About Zee

Hello Geeks!

Some of you might remember me as Mendy’s guest blogger back when she was in surgery, others have no idea who I am!

I’m Zandrina, Zee for short and I am bloody awesome!

No, Jokes aside, I’m pretty great! I’m a 24 year old girly geek, residing in Sweden. No, we don’t have polar bears walking down our streets – that’s Greenland.

Ok, I’ll stop joking around now (dont take my word for it – I am a pretty big jokster)

I live in the southern part of Sweden where our weather is very similar to England. I live in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, so most of the time you’ll hear me complain about the geography of my whereabouts.

I work full-time as a teacher for 9-10 year olds which is demanding and wonderful all at the same time. However, this is probably not what you want to know about me!

I’m a huge geek. I have been called geek or nerd several times in my life, sometimes even multiple times a day (depending on what day it is). I love books, games, movies and make-up. You read that right, I consider being crazy about make-up makes you a geek, just not in the traditonal way.

I read books more or less daily. I have slipped on my reading ratio since I started working in August but I am still reading more than the average person. There is always a book in my bag and you will find me reading most of the time.

I play games. No, I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer because I do not behave like my brother does wher he plays. However, I play a variety of conosole games and PC games.(I only recently got a Macbook and have yet to play on it!) Some of my favourites are Sims 3 (I own every game that’s on the market…) Anything Mario ❤ (I have a soft spot for the Italian Plumber!) or Little Big Planet. My favourite consoles have to be either Wii or Playstation 3. And don’t get me started on my handheld 3DS XL, cause I don’t know how I even lived before that appeared in my life! I am also a huge sucker for iPad/iPhone games and will get completely immersed in these games for hours.

Movies… Ahhhh! I wanted to become an actress as a kid (I still do, but that’s another story!) and my love for the movies has just grown into something slightly unnatural. I love going to the movies and I love re-watching old favourites at home. (My parents/family doesn’t like it as much as I tend to cite along and I do it very dramatically…)

Make-up. My obsession with make-up started about two years ago and has just grown. A year ago I started my beauty channel on Youtube and that has probably been feeding my obsession. I love how make-up can alter your looks completely or just enhance your most beautiful features. I love playing with eye-shadows, but I suck at eyeliner.

I am completely, utterly and unquestionably in love with Doctor Who. Living in Sweden and having this unnatural love is difficult. I rarely find people with the same love but I’ve found a small bunch that are amazing. Now, on November 23rd, I watched the 50th Anniversary Show in the cinema. I was so happy when they announced that they’d show it in Sweden and my friends were first in line when the tickets were released.

Tennant is the Doctor that I fell inlove with but Matt Smith has won my heart. On the 25th of December I will cry and it will not be pretty.

My second, completely unnatural, love is Harry Potter. I don’t have words, and I simply won’t even start talking about this!

In my free time I read, play games, write, take pictures and live my life on Youtube.

I have three channels on Youtube that you are free to check out and don’t worry, I’ll post them on here if they are nerdy related

  • Youtube.com/zandrinamcgowan
  • Youtube.com/bookswithzee
  • Youtube.com/beautywithzee

I’m on Instagram and Twitter under the name zandrinamcgowan and if you find that name on any other social media platform you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s me!

Keep rocking that geek

xx Zee

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