Studio Ghibli announces closure

Hello everybody!

First, I want to apologize for not posting very often lately. First, there was my thesis, other university stuff, then I went on vacation, and now there is my thesis and other university stuff again… Ugh, no relaxed summer holiday for me 😦

But on to the reason of this post: Studio Ghibli announced that it will stop producing anime and will only focus on managing trademarks. The source is a quite poorly translated interview (, but the general message is clear.

If you read my review of The Wind Rises, you know how BIG Studio Ghibli is/was. Hayao Miyazaki stopped after The Wind Rises, but no-one could’ve guessed that the studio itself would close too. I made the comparison before and I will make it again: Studio Ghibli is like the Disney of Japan. Imagine Disney announcing to close. Devastating, yes? And unreal. Like Disney, Studio Ghibli feels like a constant factor. It will be always there, like the sun and the moon.

But unfortunately, Studio Ghibli will not always be there. But it will always be remembered. Remembered as the biggest and most successful anime-movie studio ever. Their movies are legendary and I recommend everyone to watch at least a few of them.

I cannot give much more information because there is none available at the moment, but I will post an update as soon as I know more.



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26 year old psychologist, on the quest of finding a job, loves anime and games.

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