TV series ending and beginning, a balance and some reviewing.

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. Today my point of view on some current TV series I’m watching and going to watch.

Most TV series are wrapping up at the moment. Either the last episode of the season has already past or we have just a couple of episodes to come, so it’s time to make up a balance and also look forward to what’s to come. Either series back from a hiatus or the starting of a new season.

imagesCAIRS3O5Arrow: I’m not a particular big comic fan, actually not at all. I’m no comic geek, although I love some of the comic adaptations out there, but those are mainly the familiar ones. I am not familiar with the Arrow comics so the story is completely new for me. And to be honest, the only reason I start watching this series is John Barrowman. And although he doesn’t have a huge role in this series, I admire his work in it. But the series itself? It’s not something I would like to own on DVD. For me personally it feels like I’m watching a crossover between Robin Hood, Cast Away and another dozen of comic adaptations about a crime filled city and a hero standing up. Although the added bonus of Alex Kingston making a guest appearance made my whovian heart very happy. This is one of those series I watch while doing something else. I get the main storyline but not everything and I’m ok with that. I like the series well enough that I’m curious about the season finale and season 2. But to recommend it? No, not really.

Bones: is this considered a geeky series? I think so. We have the squints and the nerds, the brains and the heart and gruesome body parts. We are at season 8 at the bonesmoment and the finally is coming. My god, 8 seasons, it’s a lot. But I do love the whole crime of the week thing, and how they still manage to keep it entertaining. And with 8 seasons you get to see more of the background of the main characters. And I must say I love a good evil genius in a series and knowing that Pelant is coming back for the finally makes me eager to see it, although it probably will end in a major cliff-hanger for season 9.

bbtThe Big Bang Theory: I can be brief about that one, more episode please. Although it doesn’t really portray us geeks and nerd in a very good way, I do love a series where I at least understand all the geeky references. I’m sad season 6 is ending, and hoping we get a season 7.

Castle:  season 5 and 1 more episode left. Come one, although not majorly geeky, it has Nathan Fillion for crying out loud! Uber geek himself and this season castlewas filled with funny geeky references. I do love Castle and his funny and twisted brain. And while I’m on the subject. What is it with series, when we have two main characters, male and female, that eventually end up in a relationship? I mean, I do love a good romance, but it seems that every partnership needs to end up in a ship. Why is that? Don’t get me wrong, I do love good fanfiction, but that doesn’t mean I would like to see it on screen as well. I find it more interesting to watch the tension than the actual relationship. But that’s just me. Another season? Yes please!

doctor whoDoctor Who: we are in de middle of the second part of season 7. And I seriously don’t know. Where the hell is this going? There are so many rumours online at the moment about possible plot spoilers. What I do know is that the Doctor is turning dark. Do I like it? I don’t know. The whole impossible Clara thing? I don’t know. This is one of those series where you have to see the whole season to base your opinion on properly. There are too much possible spoilers, plot twists, hints, etc going on. And I am stuck to my TV every Saturday night. I can’t get enough of it! What I do know is that I hold my geeky little heart for what’s to come. Knowing Moffat, he’s gonna break it again and leave me crying on my couch, again. But that’s the life of a fangirl. Btw is it November the 23rd yet???

Fringe: is no more. We had our last episode and no more seasons to come. Which is a shame. It was a really good show. It’s too bad the series didn’t get enough episodes to properly endfringe the story and it felt too surreal and rushed. When watching the last season I really had to find the motivation to actually watch the latest episode of that week. But I’m also glad we had a proper ending with the series. How many series are in the middle of a story and just get cut off and we are left with nothing more. But out all of the seasons, the last one is my least favourite.

GoTGame of Thrones: So this series just started season 3. And it’s one of my favourite book adaptations seeing as a series. It’s hard to create movies and series from books. We all have a picture in our heads when we read a book, and seeing it on screen can be a real disappointment sometimes. Usually a book is way better then the series. But in this case it’s a tie. The casting is brilliant, the story is amazing, the scenery is epic and I’m glad winter has finally arrived.

Lost Girl: we had the final episode of season 3 and it still leaves me hungry for more. Although not one the more stronger endings of a series, I like where it’s going. Although this series Lost Girlisn’t in my top 5 of most favourite series ever, I do like it well enough for more seasons. But please, can we cut out the whole love triangle thing. And more sassy Kenzi please!

