Hot cute girly geek (and mum) went to London.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Although I have been back for a couple of weeks now, I still want to tell you about my epic trip to London. Because I changed jobs and had a shitload of holiday days left at my old job I was able to book a pretty much last minute vacation to London.


It happened that my mum had some holiday days left as well and we decided to go together. It’s been a couple of years that we went together on a holiday and we both love London.

Now, the thing is we don’t have the same interest. We do however share a couple of things we wanted to do together. For instance, I love going to a theatre, visit museums, spend half my day in Forbidden planet, while my mum basically loves shopping, which I hate. We do share a love of Doctor Who and Sherlock, although I’m a bit more passionate about it then she is.

We booked a hotel and train tickets and it also happened to coincide with my best friend’s trip to London with Theta, and of course we planned a quick get together.

After getting up really early on Thursday my mum and I boarded the train which took us from our home town to Rotterdam and from Rotterdam to Brussels and our final train to London. I love traveling by train, basically because I hate flying, but also about the no weight restriction and I always, always take extra stuff with me from London.

We tried booking into our hotel near Paddington station, but unfortunately the rooms wouldn’t be available for another half hour. So to Costa we went. I love Costa, I survive on Costa, and I need Costa in the Netherlands. Screw Starbucks with overpriced fancy coffees, I want a ridiculous large tea and chocolate goodies please!

I won’t bore you with the details but our first plan was already made, Covent Garden! And I had a particular mission in mind. In 2012 I met a guy who had a Doctor Who stall at Covent Garden and he was so nice to me, we chatted about Doctor Who, gave me huge discounts and was interested in a charm bracelet I made. I went back a year later, but he wasn’t there and I learned his stall isn’t open in the weekends. At that time I brought an Adipose I made for him with me and dropped it at the store he was affiliated with. This time I did find him and asked about the Adipose and he actually got it! He was so happy that he could thank me for it. But I also had a little sneaky plan. I brought with me some hats I knitted and he is interested. I’m currently waiting for a reply about actually selling my hats in his store. Oh and I bought some epic pictures for my wall.

We went to Leicester square to see if I could get tickets for Doctor Who, but it was sold out. I found another cinema which did had tickets and I went to the theatre to get a ticket for Richard III. It was sold out, but they told me they would release 7 tickets the next morning for a reduced price at 10 am.


We were both pretty much knackered and decided to turn in early. On Friday I got up early to wait for a chance to get a ticket for Richard III. I got at the theatre around 8.30 and Just 1 guy was waiting for tickets as well. I had a pretty nice wait with this Scotsman and we talked about theatre, Doctor Who, museums and traveling. Luckily we both got tickets since we were 1 and 2 in line.

My mum and I planned on a visit to the Tower of London. We both wanted to see the poppy flowers they ‘planted’ there to remember the victims from the First World War and the Tower has always been on my list of things to see. It turned out to be a bust. For some reason I felt a bit unwell (actually a lot) and I didn’t see much.


In the afternoon a trip to Forbidden Planet was on the menu and although my mum liked it, she pretty much found the only empty chair in the store to sit and wait for me geeking around and piling her lap with all the goodies I wanted to buy. Amongst others a signed book by one of my all-time favourite fantasy writers Robin Hobb!


After a quick rest and a quick dinner I went to see Richard III. Wow, amazing, epic, brilliant, wonderful, molto bene! I will be doing a separate post about this play otherwise this one would be too long. But I loved every minute about it and I was amazed and blown away by the performance of Martin Freeman and his fellow cast members. Unfortunately he didn’t do any signings that night, but I did see him up close.

Saturday morning, Theta!!! What better way to meet up with your bestie in London is at Speedy’s cafe! We geeked out, including squealing and extensive hugging, much to the amusement of the staff hiding in the kitchen cheering us on. We exchanged presents, had a wonderful breakfast and took some geeky pics!


We had some shopping planned and I got news that there was a Tardis at Parliaments square. Unfortunately I was too late, but Theta had planned a trip to Leicester square and texted me about the Tardis standing there. I left my mum to her shopping and rushed over to take some epic pics with the Tardis and a Dalek. I met a fangirling mum and daughter who loved my bag and I even leant her my sonic screwdriver to take some pictures.


