Hot cute girly geek and Tekira in Paris!


Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course.

Sorry for the long absence from writing, as usual, busy. Real life is in the way of my weekly blogging, together with my Etsy shop and work. But I decided a nice update on my latest holiday adventures was a good way to come back to everything.


And as you can see by the title, I was not alone! Every year my work organizes a trip abroad for everyone who is part of our staff association and this time Paris was on the menu. And because Tekira is one of our interns at work we decided to go together. Yay! Geeky blogger trip to Paris, and boy was it geeky.

I’ll spare you the details of all the touristy stuff we did, it’s Paris and full of touristy stuff you can visit. But we decided to incorporate a bit of geekyness as well. Besides us talking about geeky stuff pretty much 24/7 and the amazing amount of fandom shirts I packed as well as my epic, homemade Tardis bag.

Ok, first stop on our geeky agenda:


Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde. Or roughly translated: the last bar before the end of the world.

DSC_0107what is it? Well, only the most epic geeky place you’ll find in Paris, 400 m² filled with references to science fiction, fantasy, manga, television series, movies and literature.DSC_0156 A place for all geeks to eat, drink, play games, and generally geek out over everything. If you are a geek in Paris, get your geeky butt down there asap!


The bar has a well stocked wall filled with games you can freely lend to play with fellow geeks. Everywhere you look it’s geek paradise with popular references to all yourDSC_0108 favourite geek shows, series, comics, movies, like Star Wars, Doctor Who, V for Vendetta and tons of manga and anime stuff I’m not familiar with but had Tekira in a right geeky flailing mode.


You can eat, although the menu for dining isn’t that great, think more along the lines of snacks, they do have stuff on the menu like triforce chips, dark side cookies, a ‘hello sweetie dessert’ shhh, spoilers (yes I ordered one, and no it didn’t turn magically into a glass of champagne). DSC_0115

DSC_0110And if you love alcohol, the drinks menus is even more spectacular. What about Captain Picard’s Earl Grey (Computer-tea-earl grey-hot), tenth’s health potion (justDSC_0109 brilliant!), the serenity, bad wolf, 42, Lannister, a Tardis, green dragon and many, many more.

The cupcakes come in gaming theme’s, the staff is brilliant and after some hard questioning say they have the best job in the world.


And I got jumped by a 10th Doctor female cosplayers who geeked-out over my tardis bag in rapid French. After I calmed her down she continued in English and we quickly bonded over cosplay, Tardisses and the Doctor. It was brilliant. Safe to say we ended up there both Friday and Saturday night.

Our second geeky stop was Museé d’Orsay… ok, how can a museum be geeky. Hello, Vincent van Gogh, Doctor Who, epic fangirling anyone?!

The enormous line in front of the museum didn’t hold us back, so we waited like good little fangirls in line and met up with an American family of whovians, again, they spotted my bag. DSC_0122DSC_0123Americans are crazy, but I almost adopted this cute family and it was fun to see that wherever you come from, your dad will always embarrass you in front of strangers. Well done whovian dad.

We got to see some brilliant paintings by Van Gogh and (shhh don’t tell) I was a bit naughty by taking some pictures. Seem familiar???


And of course we found the only English bookstore in Paris for our little geeky hearts to enjoy, it isn’t Waterstones but WHSmith does have a nice Sherlock selection and I found a lovely Doctor Who mug for my collection.DSC_0087

Although when I went to pay for it, something strange happened and we ran as fast as we could out of there.


Oh and a visit to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting Shakespeare and Company where I finally found a copy of Good Omens, which I have been looking for, for ages!


We did learn on our last night there was an exhibition about Marvel, but unfortunately running out of time and money we didn’t have time to visit. But if you find yourself in Paris before the 31st of August go check it out:

And I did spot some random cool Ninja Turtles posters near the Montmartre.


And after three days in Paris it was time to go home. We had an epic weekend in Paris and I might return some day, but first London!!!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy and Geeky sidekick Tekira.

J’adore Paris!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine, I’m back from Paris and I loved it. As always, my trip was way too short, but thankfully I got lots of pics and I can blog about it. So here is my blog about Paris, what to see and do and don’t.

First the hotel. When I’m in Paris, I stay at the same hotel, hotel Avenir. It’s nothing fancy, but I don’t go on a trip for the hotel. It has just 2 stars, but the room is clean, the beds are good. But the view is fantastic, the Sacré Coeur.  And the hotel is so small, they don’t have a breakfast area, which means, you get breakfast in bed. How cool is that! Also a subway station is in front of the door. If you ever want to go, here is the link for the website:

Best way for transport in Paris is by subway, a loose ticket costs €1.70 and if you are staying multiple days it’s cheaper to buy a Paris visit, it’s an all access card for traveling all day or multiple days, and you can buy it in one of the ticket machines in every subway station. Also, you can select the language on these machines and they have English on it.

So you got your hotel and you got your subway ticket, now what to do and see? First you gotta see the Sacré Coeur, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in my opinion. The access is free, but on the way up, be aware of pickpockets and people trying to sell you knock-off bags and watches and stuff. On the base of the Sacré Coeur there is a man in a wheelchair selling homemade key chains of little dogs in all sorts of colors, buy one, they’re only 2 euro’s. And be sure to light a candle inside for one of your loved ones. I always do.

Around the corner of the Sacré Coeur is the Montmartre. The painter’s village. Again be aware of pick pockets. If you have enough money, sit down in one of the nice bistro’s and have a drink, and it’s a great souvenir if you can get your picture drawn. But don’t do it with the people walking up on you, but by one of the artists who have a chair on the square. And remember to not pay the full asking price. They can charge you up to €80,- or €100,- But if you play your cards right you can get one for just €30,-

Also you probably want to go see the Eiffel tower. I know it’s the symbol of France, but it actually is a really ugly building. But you have to see it, go ahead. And if you want to go up, please remember not to take the shortest waiting line. It’s the one without the elevators and believe me, it’s a really long walk all the way up.

And now for something not so well know to people. A bookshop. Near the Notre dame, there’s a really cute bookshop called Shakespeare and company. They actually have to shops next to each other. One which sells really old and expansive first edition books and one that sells just second hand books. Their sci-fi and fantasy collection is really small, but what’s great is that every book you buy get’s a stamp from the store in it. Be sure to check it out!

And if you are there, you might as well go see the Notre dame. It’s a nice church and all and most people know it from the Disney movie, the hunchback of the Notre dame.

Another cool and maybe creepy thing to go see is the catacombs. Around the 18th century the city of Paris was expanding and the graveyards where full, so they decided to place all the bones underground. The bones of about 6 million people are placed in the underground mining tunnels. And they did a great job with it. Remember to wear sensible shoes, because it’s a long walk. More than 130 steps lead you down, then a 2km walk and 83 steps to get back up.`

I hope you enjoyed my brief summary of what to see in Paris and what to do.

Oh, and I got my tattoo in Paris, here are the pics to prove it!

So hope to see you next time, love your hot cute girly geek, Mendy.