Charmeine by Emily Guido promo blog tour, free copy + new review!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. Today I have something special for you. Remember my author friend and also guest blogger Emily Guido? Her first novel Charmeine is free today on Smashwords. So I urge, no demand you all go over there, use the code below and pick up a copy of your own, of this marvelous and amazing book.


I got to know Emily when I just started blogging last year and we became good internet galpals. Because unfortunately she lives in the US and I’m stuck here in the Netherlands. But that isn’t a problem for an awesome friendship.

She asked me to read her first book Charmeine. Back then it was all her novels combined in one. And because she was a self publishing author (huge respect) it was also unedited. But even without proper editing I could see this book was a jewel. I read it within 4 days, skipping many hours of sleep to finish it.

Luckily a publisher also found her books worth printing and now her first book Charmeine, where it all began is split in multiple books. I am so happy for Emily that she is given the chance to fulfill this dream of hers. I mean, she wrote 100.000 words in under a week! She has a family, work, she studies. Talk about a powerful woman and an inspiration to many aspiring authors out there (including myself). She never gave up fighting for her baby to be published. Even throughout some nasty reviews or unsupporting people, she still continues and I count myself lucky to be one of her friends.

So when she asked me to help her promote her book Charmeine on my blog I didn’t have to think about it and I actually managed to find some other blogger friends who were happy to help as well. (Ah the wonderful book blogging community).

And doing this promo tour gave me a good excuse to finally delve into her first book again, now completely edited, revised and as it should be. And I still loved every second reading it. I will be adding a new review in this post, but first here is the promo tour with all the information you need to know, and more important, the link and code for a free copy on smashwords.


APRIL 19, 2013


The First Novel in

The Light-Bearer Series


Smashwords coupon: HB94P

Charmeine Front Cover Jpeg High Resolution

Synopsis of “Charmeine”

Can romance develop between a Heavenly Light-Bearer and a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter?

“Charmeine” the First Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series,” was released January 2012.

Tabbruis is a Blood-Hunter and drinks blood to survive. Over millennia Tabbruis has wandered the Earth alone aimlessly living through many historical events.

Charmeine just came to the Earth in 1997, unable to remember anything.

When Tabbruis meets Charmeine the attraction is immediate and passionate. They are polar opposites and clash together in a strongly romantic and dramatic way. When she meets Tabbruis, Charmeine’s powers as a Light-Bearer, one who throws lightning, is triggered and grows exponentially.

Will Charmeine and Tabbruis fulfill their destinies?   Will they realize their importance in both the Blood-Hunter and Light-Bearer world?

1 Charmeine Back Cover


RAVE REVIEWS for “Charmeine” by Author Emily Guido

“Romance between a Vampire and a light bearer is something so new, I had to read this book to find out what the buzz and feel is all about …

All I can say is that book didn’t disappoint at all! A must read!”

Fathima Amiruddin

“This is a great read, and a terrific debut novel!”

Susan Ashcraft

“The author’s story got me hooked. I think the readers will feel the same.”

Carol Fitzpatrick

“This story is a fantastically tender, romantic one of timeless love.

This story is well worth a read!”

Melanie Adkins

“The scenes were beautifully described and the plot is creative and intriguing.

The Light-Bearer Series is sure to be the next fabulous Angel series on your

“To-Read” shelf!”


“Well done Emily, this is a great debut novel!”

Samantha Adams


About the Author


Emily Guido is a new Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing “Charmeine” because one day she got an idea of two characters that needed to have their story told. Not ever dreaming a week later she would have over a 100,000 words written. When Emily writes, it is similar to you or I watching a movie. She pictures the characters in her head going through vivid descriptions of each scene. There are so many nuances going through her mind that she cannot type fast enough.  The novels “Mactus,” “Accendo,” “Seditious,”  and “Ransom,”  are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine!

Emily is currently writing “Conundrum”  the Sixth Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” She works at a College full time, and pursuing her Master of Business Administration.