I made a quick stop at Waterstones Oxford Street to buy yet more books and we enjoyed an early pub dinner so we were on time to see Doctor Who at the cinema! It was amazing to share it with fellow fans including the buzzing of several sonic screwdrivers and such.DSC_0255 And no Doctor Who episode is complete without Jelly Babies!


Sunday we planned a trip to Camden market. I’ve never been there and I heard it was pretty amazing, and it was. I found a cyber-shop who had the most amazing Matrix t-shirt, which was unfortunately way out of my price range, but I did manage to buy a new Sherlock shirt.


I also got to introduce my mum to Byron burgers. I love Byron burgers, and now she does as well.

Monday was our last day and since we would be leaving after lunch my mum wanted to do some more shopping and I went to the National History museum. Note to self, not a good idea on a bank holiday. I really loved it, but boy was it crowded.


We ended our 5 day London trip the only way you can, with an afternoon tea!


And that was it. Of course I did way more things than I described, and I saw more epic things, and I’m already looking forward to going back in December. I miss London already.

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy (and mum).

Coriolanus: a theatre review

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course, this time, something different. A theatre review. If you don’t like Shakespeare, skip this one.

I went to see Coriolanus.


A couple of months ago, my DCC friend Lokke, asked me if I had bought tickets to see Coriolanus… Nope. Didn’t know what it was about, Tom Hiddleston was in it (sorry, not a huge fan, I know he’s a good actor and looks hot, but I don’t know. I’m just not Lokied.)

But as the date drew nearer to the NTLive screening I suddenly got excited (read, the morning of the screening on the 30th). And I found out Mark Gatiss played in it as well!!!

A friend of mine had some tickets left for Amsterdam. But after some quick calculations, me going to Amsterdam to see the play would be too expensive, plus I had to work the next day, so I would be home in the middle of the night.

But I checked the site for the cinema venues and found a show was also playing in The Hague, as in much closer to home and about half the train fare I would have to pay instead of going to Amsterdam. Plus I had time to travel home first to dump my workstuff and eat dinner.

So I asked my fellow collegue and fellow blogger Tekira if she wanted to join me, and she did!

We quickly bought tickets and decided to meet up in front of the cinema, oh I was excited.

And I loved half my twitter timeline was going as well, not only The Hague, but Amsterdam, Ede and London!

I tweeted like a proper fangirl, both me and Tekira got lost in The Hague (damn you google maps!) and we were just in time to see the show. Also big surprise, one of my fellow DCC lovelies Lilia turned out to be in the same cinema as well, although a different room then we were. (Epic hugging afterwards!!)

So what is Coriolanus about?

Synopsis according to the NTLive site:

National Theatre Live will broadcast the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus, Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political manipulation and revenge, with Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, War Horse (film), BBC’s The Hollow Crown) in the title role and Mark Gatiss (Season’s  Greetings at the National Theatre, BBC’s Sherlock) as Menenius, directed by the Donmar’s Artistic Director Josie Rourke.

When an old adversary threatens Rome, the city calls once more on her hero and defender: Coriolanus. But he has enemies at home too. Famine threatens the city, the citizens’ hunger swells to an appetite for change, and on returning from the field Coriolanus must confront the march of real politic and the voice of an angry people.


  • Jacqueline Boatswain: Valeria
  • Peter De Jersey: Cominius
  • Alfred Enoch: Titus Lartius
  • Deborah Findlay: Volumnia
  • Hadley Fraser: Aufidius
  • Mark Gatiss: Menenius
  • Tom Hiddleston: Caius Martius Coriolanus
  • Birgitte Hjort Sørensen: Virgilia
  • Elliot Levey: Brutus
  • Rochenda Sandall: Ensemble
  • Helen Schlesinger: Sicinia
  • Mark Stanley: Ensemble
  • Dwane Walcott: Ensemble

My thoughts:

First of all, I have to state, as you all know, I am Dutch. That means I didn’t grow up with Shakespeare like the British. We also don’t have a rich theatre culture like the UK. And most people only come in contact with Shakespeare when they watch those awful Hollywood remakes. (Or the occasional Doctor Who episode.)

