Recap: Ubisoft E3 press conference

The last recap of today. Ubisoft. As with every year, I was hoping Beyond Good and Evil 2. Sigh. I never learn.

Far Cry 4

The opened the press conference strong by showing us a trailer of Far Cry 4. Amazing graphics. Looks promising.

Just Dance 2015

Another dance game. They showed us a trailer.

Just Dance Now

A free app which allows you to play Just Dance via smartphone and an internet connected screen. I don’t get how that would work. Extremely happy dancers spawned on the stage to give a demonstration. I still don’t get it.

Tom Clancy’s the Division

We saw some footage of this game during the Microsoft conference already. Ubisoft showed us an extremely long trailer and the producer told us some details about the story.

The Crew

A driving/racing MMO where you can drive through the entire United States (or that’s how they promoted it at least). A closed beta will be available, but I didn’t catch the date. Release date of the game is November 11.

Assassins Creed Unity

Another game we already saw footage about, but this footage was cooler. They showed us a trailer featuring the storming of the Bastille and after that some live (?) gameplay which featured the open word of Paris, different missions, and of course some free-running. Release October 28.

Shape up

A fantasy retro looking fitness game. With bad graphics. They showed us some live in game footage which took way too long. Xbox exclusive.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

A 2D adventure game in cartoon-style which takes place during WW-I. It’s about a dog. This must be awesome.

Rainbow Six: Siege

It had been 6 years since the last Rainbow Six game, so the public was going wild when they showed pre-alpha multiplayer footage. I was too busy being sad about not seeing any sign of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

My thoughts:

NO BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 AGAIN. ARGGG. Ubisoft was the first press conference today to have a host, but like the last two years, she just doesn’t get it right and all her jokes fell flat. Nice try though. Compared to the last two conference they didn’t show much games and even less new games. Highlights for me: Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, and Valiant Hearts.


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