YA, PNR, Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Angels, Action and Adventure, Historical


Where to find/follow Emily:







New review:

So here is my own revised review about the debut novel Charmeine by Emily Guido. To start off with my own words “Move over Edward, there’s a new player in town called Tabbruis.”

I am and always be a vampire girl; although I love a good werewolf novel, or some other supernatural creepy critters, vampires are and will forever be my favorite “monster”.

And I do love a story that isn’t the same as every other story out there. I mean, how many Dracula rip-offs can a girl read and still be enjoying herself. Let me tell you, not much.

I was so surprised by Charmeine. Angels who turn out to be vampires, who turn out to be angels? Talk about a surprising plot twist. The love couple of the century, forever soul mates, split up and doomed to roam the earth without each other. Until a strong urge and a Billy Joel concert brings them together, although they don’t know it.

I love how Charmeine is written. This lovely and sweet teacher. Without knowing her past, a good sense of right and wrong, but also carefree and living in the moment. Enjoying normal things like rose scented body lotion and a love for the ocean. She could be any of us girls. These little things make her that you can identify with a character. She isn’t flawed, she has doubts and quirks just like any of us, but that’s what makes her human.

And the beautiful and stunning Tabbruis. Living for decades, not knowing where he’s from. Waking up with a sudden urge for blood and for years take what you can get, not really caring for what happens after. Until, one day, he redeems himself and stops with the killing and murdering. Trying to do good. You feel for him, for his tiredness, not knowing his place in the world. Just a couple of friends and a code to live by, which he doesn’t agree on.

And the funny and young Shane. Working his ass of (excuse my language) to finally have enough money so he can ask his girl to marry him. Now that’s a proper gentleman. He wants to build a proper life and family of his own, growing up in a foster home with Charmeine looking after him as his big sister.

So what would you do if you find out that you walked into your soul mate, but he is supposed to be this big bad evil and you are on the side of the light? You are natural sworn enemies and supposed to kill each other. The saying love conquers all really does apply here, but also that you have to fight for that love, to keep and hold it.

The book is written in a fast pace, you will have trouble to put it down and go to sleep. It’s funny, thrilling, romantic and don’t we all wish we have our own Tabbruis in our lives? That tall dark mysterious stranger with a dark edge but a heart of gold?

This is definitely one of my favorite vampire / romance novels out there. And although a lot of supernatural romance novels feel like otherworldly and not gonna happen in a million years, this feels like there really can be a Tabbruis and Charmeine walking around.  And like I said before, you need to read it. You have no excuse now to not read it, it’s free! All you need to do is click that link! And if you enjoyed it as much as I did. Go to Amazon, support this amazing author by buying her other novels, you won’t be disappointed, cause the story doesn’t end with Charmeine.

Thankfully not, because Charmeine leaves you craving for more!

Last time I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, this was due to the fact of the unedited process. Well, I don’t have that excuse any more. So I upped my rating to 5 out of 5 stars!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hello my fellow hot cute girly and boy geeks. It’s time for another YouTube Sunday. I still owe you a vlog of my own. The problem being I borrowed my dad’s video camera, but he forgot to include the right cables. And since it’s an old one which still uses taped, I need a cable to hook the damn thing to my computer. I couldn’t find it in the shops today, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Since my dad lives about 100 kilometers away, picking it up isn’t an option.

Also, it’s December! I just finished the last of my Christmas presents shopping, how are your Christmas preparations going? Do you have tree up already or do you wait a little longer? Since we have our own December celebration the 5th of December, my house isn’t in Christmas spirit yet, that and I have to ask my neighbor nicely to go with him, when he gets his Christmas tree. I don’t own a car or have a driver’s license and I can’t put one on my bike, that would be funny though. I have to wait till he goes shopping.