This was my first Shakespeare play I saw. And I loved it. Coriolanus is one of the more unfamiliar Shakespeare plays and I had no clue prior to watching what it was about. Or roughly translated, to freaking lazy to check, Mark Gatiss was in it, what more do I need to know?!

But I think for me it’s the perfect play to start with. It’s full of action, blood, humour, tension, epicness and a lot more (ok, don’t expect me to go into all the themes in this Shakespeare play, it’s more of an, I really freaking loved it review.)

Mark Gatiss as Menenius is brilliant. I know his work as Mycroft in Sherlock, both actor and writer for Doctor Who and his work in the League of Gentlemen. And a lot can be said about these somewhat less serious roles. I’ve never seen him on stage before and that is a whole different kind of acting then in front of a camera. And I was blow away by it. The way he plays his role is… I don’t know, epic, brilliant, amazing, just about every positive word you can come up with? He does it with a posture and delivering his lines is something I can only stand in awe of.

Tom Hiddleston I only know for his role as Loki, and I acknowledge his acting as good. The dark edge he gives to this character. I’ve seen bits and pieces of him on YouTube interacting with fans and general craziness. He’s good. But as I stated before, I’m not Lokied. Ok, if I had to choose between Loki and Thor, I’d go for Loki. And I loved I got the chance to see him in a theatre play. His role as Coriolanus is wonderful. He plays the lead role and, just like with Mark Gatiss, I’m in awe of his acting. He can transfer every emotion so brilliantly, you see his anger and pain and doubt as no other. And the fact he has to (I think) shower in between the scenes about 3 times due to all the blood, rotten tomatoes and other foul stuff he got dumped on him. The fight scenes are superb, the raw pain and tears are emotional and heartbreaking and I have to mention this for my fellow fangirls… the sheet! I will say no more.

The last cast member I’m going to mention is Deborah Findlay as Volumnia, Coriolanus’ mother. There was something familiar about her and as I’m writing this review with some research, she was in Torchwood. Seriously, the UK has about 10 actors, hihi. But she is brilliant as the crazy-ass mother, wanting her son to be a hero, to show him off to the world, being proud, although according to modern standard, not in a good way. She would rather have him a dead war hero then beaten and alive at home. Although how she changes her opinion at the end of the play, wow.

The whole cast was amazing not only the three I picked to tell something about and I sat on the edge of my seat for about three hours.

I will definitely try to see more of these NTLive screenings in the future, and who knows, maybe some live plays when I’m back in London.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Hot Cute Girly Geek goes London, March 2013!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. I’ve been neglecting you all big time these last couple of weeks. Hopefully April will be a bit quieter and more time for my blogging. I went to London last weekend and here is my review, sort of. And also, as a bonus, 2 vlogs!!!

Friday morning 4.45 AM. Woke up terrible late, overslept big time, so it was a rush to pack the last things in my bright pinks suitcase (sorry, it was a gift) and get in the car on time to leave for Rotterdam where the busses would be waiting. (It was organized from work and I played tour guide for the weekend) Because I was one of the ‘guides’ I needed to be there a bit DSC_0112earlier than the rest of my colleagues to make sure everything went well and pack stuff into the bus. Finally, around 07.00 AM we left for Calais where we would be boarded on the train (I hate those things, I’m claustrophobic) On the way, me and my fellow tour guide colleague where busy pouring coffee and tea, handing out sweats, joking with the bus driver and inside the train, playing cheezy bingo, with prizes nobody actually wants to have.

We made it to the UK and I send a message to a friend of mine, working at Harrods, if he would be working that afternoon. Boy was he surprised that I was coming toDSC_0041 London! (A good surprise). So we made our way to the hotel at Ealing Common (also known as, fuck that’s a long way from the rest of London) and after a quick check-in, some freshen up, the bus dropped us of at Harrods. And I got to see and hug Dani again! After chatting with him he had to get back to work and I went on a major shopping spree at Forbidden Planet. I bought such awesome goodies (check vlog part 1 for details). Feeling a bit peckish, boyfriend and I made our way to Sheppard’s Bush to eat an amazing burger at Byron’s. I knew the place from last year (Dani introduced me) and it was as good as I remembered.DSC_0047


And after dinner we made our way back to the hotel, because of the lovely weather (snow, cold, windy) and us waiting about 15 minutes on a deserted platform, it wasn’t that great.