Once upon a timeOnce Upon a Time: we are near the end of season 2. When I started watching season 1 I was really excited. It sounded so promising, although it was riding the hype of fairytales adaptations going on at the moment (Grimm, beauty and the beast). And the main idea was really good, sort of a fairytale a week and fairytales coming to life in the real world. But with this second season I have the feeling they are running out of stories. For me it drags along and not coming to the point. I’m not sure I will watch a third season, I mean, the same thing happened with Grimm and I stopped watching that as well. Let’s just wait for the season’s finale before I make a final decision.

Revolution: Back from hiatus. I’m still not sure what to think of it. I love the idea of the series and the earth without power, how people adapted and the militia standing up. But I also revolutionhad a major Jericho feeling with this series and when comparing, give me back Jericho and cancel this one. I don’t know, the pace is to slow for me and it seems nothing is really happening, or maybe it’s happing to quick and not enough explanation. Another series for me that I don’t know if I’ll continue watching it.

sherlockSherlock: Now you are all wondering why I have this series in my list. It’s not on TV at the moment, and we are awaiting series 3. But the good news is they are filming it! I try to stay away from spoilers as much as I can. Which is strange. Give me spoilers of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and I can’t get enough, but spoilers of Sherlock? Get away from me as far as possible. That’s also one of the reasons I haven’t read the original series yet. I simply don’t want to know! And also a series 4? One day confirmed by Benedict Cumberbatch and the next day denied, I don’t care. And I also can’t wait! One thing is for sure, I am Sherlocked…

Supernatural: season 8, oh god yes! I love where this season is going, and some of the old characters returning. The tablets, Charlie, more Crowley. I love it all. Although I miss the SPNoriginal formula of monster of the week a bit, I do love the whole men of letters angle and I’m both anxious to see the season’s finale as to what my poor fangirl heart can cope with. Knowing the writers they are surely gonna rip it out and salt and burn it. And loving the fact that we got another season again!

TWTeen Wolf: ??? Yep, I watch it, and I love it. Normally series made by MTV suck big time. Not this one. We had two seasons and with just a couple of more weeks of waiting, season 3 will finally start, and with more episodes as well. Although season 1 was the more stronger season of the series and we are losing a lot of main characters in season 3 because the actors decided to do something else, I’m still really looking forward to it. It’s supposed to be a lot more darker then the last two seasons. We’ll just have to wait and see. I know I’ll be fangirling over the first episode with my favourite fanbabe, planning a sleepover with live stream and taking a day off of work.

The Vampire Diaries: as mentioned before, this is one of those rare series, where the TV adaptation is way better then the books. And where I am glad they don’t follow the original TVDstory. Although this last season felt a bit like a disappointment. I get a bit tired of all these love triangles, not only in this series, but in a lot of other series as well. Also, not really glad with the whole Elena being a vampire as well. We have a few more episodes to come, as well as a spin-off series with the originals as basis. Wonder how that’s gonna turn out. I don’t know, I think I’m just done with the whole whining vegetarian vampire bit. It was amazing in Interview with the vampire and original as well. But nowadays it feels like every vampire has an identity crisis. I like my monsters to be monsters, thank you very much.

the walking deadThe Walking Dead: already ended and what a shit ending. Or more accurately, what a shitty season. It had its moments. I broke down when Darryl found out his brother turned into a zombie and he had to kill him, but again with the whining and Andrea being an obnoxious b*tch. I was glad we finally got rid of Lori, only to be replaced by Andrea. And please someone slap Carl. Little deranged psycho kid! Someone needs to properly raise him. I wonder what the next series has in store for us, but please, more zombie and survival action, less bitching around.

Warehouse 13: almost back from hiatus. I wonder what the second part of this season has coming. Again, I miss a bit of artefact of the week thing. Although where the series was goingwarehouse 13 with a dark Claudia was interesting. Let’s wait and see, shall we?

zombielandZombieland: ok, I watched the first episode. It was funny. But it never reaches the level of the original movie. It sort of picked up where we left in the movie. But it’s trying too hard. I need to see more episodes to get a more accurate feel of this series, but if it doesn’t get picked up, I won’t be mourning its loss.

