Recap: Super Smash Bros. Invitational

Last recap: the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. Ten players have been invited by Nintendo to play against each other in the Nokia Theater in LA. They will be playing SSB U. There will be 4 quarter finals, 2 semi-finals, 1 final and 1 Grand Finale. Each match will take max. 5 minutes and players will have 4 lives.

It took me a while to find out where I could rewatch the tournament since I missed the live broadcast, but eventually I found I that you can rewatch it the following way. Go to and start watching at 07:57. Now, I will write a quick recap of the matches!

Quarter Finale 1

TheRapture, playing Little Mac VS Crismas, playing Zelda VS MacD playing Greninja VS aMSa playing Olimar. Stage = that one with Kamek, forgot the name T_T

3 Smash Balls have been caught, the first by Olimar, the second by Greninja (showing some trapdoor move which failed) and the last again by Olimar. Zelda was the first one to go KO. Little Mac was the favorite by flew out of the stage in the last 5 second. A sudden death decided that Olimar was the winner of this first match. Second place was decided on score, so Little Mac also advanced to the next round.

Quarter Finale 2

JDNintendo playing Bowser VS ZeRO playing Zero Suit Samus VS KDJ playing Rosalina VS PPMD playing FOX. Stage = Skyloft,

Zero Suit Samus managed to grab all 4 Smash Balls, showing her new Smash where she get to shoot the other players from the overview perspective, much like Snakes smash in Brawl. We also got to see the Tanuki suit, which allows players to levitate. Fox was the first one to KO, followed by Bowser and Rosalina, which made Zero Suit Samus number one. There was a tie between Bowser and Fox for second place, so the public got to vote and Fox was the winner.

Quarter Finale 3

PewPewU playing Mario VS Lilo playing Wii Fit Trainer VS Toph playing Pit VS Ken playing Marth. Stage = Fire Emblem Colloseum

In my opinion the most exiting round until now! Smash balls went to Wii Fit Trainer, Pit and Wii Fit Trainer again. Pit got a new Final Smash: Arrow Shooting! Pit was the first one to leave the stage, followed by Marth. Wii Fit Trainer KO’s moments after the last second, keeping her alive for a Sudden Death which she didn’t survive. Mario is the winner! Fii Fit Trainer got second place.

Quarter Finale 4

PeachyHime playing Villager VS Milktea playing Pikachu VS Hungrybox playing Kirby VS Hugs playing Megaman. Stage = Animal Crossing Village

4 Smash balls have been caught: first by Kirby, showing a giant sword attack, second by Villager, who builds a house and then lets it explode, third by Kirby again and the last by Pikachu, showing his Volt Tackle. We got to see new Pokémon from pokéballs: Dedenne and Fennekin, and we also saw a Cuccoo attack in action. Megaman was the first to KO leaving 3 players left when time was up. Kirby was to only one with 2 lives left, so he came in first. Villager got second place.

Semi Finals 1

TheRapture playing Little Mac VS aMSa playing Olimar VS ZeRo playing Zero Suit Samus VS KDJ playing Rosalina. Stage = Pilotwings

Rosalina and Olimar got to show their Final Smashes this time. When Rosalina uses her smash attack, Luma grows and shoots stars in all directions. Are players were still alive when time was up, but Zero Suit Samus had the most lives left. Second place was a tie so public vote decided that Rosalina got to advance.

Semi Finals 2

PewPewU playing Mario VS Lilo playing Wii Fit Trainer VS Hungybox playing Kirby VS PeachyHime playing Villager. Stage = Dr. Wily’s Castle

No Smash balls this time, but this stages caused a boss to appear randomly, which was good for a lot of exitement. We got to see the Mida assist trophy. All players were alive when time was up, and Wii Fit Trainer and Kirby had the same amount of lives left. Kirby was the winner of the sudden death. Wii Fit Trainer was second based on scores.


ZeRo playing Zero Suit Samus VS Hungrybox playing Kirby VS Lilo playing Wii Fit Trainer VS aMSa playing Olimar. Stage = Boxing Ring

No items this time. Everybody was alive when time was up, but Kirby had most lives left. Second place was a tie between Zero Suit Samus and Olimar, and Zero Suit Samus won.

Grande Finale

ZeRo playing Sero Suit Samus VS Hungybox playing Kirby. Stage = Battlefield

Again, no items, 4 lives and this time 8 minutes. It got the be an incredible tight battle, resulting in a sudden death. Zero Suit Samus turned out to be the winner! Reggie was there for the presentation of prizes.

I didn’t cover the fan favorite tournament, the media tournament and the celebrity tournament (with Zelda Williams!), so I recommend you all to go watch the tournament!



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