DSC_0082Saturday morning, enjoying a lovely English breakfast (just toast scrambled eggs, bacon and a proper cup of tea) and quickly in the bus to go on a guided tour DSC_0035(not by me this time) trough London and its famous sites. It was boyfriend’s first time in London and I decided to tag along. The tour was funny and informative, only downside we didn’t get to take as much pictures as we wanted. We went to see Buckingham Palace (remember when the Titanic almost crashed it) 10 Downing street (remember the Slitheen) the Tower (I wonder if UNIT also works during the weekend) and much, much more.DSC_0071

DSC_0083Seeing as we wouldn’t be going to Covent Garden on Sunday morning, we decided to go after the tour. Some other colleagues wanted to come as well and I felt like a proper tour guide, since I knew how to get there. (Please, don’t forget to tip your guide). After I showed my colleagues how to get there I went on the hunt for the guy who sells the Doctor Who merchandise, only to find his regular spot empty. I asked one of the other vendors and he doesn’t sell on the weekends. We decided to buy tickets first for We Will Rock You on Leister square and then go to the shop, only a short ten minute walk from Leister square.

And I bought some awesome goodies as well form the stamp shop. I even got some free merchandise because I mentioned having a screening party when the new DSC_0077Doctor Who episode airs this Saturday. (See vid for the goodies I bought).

Next stop St. Barts. For the Sherlock lovers you know the hospital from the scene where Sherlock plummets to his death. Oh all the feels seeing that spot. There is a DSC_0129red telephone booth on the corner and Sherlock fans are leaving messages here such as ‘I Believe’ and ‘Moriarty was real’ only it seemed like they just cleaned DSC_0120it. Naturally I left my own message.DSC_0119


DSC_0138On our way to Baker Street we went past the American candy shop. Oh my, it was awesome, but I did manage to contain myself and only bought flipz. Those are chocolate covered pretzels and we used to have them in the Netherlands back in the ’90. I ate bags and bags of that stuff.

To keep in the spirit of Sherlock, we went to the Sherlock museum, which has a significant increase in visitors since the new Sherlock BBC series. We stood about an hour in the freezing wet cold before we could go inside. The museum is designed around the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but definitely worth DSC_0143a visit for just 8 pounds. And of course I had to buy some stuff as well. Amongst the things I bought was an awesome book, containing all the original stories. (See my vid as well). After that it was time to go back to Tottenham Court Road for We Will Rock You, with a quick pit stop at BK.

I saw the show for the 5th time. 3 times in the Netherlands and this was the second time in London, but it’s still one of my favourite up beat happy musicals. I even flirted with the Killer Queen during the show, how awesome is that!

And then it was time to go back to the hotel for some much needed shut-eye.

Sunday, after again a marvellous English breakfast it was time to leave the hotel and go to petty coat lane. This market is supposed to have more than 1000 stalls, but due to the weather it was decreased in size. It looked kinda sad really. But I did manage to buy myself a cheesy t-shirt and sweatshirt, as well as a t-shirt for a colleague of mine and some pashmina shawls. I adore those and have them in almost every colour.

A quick stop at Tesco’s to buy lunch (and some more Cadbury eggs, I even managed to get some more colleagues hooked on them) and we went back to the Netherlands. I don’t know why, but going back through the tunnel the second time was more awful then on the way to the UK. My claustrophobia kicked in pretty good, although luckily no panic attack. I managed to contain myself pretty well. We played some more cheesy bingo and eventually ended somewhere in Belgium for dinner.