Wow, that’s a lot of series, and think I even forgot some as well. Are there any series you think I should watch? Or what are your thoughts on some of the series I watched. Let me know below in the comments!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

A geeky valentine’s day. Gift ideas for your geeky man or woman

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. As you all know Valentine’s Day is coming up. You have must seen those cards and sweets in the shops already.

I, for one, don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s corny and not in a good way. But maybe some of my fellow readers do love it. So that’s why you are getting this lovely post. My fellow blogger Theta and I teamed up for this and decided on 10 popular fandoms at the moments and gifts that go with those fandoms. I hope this will narrow it down for you to pick that special gift for your fellow and lovely geek.

M:  stands for male gift ideas picked by Theta

F:  stands for female gift ideas picked by me

  • Game of Thrones
    • M:  Unfortunately, I’m not too well up on the Game of Thrones fandom, so I can really only recommend the DVDs and Blu-Rays to be honest – especially as Season 2 is due out on 4 March in the UK.
    • M:  So if you want to catch up, how about the Game of Thrones Season 1 & 2 box set. Okay, it’s bit pricey, but it’s a “win win”. The guy in your life gets the box set of his favourite fandom, whilst you can bask in the handsomeness that is Sean Bean.
    • F:  Winter is coming, or already here based on the snow. And now you can smell the part, yes
      you heard me right, smell. Think geek has this awesome Fire and Blood Perfume, a scent worthy of the blood of the dragon, or your own Khalesi:
  • The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
    • M:  Remember in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” when Bilbo was told that his Elven sword “Sting” was nothing more than a letter opener? Well, giftwa94046_jpg_size-285_maxheight-285_square-truere company The Noble Collection has taken that literally with the “Sting” letter opener which is available at Forbidden Planet and other good stockists.
    • M:  And, if the love of your life is a bit of completist, you could always look at getting him the letter opener set which includes “Sting”, “Glamdring” and “Orcrist”. (Just watch out for the price tag).
    • F:  We can start with the obvious jewellery that was hot like 10 years ago when Lord of the Rings made its entrance to the screens, thinks like the Evenstar necklace, but that is so redundant. Why not get your lovely geeky lady one of these mini plush toys she can cuddle up to for night when you don’t spend together:
    • F:  Or these beautiful the one ring earrings to put on your favourite hobbit/elf/dwarf lady. Now only hope she won’t disappear while wearing these:
  • Sherlock
    • M:  I am already going to assume that the chaps will already have both series on either DVD or, if you are male and follow that trait of having the latest technological gizmos, Blu Ray or downloaded it on Love Film or Netflix. Therefore, I have chosen the book “Sherlock: The Casebook”.

51OK4LK4ucL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_This isn’t just a companion book that accompanies the series. It explains the cultural impact of the Sherlock Holmes mythos, has an episode-by-episode breakdown of series one and two – along with the influences from the original Conan Doyle stories and where they figure in the episodes, and for the fans who have an eye on fan fiction (Nooooooo, not that kind of fan fiction), there’s an insight into the world of Sherlock from the point of view of Sherlock and John Watson themselves. Plus there’s the usual array of photos that are the fixture and fittings of a “making of” book.

    • F:  If your geeky girl likes board games, check out this special edition for Cluedo, you and your lady can play the parts in being Holmes and Watson and solving crimes:
    • F:  As my lovely fellow blogger won’t touch the subject of that kind of fan fiction, I however will. You know what I mean. It is too bad there isn’t much Sherlock merchandise out there but if you want something special, you can always browse the Devian Art site. A lot of artists do commission work and you can order the most beautiful art pieces to give to your geeky girl, just go to the site: and search for Sherlock or Johnlock and contact the artist for your own commissioned work.
  • Vampires
    • M:  This one I am going to cheat a little by combining this and the next category, whilst throwing in a ghost for good measure.

511DVPj61tL__SL500_AA300_“Being Human” is a bit of a cult phenomenon in the UK. Whilst it isn’t on any of the mainstream BBC channels, it continues to get a loyal viewership on BBC3.

