Jurassic World, a review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Welcome to another film review. It’s been ages since I went to the cinema and this time I had a really huge urge to go see the newest in the Jurassic Park films, Jurassic World.


Beware, this review contains major spoilers! You have been warned!

As I am typing this review, I just got home from the cinema on a huge sugar rush and Jurassic Park in my DVD player, watching it for the umpteenth time.


I grew up with Jurassic Park and the dinosaur rage in the 90’s and I loved it, still do by the way. And why is it they don’t show a film like Jurassic World during ladies night? I would love to get a goodie bag, free drinks and food while enjoying a couple of epic looking dinosaurs / hybrids killing of stupid people. What’s not to love for a lady?

Anyways, when the opening tune started I got some serious goose bumps and almost ended up with tears in my eyes. S0 beautiful, so familiar, such a big part for me growing up.

The park is finally opened as John Hammond imagined 20 years ago and you immediately get that, that’s a huge mistake, people are gonna die, feeling. It went wrong the first 3 times, why would number 4 turn out to be a winner? It’s still an island on the coast of Costa Rico, we still have a couple of annoying kids without parental supervision, one bad guy who’s really not that smart, some major meddling with genetics and DNA and one dude who gets how scary and smart dinosaurs really are.


No John Hammond, (god rest his soul), no Dr. Ian Malcolm (how can we have a Jurassic Park without Malcolm), but we did have a goat being eaten by the T-rex!

Mr. Masrani had the bucks to open the park again and a whole team of scientists from InGen to breed some pretty scary and idiotic hybrid dinosaurs (idiotic as in not a good idea to mix a T-rex with a Raptor, squid and a touch of frog, seriously, can’t you image the scary outcome?).


We get a nice overview from the park and some serious and pretty epic rides. You almost wish it was all real and you had enough money to visit it. Like I said, almost.


Chris Pratt, also known as Star Lord, apparently babysat (imprinted) some just hatched velociraptors and now is the dinosaur whisperer when he isn’t saving the Galaxy. He is training 4 beautiful and very smart Raptors and that is epic. It shows just the right mix of being in awe and being scared shitless if you ever encountered one in real life. (Remember kids, don’t meddling in the affairs of dinosaurs, for you are crunchy and taste very good with ketchup.)


I love that throughout the film you get the little hints from the previous films. Like the Hammond visitors centre, the weird cartoon DNA guy, but also the old visitors centre, the banner, the old cars, the ‘I can see in the dark goggles’, the original doors from the original film and much more. If you’ve seen the films it’s a constant reminder of the previous three films and I absolutely love it! And every time you here the theme song (or part of the theme song like in a ringtone) I’m getting those goose bumps again. And not to forget B.D Wong, who played in Jurassic Park in 1993 as Henry Wu.

The film also gives you some serious thought about the exploitation of dinosaurs, and yes I know they’re not real, mostly puppets and CGI, but baby triceratops for small kids to ride on? That’s just wrong! It’s consumerism in its ugliest form.


And you have more of those moments, you really feel for the dinosaurs when they get brutally murdered by the main monstrous hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus Rex. And she is one smart beast.

The film is loaded with epic, ‘hell yes moments’, and ‘you’re so gonna die’ and ‘I wish you would be eaten by eater the T-rex, the Raptors or Indominus Rex. Which usually happens. But also tear-eyed moments as the Brontosauruses are killed and the Raptors choosing the ‘right side’ and die.

The last fighting scene between the T-rex, Indominus and the Raptor is a bit over the top, but then again, it’s a film about dinosaurs. The last scene is just… epic.



One thing though, why the hell did they hire Phil Tippet again?! Ok, this time as a Dinosaur Consultant (I know IMDB says supervisor, but the credits say consultant, I stayed to watch, I know I’m a geek.) But seriously, Phil?!


I loved this film, you should see it, ASAP!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


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