And in other news, I finished my Doctor Who scarf. Which I started the 30th of October and I finished the 30th of November, and it’s magnificent. I’m currently working on another crafts project, which I can’t say anything about. It’s a Christmas present for two of my dear friends and fellow bloggers. I need to finish soon in order to ship it abroad in time for Christmas, but I think they are gonna love it. It’s certainly made with love, and no it’s not knitting. I’m done with that for a while.DSC_0383


But let’s start with our YouTube vids:

This one is a funny video explaining again what ‘Sinterklaas’ means, and I laughed till I cried, so, so funny.

If you’re feeling down or blue, this is bound to bring a smile on your face, you probably already watched it, but still. The Muppets with Mahna Mahna:

So I stumbled on this vlogger thanks to the lovely Zee. And this vlogger CassJayTuck is introduced to the wonderful world of Doctor Who, you know the funny part? My dear friend and fellow blogger Theta introduced me to Doctor Who and it went the same. I can totally relate to vlogger Cass and I pretty much reacted the same, not pretty much, exactly the same, go watch this vid and follow her vlogs, they are awesome:

Thankfully I don’t have a scary cat like this one. Don’t blink!

I wanted to give a special shout out to my galpal and fellow vampire lover Emily Guido! I did some blogs about her earlier; remember she wrote a book in about a week. Self-published it on Amazon and now she has her own publisher and her first book is in print out now! Click this link in for ordering your own copy in print and support this awesome writer:

Also, the next two vids are book trailers for her books. You can order the rest of her books as kindle editions, but a printed copy is way cooler and geekier than a kindle edition. So order it, RIGHT NOW!

And if you wanted to see what her books are bout, check out these awesome vids:

That’s it for now, love you big time my fellow geeks!

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

“CHARMEINE” the First Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” is FREE! Okay… YES, this is shameless self-promotion!






Okay if I am going down the dark path of self-promotion, I might as well tell you, friends who are Hot, Cute, Girly Geeks the reason why!

First, I really want people to read this wonderful love story…

Yes, that’s what I said, a love story… a passion… a romance for the centuries between total opposites!

You all know the story of my sister.  How she used to talk to me as we watched “Dark Shadows,” “All My Children,” “One Life to Live,” with all the cute hunks while she was in bed with Leukemia.

Well, when I wrote this, I thought… “What would Connie like to see?”  Then as divine inspiration came upon me, I wrote this passionate love story.

However, what you didn’t know is that I wanted to make this an erotic series!  I actually wrote a lot of those sex scenes but I deleted about 10K words!

I couldn’t do it, I mean… I couldn’t take a love so innocent, so pure and make it all about sex!

Of course if I did, the series probably would have sold off the shelf!!!

Nevertheless, I wanted a classic story of a couple who were madly, passionately in love!  In addition, they also had responsibilities of saving the world on their shoulders from the Evil and darkness.

I sat in front of my laptop and just couldn’t expose Charmeine and Tabbruis in their most intimate world.

I thought there were always novels people could read which provided that kind of entertainment, but mine I wanted something more… a lot more!

I wanted Tabbruis and Charmeine’s love story to be of love, acceptance of all, giving, understanding, self-sacrifice, service to a Higher Power, commitment and fervent devotion.  In addition to action, adventure and good old ‘us’ against the world!

Now that I have given you some insight, I hope you take this opportunity and download the First Novel “Charmeine” for FREE today on Amazon!

For “The Light-Bearer Series” is a love story for the ages!

Take care my Hot, Cute, Girly Geeks!

Camgal>Guest Blogger

First of all. I would like to give a special Shoutout to Mendy for inviting me to guest post. Lots of Love & I wish you a speedy recovery.

Secondly. Salutations to all the Hot, Cute, Girly/Boyish Geeks out there. I am so thrilled to be posting here. It’s an honour really.