For those, who don’t know, “Being Human” revolves around a group of housemates – difference is, these housemates are a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. To make it extra geeky, you get quite a few cast members who have appeared in other genre productions most notably Russell Tovey (“Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”), Lenora Critchlow (“Doctor Who”), Aidan Turner (“The Hobbit”) and Sinead Keenan (“Doctor Who”) – plus it’s created by Toby Whithouse who has scripted a few episodes of “Doctor Who”.

  • Comics and movie adaptations
    • M:  Comic Book adaptations in the movies have been a bit hit and miss – for every “Avengers” you’ll get a “Punisher” (and I mean the Dolph Lundgren version from the 80’s… shudder). But, if you ask who is the geek of the superhero world, only one name comes to mind and that is ol’ web-head himself, Spider-man.

61XAzAp6nwL__SL500_AA300_Now, whilst I liked Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of the role, I prefer the latest reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”, “Never Let Me Go” and the “Doctor Who” two-parter from Season Three, “Daleks In Manhattan” and “Evolution Of The Daleks”). He is who I imagined Peter Parker to be – a loner, intelligent, awkward around the girls, loves his aunt and uncle – and he also manages to pull off the “Spider-man” part of his persona – smart mouth, brave and the everyman of the Marvel Universe.

And if that’s not enough, you get a great supporting cast including Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, Martin Sheen and Denis Leary and brilliant direction by Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”)

Plus, if you’re fella is a real film geek like myself, there are loads of extras to get his teeth into including a Second Screen App for the iPad or Sony Tablet which gives more information on the film.

  • Books:
    • M:  Okay, I’m going to go with a film adaptation of a book that seems to be catching a lot of interest at present, especially due to the fact that it’s being released near Valentine’s Day itself (dependent on where you live) and that’s “Warm Bodies”. I’ve already read the novel written by Isaac Marion and the film is being billed as a zom-rom-com.

Basically, it’s the story of a zombie who is known as “R”, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult from “Skins”, “X-Men: First Class” and “About A Boy”, who is a bit of an unusual type – even for the undead. During a hunt, he meets a living girl by the name of Julie, portrayed by Teresa Palmer from “I Am Number Four”, “Bedtime Stories” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and through a series of circumstances he starts developing emotions for her and starts getting in touch with his human side again.

I loved the book and I am really looking forward to the film, especially as it’s directed and scripted by Jonathan Levine who directed “50/50” which was one of my favourite films of 2011.

STK520312_jpg_size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueAnyway, IDW comics are releasing a four part prequel called “Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness” written by Robert Orci, who is one of the script writers on the 2009 “Star Trek” film and the forthcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness”, and Mike Johnson, who is responsible for the ongoing “Star Trek” series for IDW.

These Blu Rays include not only extended cuts, in some instances of the feature films, but also special features which are more in depth than the standard releases. Currently, films 1-6 have a release in the format in the UK with films 7 and 8 recently being released in the US as a double pack.

I hope you loved the ideas in this massive post. I know Theta and I had loads of fun browsing the net to find you the perfect gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Love, from both Theta and your hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Camgal>Guest Blogger

First of all. I would like to give a special Shoutout to Mendy for inviting me to guest post. Lots of Love & I wish you a speedy recovery.

Secondly. Salutations to all the Hot, Cute, Girly/Boyish Geeks out there. I am so thrilled to be posting here. It’s an honour really.

Okay. My name is Ifeoma, I’m 17 and I’m a Nigerian 🙂 I go by the name camgal on most or all of my posts but feel free to address me a either. Basically, I love writing, sports, & reading. Shakespeare is still my role model when it comes to writing, diction & style. I love novels by Anne Rice, Sidney Sheldon, Wole Soyinka & recently found author Emily Guido at :). I juggle my love for celebrities and their roles between sleeping and blogging/writing. I love my family. We are just four & Catholic. I tend to ramble a lot when doing this sort of things, so I’ll tell you one more truth. I’m not really good at intro’s so if you’re interested in knowing more about me you can visit my blog at . I had something exciting lined up for this post as I racked my brain over what I was going to put.

So…what does camgal have to contribute to the hotcutegirlygeek blog? Let’s see.