It wasn’t the best of dinners (give me Byron’s any day) only the dessert was jummy, although I still don’t know what kind of pie I ate. All I know is that it tasted good. After dinner it was time for karaoke. I vetoed this! I hate karaoke, especially when my lovely colleagues try to sing, when they clearly can’t. At the end of the night my ears where ringing. I would have preferred to watch Sherlock, but some colleagues can be very persuasive, unfortunately.

And around 11 pm we were back in Rotterdam. Which left us just to say goodbye to everyone and go home, fix a proper cup of tea and cuddle James.

That was my weekend in London, and I loved every second of it!

Hope you enjoyed my vids and this post.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Hot Cute Girly Geek museum tour: the London Film Museum

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course, as you could have read in my last post, I’m still busy. I’m hoping that March will bring some peace and quiet in my life, but until then. If I have the time, I’ll write a couple of posts and let them be posted on my blog spread out throughout the week. I’m still catching up with older posts and as promised I would do a post about the film museum I went to last year.

  • Name: London Film Museum
  • Place: London, UK.
  • Location: South Bank.
  • Website:
  • Date of visit: 26th of September, 2012
  • Permanent collection: everything to do with movies
  • Current exhibition: Charlie Chaplin
  • Price: £13.50

So I went to the London film museum because when I was in London last year I decided to do a Doctor Who related tour of my own. I read online they had Daleks and a TARDIS on display and that was the main reason for me to go. I didn’t expect much of the museum itself and I was really shocked about the entrance fee they asked. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole museum is one big geekfest!  I snapped a lot of photos and had to contain my inner geeky squees a lot!

This location of the London film museum is located on the first floor of the Country Hall, next to the London eye. There is also a location at Covent Gardens. But the main one is on South Bank.

Upon entering they had the original Flash Gordon script and a lot of set photographs at display. Cue inner geeky squeak. I love that movie as well as the brilliant music by Queen.

Flash Gorden ScriptFlash Gorden set photo's 02






The film museum has different rooms with themes on display. Like the horror movie room, where you can see stuff from Hellraiser, some creepy heads, a monkey used in 28 days later (I also love zombie movies!)28 Days Later 01

Hellraiser 02Horror department 05

Or what to think of a Harry Potter room, with lots of goodies used in the original movies. Seeing I can’t post all the photos I took, here are the most awesome three: The Tri-Wizard cup, golden egg and Ron’s broken wand with letter from his mum. Or what to think of the brooms and books they used for studying. And what about clothes they used in the movie.HP outfits 02

HP Golden EggHP Brooms

Seeing as my latest fascination, or rather addiction to Sherlock, they also have a Sherlock room. Unfortunately not based on the new BBC series, but still.

Sherlock Holmes 04Sherlock Holmes 02

And how about some Star Wars goodies: Ewok fur, lightsaber, Han Solo.Star Wars 10


They also had some pretty amazing outfits from different movies: The mummy returns. Or what to think of the Chronicles of Riddick, freaking awesome!!! And not to forget, Batman begins.Batman Begins 01

The Mummy Returns outfitChronicles of Riddick 01

Oh and they had one of the aliens from Alien, as well as the facehuggers.


And look! Even some drawings of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I swear, whenever you turn the corner in this museum, you are surprised with some more geeky goodies!


Or the shirt Keanu Reeves was wearing in Constantine.

Constantine 01

And what to think of the shirt Simon Pegg, uber geek (I bow down to your geekyness sir) he used in Shaun of the Dead.


And a knife Hugo Weaving used in the Matrix.


Oh and look, a Terminators head and shirt from Terminator 2.

DSC_0133.JPGTerminator 03

How about some Total Recall money (used in the original movie, not that terrible remake!)


And a childhood geeky thing: the sub from thunderbirds! I really need to stop looking at my own pictures, this is getting ridiculous, I’m actually squeeing on the couch again!


I also hope you liked Highlander, here’s a costume used in the movie.

Highlander 01

Are there any Superman fans out there? Costume used in Superman Returns.

Superman Returns 01

Or what to think of the armor from a Knights Tale?

A Knight's Tale 01

And let me end with the main reason I went to the museum in the first place. Daleks and a TARDIS!

DSC_0151.JPGTARDIS 02 - Film Museum

Sorry about the picture spamming, but I really loved this museum. It’s worth every penny and you should visit it, if you have the chance!