Okay. My name is Ifeoma, I’m 17 and I’m a Nigerian 🙂 I go by the name camgal on most or all of my posts but feel free to address me a either. Basically, I love writing, sports, & reading. Shakespeare is still my role model when it comes to writing, diction & style. I love novels by Anne Rice, Sidney Sheldon, Wole Soyinka & recently found author Emily Guido at :). I juggle my love for celebrities and their roles between sleeping and blogging/writing. I love my family. We are just four & Catholic. I tend to ramble a lot when doing this sort of things, so I’ll tell you one more truth. I’m not really good at intro’s so if you’re interested in knowing more about me you can visit my blog at . I had something exciting lined up for this post as I racked my brain over what I was going to put.

So…what does camgal have to contribute to the hotcutegirlygeek blog? Let’s see.

I love seeing hot & geek in the same sentence because those are two words I personally would never use in the same line but if we think about it abstractly, people have used them more frequently than they realise.

Geeks are perceived to be overly intellectual and my definition of hot is a modern day vampire ;). Where can we find these two? Movie roll please.

  Yes, it’s the characters from My Babysitter’s a Vampire. Ethan the geek meets Sarah the hot fledgling/vampire. I saw this as classic because her Vampire essence made her stronger than him & he was not intelligent enough to read the bold sign that said “Too Hot to Handle”.

Though this is just one example and there are tons more, this is my favourite. Now Girls & Geeks I need you to do me a favour & do not hold back your thoughts.

 This is Ian Somerhalder! Vampire Diaries heart-throb Damon Salvatore. This is a topic that has been & may continue to be debatable.  Is Damon hotter, cuter & more of a bad ass than Joseph Morgan’s Klaus?


I’ve done the figures, compared personalities, movies>previous>recent>future< and I’m still stumped! While that is all good, another puzzle is…if Claire Holt & Kate Beckinsale’s characters Rebecca & Selene were to have a throw down, who would win? Verbally, Physically? Let me know what you think.

 We have Underworld’s Selene Vs.  Pretty, British, tough talking  Rebecca from the Vampire Diaries….Sizzling. Guys feel free to give your opinions as well.

Alright, I believe I’ve doodled & dabbled enough. I’m really all about reviews and expressing myself in as many possible ways. I write poems, I write songs, I write books and I’m currently working on one. You can Check out my completed blog book..The Blog Diaries on my website From Where was the bend? to Revenge is Sweet and the final book Chyna Vs. Hampton to Don’t judge me because you can’t.

The Novel i’m currently working on is entitled A year in June. It’s genre for now is Romance. You can read the synopsis on I really hope I didn’t bore you lol & once again I would like to thank Mendy so much for this wonderful experience.

– Camgal

Light-bearer series #2, Ransom by Emily Guido, a book review!!!

Hi hot cute girly and boy geeks of mine, the wait is finally over! The second novel by Emily Guido is here, and it is the second novel in her light-bearer series. Beware as always for some spoilers and here is my review:

Goodreads description:

“Ransom” is the Second Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series” which is the continuation of Tabbruis and Charmeine’s romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!

Tabbruis and Charmeine’s life at the ‘Castle Charmeine’ is blissful until the reality of ruling the Hellish Blood-Hunters’ Elder Council hits them in the face. Then, as a one-two punch, Lord Cromwell, one of the most deadly and powerful Blood-Hunters on Earth has escaped the Elder Council Prison! Lord Cromwell sends a beautiful agent to cause trouble for Tabbruis and Charmeine! He also desperately wants something Tabbruis has!

There are more surprises in store for the inhabitants of the ‘Castle Charmeine’.

Will Tabbruis and Charmeine, two star-crossed and ill-fated lovers ever be at rest? Could this mean the end of harmony for Tabbruis and Charmeine’s family?

A must read for all who have read “Charmeine” the First Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series”. “Ransom” can be a stand-alone novel also. It is action packed and thoroughly enjoyable in its own right!

My own thoughts:

Wow, I really was looking forward to this second novel, because I liked the first one big time, and this one didn’t disappoint me. I love the way Emily writes. She describes people in her book in such a way you can see them just the way she pictured it. It makes you wish they are all real and you can just book a trip to castle Charmeine to visit them all.