I love seeing hot & geek in the same sentence because those are two words I personally would never use in the same line but if we think about it abstractly, people have used them more frequently than they realise.

Geeks are perceived to be overly intellectual and my definition of hot is a modern day vampire ;). Where can we find these two? Movie roll please.

  Yes, it’s the characters from My Babysitter’s a Vampire. Ethan the geek meets Sarah the hot fledgling/vampire. I saw this as classic because her Vampire essence made her stronger than him & he was not intelligent enough to read the bold sign that said “Too Hot to Handle”.

Though this is just one example and there are tons more, this is my favourite. Now Girls & Geeks I need you to do me a favour & do not hold back your thoughts.

 This is Ian Somerhalder! Vampire Diaries heart-throb Damon Salvatore. This is a topic that has been & may continue to be debatable.  Is Damon hotter, cuter & more of a bad ass than Joseph Morgan’s Klaus?


I’ve done the figures, compared personalities, movies>previous>recent>future< and I’m still stumped! While that is all good, another puzzle is…if Claire Holt & Kate Beckinsale’s characters Rebecca & Selene were to have a throw down, who would win? Verbally, Physically? Let me know what you think.

 We have Underworld’s Selene Vs.  Pretty, British, tough talking  Rebecca from the Vampire Diaries….Sizzling. Guys feel free to give your opinions as well.

Alright, I believe I’ve doodled & dabbled enough. I’m really all about reviews and expressing myself in as many possible ways. I write poems, I write songs, I write books and I’m currently working on one. You can Check out my completed blog book..The Blog Diaries on my website From Where was the bend? to Revenge is Sweet and the final book Chyna Vs. Hampton to Don’t judge me because you can’t.

The Novel i’m currently working on is entitled A year in June. It’s genre for now is Romance. You can read the synopsis on I really hope I didn’t bore you lol & once again I would like to thank Mendy so much for this wonderful experience.

– Camgal

Guest Blogger: Cara White

Hello to all the Hot, Cute, Girly Geeks reading this, it’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance—I hope to get to know you better in the near future, but first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cara, I’m seventeen, an avid reader and writer, and live in Essex.

Mendy, a very sweet Twitter friend, kindly offered me the opportunity to guest post on her blog and it was difficult to decline—so here I am! And as I write this I send out healing thoughts and prayers to her as she battles the pain she is currently in, and wish her a speedy recovery. I hope y’all will all do the same.

Anyway . . . greetings! You’re probably wondering who I am and if you’re not, then you should be! Joking.
I’d just like to apologize now for the length of this post. I’ve not done anything like this before so I’m sure it’s just as overwhelming for me as it is for you!
I’m British, (please don’t let the ‘Essex’ tag put you off—not all Essex girls are like what you may have seen on TV!), and an older sister to my brother. Inhabitants in my household are also my parents and two tabby cats, Tyler and Titten.
I finished high school in the year of 2010 and studied Philosophy, English Literature and Communication Studies for a term at college before I sadly had to leave due to home difficulties. I also recently found I suffer from a social anxiety disorder and have to undergo therapy in hopes of overcoming it.
At high school I was bullied a lot—a problem the teachers never sought to prevent—but though the things that happened to me did have an impact on my life, I strived to gain the best grades I could and then got the heck away from them.
Today, I let my daydreams and imaginings loose through writing—a subject I will discuss more later—and read LOTS! Which carries us nicely into . . .

My love for all things geeky.
I am an addict for reading Paranormal Romance. My bookshelf is crammed packed with books, my room too shy of space to accommodate more. I fall in love with nearly every leading male protagonist—sorry, guys, I don’t mean to, you’re just all so yum!—and get all giddy when kiss scenes arise. Yay! I’m sure a lot of you all do it too, am I right?.
The Vampire Diaries . . . who doesn’t watch it? If you don’t, trust me, you need to—you’re missing out on a whole lot of majorly hot guys! Most of my Twitter friends are Team Damon; I however, am Team Klaus! His cheeky little smile, his big puppy dog eyes and how he insists that he is the ‘alpha male’ makes my mum and I swoon!
On second thought . . . I suppose Damon is—Ah! Who am I kidding? They’re all sexy! But let me just say this now: Season four needs to hurry up!
Other TV series I LOVE are Moonlight, Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle, Charmed, The Crow, FRIENDS, Two and a Half Men, The Middle, pretty much everything awesome and geeky!
Cars are also a major part of my life. I have a few favourites and when I see them out on the roads . . . well, I scream, wave my hands in the air and then point like a loon. But please don’t judge me for it.
Over the past couple of years I have been told I look like a few celebrities. The Veronicas, Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts, Kate Bush and Kate Middleton are among the few been spoken, and though I find it hard to believe—I do not photograph well and have low self-confidence—friends and family are insistent. I suppose it all depends on the style of my hair and make-up at the time. My mum says I simply have ‘one of those faces’, so I like to dress up occasionally and have fun with it. After all, why not?

