’t live without (besides his fateful blogger of course) And don’t worry, the cords of the Sherlock Chullo phone cozy are long enough to chew on.


And let me just state I do accept customized orders as well. I do love a good challenge.

All phone cosies are 7.50 euros, shipping within the Netherlands 1.50 euros, with another item add 1 euro. Shipping worldwide 2.50, with another item add 1 euro.

I do accept PayPal!

Web shop: Zelda Link hat / pointy hat.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. My lovely fellow blogger Tekira asked me for a custom made hat. A Zelda Link hat


She needed the hat for a cosplay outfit and I do love a challenge so I accepted.

The hat is made out of 75% acrylic and 25 % wool. Machine and hand washable on 30 degrees and wearable everywhere.

So if you need to portray your inner Link and go on adventures, or just like an epic pointy hat to wear this winter this is the right spot.


The hat comes in two sizes, medium / large (mostly women) and large / extra large (mostly men).

And the colour options are endless. Just specify the colour number in the comment section (ps choose nr 20 for black), and if you want a combination of colours, so to get a stripe design, that’s also possible, just let me know.


Prices: the hats cost €20,- shipping in the Netherlands €2,- within Europe €3,- and everywhere else €5,- for every additional product shipped I ask €1,- extra.

IMG-20140207-WA0013I accept custom orders. And please contact me about delivery times, seeing as I knit each hat per order.


I accept PayPal and you can either order with the contact form below or on my Etsy site.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

PS and a huge thank you for Tekira modelling for this hat! As well as James.