Until next time. Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Hot Cute Girly Geek museum Tour: the British Museum.

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. Another day, another museum post. This time, the British Museum. When I was in London in September 2012. I had a couple of things on my list of what I wanted to see. And the British museum was one of them. The reason was of course the Rosetta stone. This because of my fascination with the Egyptian culture. The fact that I was alone on this particular holiday also helped a lot. Since most people whom I do go on holiday with don’t like museums I had a perfect excuse to go myself.

General info:

  • Ÿ Name:                                         The British Museum
  • Ÿ Place:                                           London, UK.
  • Ÿ Website:                            
  • Ÿ Date of Visit:                             27th of September 2012
  • Ÿ Permanent collection:             Egypt, Money, A history of the world in 100 objects and many more
  • Ÿ Price:                                           Free

Like I said before in my other museum post. I love the Egyptian culture and the British museum has a nice collection, so that was one of my main reasons to visit. And can I just say I love the building the British museum is housed in?


So the first thing I went to visit in the museum was the Rosetta stone. I mean, it’s only the biggest discovery in Egyptian history ever. Without this stone, we wouldn’t be able to translate the hieroglyphics. And like with all big historic museum pieces, you can’t help but feeling, I thought it was bigger. (I mean, have you ever seen the Mona Lisa in the Louvre? Puny little painting.) But still, it was so amazing to see it and take pictures.

DSC_0228.JPGRosetta Stone 08

Talking about pictures, I was really surprised you were allowed to use flash photography in most exhibits. What I didn’t like about the British museum is how they displayed the exhibits. The rooms where all the art objects and artefacts are on display, are really big. So instead of putting everything alongside the wall and a few pieces in the centre, it felt like they put everything at random. This made it more difficult to actually see everything you like. In particular if you travelled from one room to another and there would be an exhibit you didn’t particular fancied. It doesn’t compel you to look at everything, which is a shame, really.Part of the Sphinx beard

Scarab BeetleOk, back to the Egyptian department. It is spread over multiple floors and has some real beautiful pieces in its collection. Like this one. Even if it isn’t recognisable as such, this is actually a piece of the beard of the Sphinx, that is really amazing.

Or what to think of this huge statue of a Scarab. It doesn’t look that big, but believe me. And it is beautiful.

Like every Egyptian museum, or museum that has a good Egyptian collection, we find the normal display of the signature statues. (Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the displayed text, so this will be an assortment of Egyptian statues.)    DSC_0232.JPG

Egyptian statue(s) 09Egyptian statue(s) 02

And of course the arrange of mummy’s with caskets.Are you my Mummy 07

Are you my Mummy 05Are you my Mummy 10

Another interesting piece is this sheet of papyrus, inscribed with Chapter 100 of the book of the dead. How amazing is that!

Part of the book of the dead 01

But the museum doesn’t only harbour Egyptian stuff, what about the King’s Library! If you are as crazy about books as I am, it is amazing to just take a quick peek. Just the smell alone makes you think you’re in book heaven.

King's Library 04King's Library 02

But wait, there is more! Fancy a peek at a statue from Easter Island? Or what about this human skull, that forms the base of the mask of Tezcatlipoca, one of the four powerful creator gods in the Aztec pantheon.

Easter Island Statue 02Aztec human Skull 01


The museum naturally has the ancient Greek and Roman Culture, as well as an exhibition about different religious systems on display.

And I’ll leave you guys with this. Just trust it to me to find the only geeky thing in the whole museum. I was really surprised to find this beauty in an exhibition about money. You guessed it, Doctor Who Money!

Doctor Who Money 06 - British Museum

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you’re in London, try to visit the museum, it’s free of course! But I do recommend buying a small map of sorts.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

How to survive the Doctor Who hiatus till Christmas, or what I did in London!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine. Tonight is the final episode of Doctor Who, till Christmas!!! I know, it’s terrible! I just watched it and I’m a sobbing mess right now. How do we whovians are gonna survive this! Well, since you’re asking. I have some pretty crazy ideas about that.