There are loads more things I could say, but I won’t for sake that I may bore you to tears. However, Mendy has asked that I speak a little about what I write and my novel.

Appassionata is the name of my first book—I’m currently seeking representation for it still—it’s a YA Paranormal Romance following the life of a seventeen year old girl facing her past lives history, reincarnation and the reappearance of her angelic soul mate on earth.
Since I was a little girl I have always been intrigued by these aspects. My parents are Wiccan and I have chosen to follow this, too, so whether this is the cause of my interest, I will never know. I remember when I was three years old, and there was an anime show on TV called Sailor Moon—I still watch it now, I am not ashamed to admit!—and I fell in love with it.

The protagonist of Sailor Moon is fourteen-year-old, Serena Tsukino, an ordinary girl prone to clumsiness, accidents, who loves all things cuddly and is very lazy when it comes to school. One day, she discovers a talking cat by the name of Luna, who reveals Serena’s true identity as “Sailor Moon”, a special warrior with the destiny of saving Earth from a series of villains from the Dark Kingdom, a horrid place which destroyed the Kingdom of the Moon—her past life’s home.
In this previous life, when the dark adversary attacked the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity (Serena’s preceding mother) sent her, her guardians (the other Sailor Scouts), advisors, and her true love into the future to be reborn. As an effect of this, Sailor Moon must help Luna awaken the other Sailor Scouts (the court of the kingdom of the moon) and the people dedicated to protecting it to overcome the evil they face. The mysterious Tuxedo Mask—her true love in disguise—aids them as much as he can throughout, although in the beginning he, Serena, and the others are completely unaware of the past they once shared and while they fight, they must search for the Moon Princess.

I still do find the story very romantic and this is where I drew a lot of inspiration from for my book. I very much believe in past lives and reincarnation so I thought them a great topic to explore in my writings.
I finished Appassionata in October last year, and then began editing. I have been sending it out to agencies since March, I think, but have had no luck yet in finding representation. (Insert sad face here.)
In the mean time I have been writing a sequel to it along with another book—no connection—and exploring my interests further.

So for now I will bid you all farewell and wish you all a lovely day. If there is anything else you want to know or just want to have a chat, follow me on Twitter—it’ll be great to talk.
I apologize for the length of this post once again but promise that next time I’ll make it much shorter!!/_CaraWhite_

Peace. Dream. Love.


The Vampire Diaries fans, even in Belgium!!!

Hi hot cute girly (and boy) geeks of mine,

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip to Belgium and what did I found out? They love the Vampire Diaries, one of my favorite vampire TV series currently on TV. They even named streets and a church after the characters and I wouldn’t be geeky if I hadn’t had proof, behold pictures:

The church named after the Salvatore brothers: (The sign on the church says Saint Salvatore’s Cathedral & treasure chamber)

You wonder what they would keep their? Can the vampires from the Vampire Diaries even enter churches or cathedrals?

The street named after the Salvatore brothers: (The street sign says Saint Salvatore’s cemetery)

I wonder who they buried there?

They even named a street after Klaus: (The street sign says Saint Nicklaus Street)

But the good people of Brugge (Bruges in English) are also protecting themselves against the vampires. If you follow the series you would know you can protect yourself from compulsion by using vervain or verbena, and it also weakens them. You can buy skin products and they even put it in their tea:

Needles to say I had to get some for myself. Not that I want to use the Vervain if Damon Salvatore came by, 😉

Love, your hot cute girly geek, for all things hot, cute, girly and geeky!