The first book ended with Charmeine and Tabbruis still happily in love after battling evil. And finding their family and loved ones, living all together in Dmitri’s castle, which is now named after Charmeine. (Please where can I find me a man like that?) But they also learn that they still have to battle evil and Lucifer’s minions on earth. Which they can do as long as they are united as one and hold on to the biggest power possible, Love.

This time, evil comes in the form of Lord Cromwell, a gorgeous but deadly blood-hunter and his evil bitch minion Bathsheba. And this Bathsheba isn’t a stranger for Tabbruis and Dmitri. Turns out they both knew her back in the day when she seduced them both and made them fight over her.

Queen of the light-bearers and head of her loving family Charmeine is pregnant and everyone is looking forward to the newest addition of the family, baby hunter.  The castle is being remodeled to fit everyone in. Charmeine and Tabbruis are perfectly happy together, until bloodhunters show up. Turns out to be the guards of the elder council and they want Charmeine to lead them like the prophecy foretold, but they also bring bad news, Lord Cromwell escaped prison and he is also looking for Charmeine.

But the temple guards aren’t the only ones breaking in to the castle. Bathsheba has arrived and boy did she arrive! All the men are struck by her beauty. (Typical, just something for men to do, think with the wrong “head”) Because I don’t want to give away major spoilers, let’s just say things don’t go according to plan.

In the book they also find out the youngest members of the family, Athena and Percival, the children of Dmitri and Hera are also gifted with special abilities. They have foreseen the family in Disneyland! Now that’s an awesome break from all the supernatural angels and vampires. Makes them look more human so you can identify yourself better with them. And also Percival gets to meet his soulmate!

Charmeine also has a personal battle to fight, with Lord Cromwell and her love Tabbruis. She is attracted to Lord Cromwell and a big fight with Tabbruis isn’t helping in her choice. Which one, will she chose? And is Lord Cromwell really evil???

Ok, I’ll stop with the spoilers, needless to say that after a great battle, physical, as well as emotion, for all of them, good wins over evil and little baby hunter (I won’t say the name) is being baptized.

I loved it! The love, the battles, but also the insecurities, the trip to Disneyland, good versus evil. It’s epic and awesome! And it’s so hard for me to review without giving away all the awesome stuff! Ransom is an absolute must-read. I rate it 9 out of 10! Or 4.5 out of 5!

If you wanna know more about Emily, or her first book you can find her on this blog as a guest blogger, but also here:

Email Emily at:

Emily’s website is:

Emily’s Facebook page is:

Follow Emily on Twitter:!/Emily__Guido


And don’t forget:

“The Light-Bearer Series”

will continue with the Third Novel



Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

Sick Hot Cute Girly Geek Question…

Hey, it’s Emily Guido!  Hello!

I’m posing this out to the Hot Cute Girly Geek Universe…

What do you do when you are a Hot Cute Girly Geek who’s sick and in bed?

I’m thinking about this in my bed as I write this post.  You see I have the creepy crawly crud of a cold.  You know the symptoms like fever, sore throat, runny nose, coughing and a voice like Kathleen Turner  but not the sexy Kathleen Turner either.

Now, I have read my Kindle, “RANSOM” my book. (Shameless Plug)

I watched a year of Vampire Diaries and Being Human (BBC Version) on DVD.

I have played with my cats.

I have slept.

I brought my laptop to the bed to catch up on emails, Twitter, posting, and Facebook.

I’ve gone through a ton of Kleenex, Halls Cough Drops, Orange Juice, Sprite, and Hot Tea!

Now, I’m left with the scariest thought… what can a Hot Cute Girly Geek do now?  I mean in bed… I mean… not mentioning the obvious?

I thought about looking at magazines but that makes me what to buy stuff that I don’t need!

I love listening to music but I don’t really feel like listening to music unless I’m doing something.

Oh now, I have the obvious chore for the Sick Hot Cute Girly Geek to do while stuck in bed with fever, sneezing, coughing and generally feeling like crap… doing Managerial Finance homework…

If nothing else, it will put me to sleep… right?

