5 anime that make you scream: ‘JUST KISS HER/HIM!!!’

Hello everybody!

I know I promised to write a review about Hyrule Warriors, but I just started my second Master and I have to read A LOT. That means I have to fill my few free hours after dinner with Hyrule Warriors, catching up with anime and having a social life. As a result, I haven’t played Hyrule Warriors enough to write a proper review about it. It’s awesome though, I can say that! So in stead of a review of Hyrule Warriors, you guys get this random post.

I’m sure you guys know that some series that have those ‘almost kiss-moments’. Where the lead character wants to say ‘I love you’ but doesn’t. Where there is so much romantic tension your chest literally hurts. This blog is about anime that are about just that. When you watch these anime, prepare for sobbing, screaming and face-palming! Note that this is not a top 5, but just 5 anime I watched in random order.

Suki-tte Ii na yo (Say ‘I love You’)

Summary according to Wikipedia:

Quiet and unassuming Mei Tachibana has spent her high school years without making friends or getting a boyfriend because of a childhood incident that left her believing that people will betray each other sooner or later. When she encounters a popular boy named Yamato Kurosawa, he becomes interested in her, and it is through their tentative friendship and blossoming relationship that Mei ultimately begins to branch out and befriend others.

My thoughts
I like this anime because unlike many others *minor spoiler* the main character gets in a relationship pretty quickly. The anime is more about figuring this relationship out than actually getting the relationship. We also get to know other character’s motives and problems. Really lovely anime!

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Summary according to Wikipedia:
Futaba Yoshioka wants to “reset” her life. In junior high, girls ostracized Futaba because too many junior high boys liked her. The only boy Futaba liked, Kou Tanaka, moved away before she could tell him how she felt. Now in high school, Futaba is determined to be unladylike so her new friends will not become jealous of her. While living her new life contentedly, she meets Kou again, but he now uses the name Kou Mabuchi and has a cold attitude. He tells her that he liked her too in junior high, but feels differently now.

My thoughts:
I finished this anime yesterday. And wow, a ride it was! The  beginning of the anime focuses on Futaba’s ‘reset’, but soon after it’s more about Kou and his personal issues. I don’t think there has been an anime that my chest hurt more than this one! Small set-back: this anime was obviously made for having a second season, but as always with anime, you don’t know when that season is going to come or if it comes. So expect an open ending! If you can’t stand the wait, go read the manga (like me!). The manga is still on-going.


Summary according to Wikipedia:
Chihaya Ayase is a girl who has spent most of her life simply supporting her sister in her model career. That changes when she meets a boy named Arata Wataya, a talented karuta player. After becoming friends, he believes that Chihaya has potential to become a great player. As Chihaya takes on a new dream of becoming Japan’s best karuta player, she is soon separated from her karuta playing friends as they grow up. Now in high school, Chihaya is reunited with her childhood friend, Taichi Mashima. Together, they form the Mizusawa Karuta Club. With her teammates and friends supporting her, Chihaya strives to become the best karuta player in the world and to one day be with Arata again.

My thoughts:
Chihayafuru! My favourite anime of all time! All right, not your typical love-story anime, since it’s more about karuta. Actually, I believe it actually is a sports anime (but it’s not your typical sport’s anime either). But we get to see so much of the character’s personal stories an motives! Chihaya is wonderfully oblivious about the love triangle that’s going on, which sometimes makes you want to scream. Chihayafuru currently has 2 seasons, airing date of the 3rd is unknown. I’m still patiently waiting, trying not to read the manga to find out what happens next *self-restraint* . The manga is still on-going.

Natsuyuki Rendezvouz (a Summer Snow Rendezvouz)

Summary according to Wikipedia:

A young man named Hazuki decides to work at a flower shop after he falls for the owner, Rokka. Unfortunately, Hazuki can see the spirit of Rokka’s dead husband, Atsushi, who has made a point of sticking around and interfering with any relationship Rokka may find herself in. What Atsushi didn’t count on was being visible to Hazuki.

My thoughts:
If you’re some kind of masochist and you love the feeling of crying your eyeballs out, watch this anime. This anime is also a bit artsy, so prepare for surrealistic-stuff. But really, it’s an awesome anime with a great story, can’t say anything more.

Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends)

Summary according to Wikipedia:
High schooler Yūki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Fujimiya is always alone and seemingly has no friends. After approaching her and becoming acquainted, Kaori reveals that she loses every memory of her friends each Monday. Despite learning this, Yūki endeavors to become her new friend every week.

My thoughts:
This anime is a bit different than the other anime that I mentioned because the main characters are a bit younger. As a result, this anime is incredible innocent and cute. And the art style is amazing! The only bad points are that the characters are sometimes a bit too oblivious, and that the ending feels rushed. But I just found out that the manga is still on-going so the anime-ending is probably not the canon-ending.

Did you watch any of these? Or are you planning on watching them now that you read this post? What are your thoughts on this genre? Let me know in the comments!


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