Looking back and forward…

Hello lovely geeks,

2014, the year that I didn’t accomplish much.

Yes, that sounds extremely depressing and some of you are probably looking at your screens and thinking: why the hell is she starting off so freaking depressingly? Because, honestly, that’s what my year has been like.

I’ve been horrible at blogging and vlogging this year. I haven’t found any inspiration at all and it’s been killing me. Seriously, I’ve had so much guilt over all of this, and the fact that Mendy still keeps me on here is incredibly nice and I cannot thank her enough for that.
Although, it might console you a little that I’ve been just as crap at these things on my own channel and blog as well.


In January I was teaching a fourth grade class and it was my first year as a class teacher. It was hectic, it was miserable and it was the most amazing experience all rolled in one. I went to work, came home and planned and prepared, went to bed and repeat. I’d like to say that teaching is the reason why I have been so miserable at updating and all the internet stuffs. During the weekends I was on stage performing in a local play thing, which was very fun.

In February I was sent on a course in Coventry, England to learn more about what I’m supposed to be doing in the classroom. I experienced a lot during those 5 days. I did a lot of shopping, I learnt a lot and I took the train, on my own, in a country that I don’t live in. That doesn’t mean anything to anyone at all but I suffer from panic attacks and most of them are triggered by public transport and specifically trains. So me, leaving the travel party, and going on a train myself to do some last minute shopping before the flight was a very big deal for me.

March, April, May – I have no idea which event happened when as I’m going off of my Instagram feed and am way too lazy to count the weeks and figure that out.
I went to my first ever Science Fiction convention and bought a lot of nerdy things. I saw cosplayers on varying levels and thought that was a pretty cool concept (one that I want to explore in the future) and I met Sylvester McCoy! I got a blow about my education and that it might not be enough to get me a proper job. I also went for dinner with a few friends and I started working out.

June, July and August. Summer was pretty cool for me. I went on a few family trips to places around Sweden and I spent a week at Eurogym in Helsingborg. I was a gymnastics coach at the annual summer camp and I went on a family vacation to Cyprus where we went diving in a blue lagoon and just having the time of our lives. I went back to work after a summer holiday in a new class. I know teach a third grade class which is quite different.

In September I did the ALS Ice bucket challenge, and I had a reunion with my choir that ended in a small concert. We also had an election in Sweden which ended in a total disgrace as we now have a racist party playing a substantial part in all the decisions that are made in our country.

In October I turned 25. I guess that means I’m officially an adult or something. I’m halfway to 50 and I guess I should have a midlife crisis or something. In all seriousness though, I feel the same as I did before my birthday, not different or older at all. I was given a coffee machine and I’m trying to make my tastebuds like coffee….. I’m not doing so well with this.
I also watched the European Championships in TeamGym in Iceland on TV, while my younger sister was actually there!

In November, we rescued a little kitten from the fields outside our house. Her name is Tzucka and she is a handful! I also got sick in November, and honestly, I’m still sick now while typing this up! I also discovered ebay and the nerdy things that you can get from there for no money at all. I was in Heaven!

In December I had a full week where I was sick from school. It was painful to be away from my kids. I got hair extensions put in and I have had a lot of fun with it. I’ve done a lot of shopping during the sales and my bank account is suffering the consequences.
I’m ending this year in rehearsals for the same show that I was in during January. Our premiere is on Saturday and I am so nervous right now as I’m still sick and my throat hates me.

The only thing that I remember telling myself to try and accomplish this year was the reading challenge. I set a goal for 30 books, which in hindsight could’ve been achieved. I’ve read a total of 20 books this year and I’d say that’s fairly good for being me.

So, 2015…. What will be in store for me?
Well, I know for sure that I’ll be performing during January and that we have a few family vacations planned. But that is all I know for sure.
What do I wish for? A better year than this one.
I am wishing for some sort of romance, I’m seriously tired of being alone now.
I’m wishing for being better at blogging. I have a few ideas for concepts that I’m going to have to swing by Mendy first.
I’m wishing for a strict uploading schedule for my youtube channel. With videos every week/fortnight.
I’m wishing for reaching the goals of my reading challenge.
I’m wishing for the ability to live my life and not just dream about it.

And lastly I’m wishing for the unexpected. I’m wishing for surprises and spontaneity. I’m hoping that 2015 will sweep me off my feet and whisk me away on adventures and experiences that I haven’t even imagined or dreamt of yet. And on top of that I’m wishing for the courage to be swept away. I’m also wishing for a good year, one with happiness and laughter in the company of good friends.


Til next time,
keep rocking that geek!


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