So please, if you know of anything a cruddy cold Hot Cute Girly Geek can do in bed… besides the obvious conclusions that come to mind… let me know… seriously… I’m waiting!


“A dream, a rant and a rave…” guest post by Emily Guido – Author

So Hot Cute Girly Geeks

First you have to know that on my blog I post snippets of my books, “Charmeine” and “Ransom” the First and Second Novels in “The Light-Bearer Series” (SHAMELESS PLUG)  I love putting my snippets out there, but I rarely get to express myself and once in a while you have to get just let go with a dream, a rant or a rave.

DREAM:  I would love to be a writer and work at a college in Campus Life/Student Activities as a coördinator.  I don’t have to run the department! I just want a job where I work one on one with the students.  Right now, I work with students but as a conveyor belt process at an Information Window.  I hate the fact I can’t sit down and talk to and help students in a more involved way.  You see, I’m in my 14th year of college… How?  Well, I screwed up when I was younger and didn’t graduate or even apply myself.  So, when I started working for a living, I learned

Me Graduating Kindergarten

rather quickly what a college education means… i.e. money, security and personal fulfillment, at least… in my case… not in everyone’s case but in my case.  So between working fulltime and life getting in the way… I am in my first year of MBA school.  I really hate that I’m 49 years old in a class full of twenty-something old students.  Nothing screams old like an overweight, 49-year-old woman sitting next to you straining to see the smartboard the teacher uses or say to the person next to me… “What did she say?” because your 49-year-old ears are not as sharp as they used to be.

A RANT – NONE SHALL PASS: I don’t understand, and maybe someone can explain it to me how people can take advantage of other people?  It’s a cosmic question I pose.  I have been privy to being taken advantage of and so have you!  It hurts and it makes me mad.  Then the next time a situation arises, I will be more guarded and closed.  Case in point, I asked someone to arrange a promotional piece for me and paid them in advance.  The promotion was 50% successful because they dropped the ball on me.  They didn’t follow through but because new in the business, I didn’t sign a contract with them and I had no leg to stand on, so to speak.  I paid for something in advance and didn’t see the result.  Or when I asked the girl at the checkout to please hold my spot while I run back and get the milk I forgot to pick up and the next person with a huge order has already started checking their groceries.

How about when you ask the waiter or waitress for caffeinated coffee and you are sure that the coffee she poured was decaf?  I know people say you can’t tell, but for some reason, I can.  Or when you order something, and it doesn’t come?   You call the company and say, “Hey where’s my stuff?”  Then you have this big tug of war with the company to get your stuff.  Now, all I’m saying is that because of these things and so much more, I’m a bit snippy sometimes and leery of anything having remotely to do with services.  If I make a contract with you verbal or otherwise… I will follow through, why is it so hard for everyone else to do the same?  I can be a NONE SHALL PASS courtesy of Monty Python and the “Holy Grail” person easily, but the rare time someone follows through and it renews your faith in humanity.

A RAVE: I love that I can sit and watch a long sunset at the beach, or I can watch a whole season of “Will and Grace” or “Vampire Diaries” or sit up for 48 hours up typing or stay up all night reading a favorite novel.  Lord knows that I love these things.  But I love sitting down and having a big glass of wine with myself and just go out on my porch and listen to the river below my apartment.

I live close to New York City, so I would never, ever swim, fish or even touch the water in the river, but it’s nice to hear the water rush against the rocks. I can tell you that people just don’t know how to just be.  Love that this woman knows how to just be and let time wash over me like it was a river rushing over the rocks.  Nothing pleases me more than just spending time doing mindless nothings for myself and no one else.  Why?  This makes me selfish, lazy, and trapped in a state of perpetual happiness… okay I’m all that and more!

Okay you Hot Cute Girly Geeks, I’m signing off until next time – enjoy a DREAM, RANT and a RAVE!