First crazy idea and my personal favorite. Go to London and create a Doctor Who tour of your own.  And now you sure want some ideas of where to go. I know most of the filming of Doctor Who was done in Cardiff. But it mentions London a lot, so why not pine over your favorite Doctor in good old London and visit the following places:

So before you start, make sure you have your mp3 player stocked with Doctor Who music, your sonic screwdriver ready (because you can’t be sure what you’ll come across with) and for an in between snack, buy a bag of Jelly babies.

First stop the London film museum: costs: £13.50 I thought the London film museum would be some stuffy old crap and about the history of the British film industry, but it’s actually pretty cool. They have lots and lots of cool stuff from a lot of movies I like. (Be sure to look out for my London Film museum post) and they have of course Doctor Who stuff:

You can also see a TARDIS at London Film Museum. This TARDIS belongs to Peter Cushing, who used it in the 1965 film Dr Who And The Daleks. And of course the Daleks!!!

Next stop, since you are close by. The London Eye: costs: just pictures are free!

The London Eye doubled as the transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness in the episode Rose (2005). Take a trip on the eye to see London from the sky. The pods are very space age!

And just across the bridge is the Big Ben. Costs: free! Oh where is an invisible spaceship when you need it… sigh. (Season 1, episode “The Empty Child”) By the way, they did a pretty good job restoring the clock tower after that Slitheen craft destroyed it in 2006 (Season 1, episode “Aliens of London”)

Haven’t seen enough yet? Go visit the British Museum: costs: free! Now I hear you guys talking, the British Museum, Doctor Who? Yep. I accidently came across it myself. Besides all sorts of cool stuff, if you like history, just like me, they actually have something of Doctor Who in the museum. Remember, the Runaway bride Christmas special? The 10th Doctor creates a diversion where money is flying out of a cash point. Well, they created specially made Doctor Who money for that.

Another great sight to visit it the Shakespeare globe theater: costs £13.50 and make sure to wait for the guided tour. Besides learning all sorts of things about the theater and Shakespeare. The theater was also used as a set during the third season in episode “The Shakespeare Code” Oh and David Tennant got married at the Globe Theater.

Still not enough? Go to Earl’s Court. It’s a tube station and walk outside. Blimey, someone parked their TARDIS there. Wonder who left it?

The next stop was on my way into central London from the place I was staying. Battersea Power Station. Yep, where the Cybermen tried to convert the human race into more Cybermen in the second season during a two part episode “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel.

There are a lot more sights to be seen in London, for more ideas check: or ask the guy at the Doctor Who merchandise stand in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I run out of time. But I will return to London, but first Cardiff for me next year.


If you want some cool Doctor Who merchandise, you can go to forbidden planet: or my personal favorite Covent Garden. At Covent Garden there is a stand filled with all sorts of cool Doctor Who merchandise, and the guy running it, is a big Whovian himself. I bought a lot from him. He also owns a store and there is a website:

Second crazy idea. Ok, so you did the whole London thing, but still got some time left until Christmas, what’s next?

Well, you can always throw a cool cosplay party with your fellow whovian friends. Dress up as your favorite character and go watch some episodes on DVD, like on Saturday night. To keep that special Doctor Who feeling inside yourself. But dressing up every Saturday night is a bit much for some. So for our creative Whovians why not do this:

Third crazy idea: crafts, make your own Adipose. I sure am going to try that. For patterns and how to guide look here:  Also, check out the Dorkadore site, they have lovely stuff on how to create cool Doctor Who stuff and also other Geeky things.

Fourth and crazy idea: Doctor Who cupcakes. A lot of people try this so you can find cool pics online. I even tried some myself.

Fifth and final idea: for the geeky knitters. Why buy the Doctor Who scarf if you can knit your own. And here’s how to do it: just in time for Christmas. That would be a cool present for a fellow whovian friend!

So I hope you find this guise helpful and if you try some of these things, let me know how it went. I want pics and details lovely geeks.

Love, your hot cute girly geek Mendy

PS: yes I did made all those cupcakes myself and yes, all the pictures in this post are taken by me in London this week and the merchandise is bought by me.