Wolfcon, the first Dutch Teen Wolf convention, 2015

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Sorry for neglecting you guys, but I’ve been swamped with work, my Etsy shop and conventions of course! After attending my first multiple convention Dutch Comic Con earlier this year, I was able to go to my first one fandom convention this year as well!

wolfcon line up

Welcome to Wolfcon! The very first Teen Wolf convention in the Netherlands and the very first con organized by the Con Factory. And in one word, WOW!


The con factory did a lot of promotion for their first con, including winning tickets to attend, winning photo ops and much more. I met one of the organisers at Dutch Comic Con and was really excited about attending and luckily I won a pup-pas so I could actually attend, together with my amazing fellow con-girl, the stunning Nanayah (who also shot all the pictures for this blog, she’s like my own personal photographer!)

the confactory

The convention was held in Amsterdam in the Park Plaza hotel. We couldn’t have a more epic venue. The hotel is easy accessible with the free shuttle bus from Schiphol airport has loads of parking spaces, public transport only 15 minutes walking and big enough to cater to about 300 fangirls and boys.

As I was a newbie convention wise (and with me a lot of the other attendees) I didn’t know what I could expect, but the con factory provided us with a schedule to let us know what was where and where we needed to be for photo ops and such. And thanks to a large group of amazing volunteers this worked like a charm. They weren’t only there to comfort the teenage drama of 14 year olds seeing an actor in real life for the first time, but also helped out getting everyone to the designated rooms for said photo ops, autographs, meeting rooms and answering tons and tons of questions.

Like I said earlier I also attended comic-con earlier this year, and I know those volunteers aren’t to blame but they didn’t know shit (you know nothing Jon Snow comes to mind) the Wolfcon volunteers worked like a well-oiled machine. They had all the information, were very pleasant and polite, staid in constant contact with each other and went the extra mile to help the wolfies with everything they needed. A big thank you for the lovely volunteers!

Ok, enough about the organization, you want to hear all about Teen Wolf, don’t you? It was epic! We started Saturday morning with an amazing introduction to the cast and although the audience was a bit relaxed (I blame nerves and our dutchieness about not acting out) we got our first glance at the attending Teen Wolf cast. We had autographs next, but since I didn’t have those I had some time to look at the merchandise. I love merchandise, I love the canvas warriors. I met them at DCC and they have some epic and geeky stuff. http://www.canvaswarriors.com/ Check out their site, amazing hand painted canvas shoes, lovely jewellery and much more! I bought a pair of amazing Dalek earrings (yeah I know, I attend a Teen Wolf convention and end up buying Doctor Who merchandise.)


Fandomised had a stand as well: http://www.fandomised.org/ I am now the proud owner of a geeky shirt with Stiles and Derek’s name on it as well as a triskele. I really love their shirts and hoodies! Check out their site!

Last merchandise table was reserved for: http://www.juga-arts.com/ with beautiful fan art, I didn’t buy anything, but it looked amazing.

After that a panel with Charlie and Max Carver, the alpha twins! The panels were well organized, one central spot to ask your questions and the twins are hilarious.


I had my photo ops on Saturday as well. And might I say Tyler Hoechlin gives amazing hugs! He’s so nice and polite and handled little teenage meltdowns really well. (Plus he really has a very nice ass, sorry but since I have an overactive bladder and needed to use the bathroom quite often I met the cast multiple times when they were walking back to their rooms and I had a nice long stare. I am ashamed of nothing!) Ian Bohen is suck a dork and I love him for it. (Even my mum says he’s hot, couldn’t agree more, but I call dibs!) And not to forget the beautiful and stunning Holland Rhoden. I love her for being so classy and playing an amazing role model in Teen Wolf, kicking ass, being a beauty and smart as hell.

Tyler and Ian on stage for a panel, not a good idea if you’re under 18. Those two have a dirty mind! I loved every minute, I would have loved to hear more of them (and I did on Sunday, too bad for the PG rating, if you attended you know what I mean 😉


We finished with a panel from Holland, because Ryan Kelley was on his way to Amsterdam during Saturday. It was amazing he took the time to come over for just Sunday due to his busy filming schedule.


Because I didn’t have autographs I went to Wolfcon a bit later on Sunday, thanks god for some extra sleep. We had a second panel from the Carver twins and it felt like they loosened up. Crazy dancing, singing and daring each other were involved.

The second Tyler and Ian panel was even more epic than the first day, including hot chocolate, an itty bitty cup of coffee and dragons. The two had me crying from laughter.


Ryan made it the second day and did a final panel together with Holland. I fell in love with the guy and there was a lot of teasing for Teen Wolf season 5. I can’t wait! (There will be binge watching seasons 1-4 in my near future, thank you Netflix). No but seriously, Ryan is epic and adorkable, where can I get one of my own?

Mustn’t forget to give some credit to Jamie Christlow and his amazing British accent for hosting the whole con, although Jamie, I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t mention Doctor Who when asking the audience about other shows they watched, you, sir, are British!

Check out the Teen Wolf con site, they posted a vid so you get a bit of an impression how the weekend was: http://wolfcon.theconfactory.com/wolfcon-2015/ And a big thank you and a huge hug for Franklin van den Berg, Patricia Verbruggen and Ayse Mehmet-Hassan for organizing the con as well as a big thank you to the Teen Wolf cast for making it an unforgettable weekend.


Overall it was an amazing weekend. I made new friends, the con was truly well organized for a first time event and I can’t wait for the next con.

Speaking of which, the next con is suggested to be Mirakurucon, an Arrow / Flash convention for 2016. If this is happening, I need you lovely con factory people to get John Barrowman to the Netherlands, I need to meet him, hug him, talk to him, admire him and basically, I need John Barrowman! Make this a thing please!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek.