Recap: Sony E3 press conference

The second day of E3 has begun. When you live in Europe at least. Since Sony’s press conference started at 03:00 at night for me, I watched it this morning. Last year, Sony was the big winner by presenting the PS4 and overshadowing Microsoft. A year later, the PS4 is still scarce (new ones will be available in the Netherlands by the end of July), so they have to give a good reason to wait and not buy an Xbox One instead.


They started by showing a trailer of the upcoming multiplaform game Destiny. The game will be available first on PS4 and PS4 owners will get exclusive content. There will be a bundle available including a white PS4.

The Order 1889

They showed game footage of the upcoming exclusive new IP. It seems to be a 3rd person horror game.


Sony did what other developers did not. They gave indie developers stage time. We got to see a trailer and gameplay of this game, and the developer told us something about this game. You play as a bird and a fish, controlling each one with another control stick. You have to bring the two creatures together over the course of 9 life spans. Looks really interesting. Now available on Vita, PS 3, and PS4 for 10 dollar/euro.

Infamous Second Son First Light

Stand alone DLC for Infamous Second Son. You don’t need the game to play this DLC.

Little Big Planet 3

BAM. The first bomb has been dropped with this new announcement. They showed us gameplay introducing 3 new playable characters: Oddsock, who can run and wall jump, Toggle, who is very strong and can shrink, and Swoop, who can fly and carry other players. They gave Sackboy the ability to climb. There’s also a hint to 3D features. Created worlds made in Little Big Planet 1 and 2 will also be available in 3. They ended with a trailer. Release this November.


The announcement of another new exclusive IP. They showed a trailer. This game seems to be a horror game or an action game. Coming 2015.

Far Cry 4

We saw a trailer of this multiplatform game during the  Ubisoft presentation. Now they showed us gameplay featuring co-op.  This game will also be available on PS3. PS 4 owners can co-op with friends who don’t own the game!

Dead Island 2

Another new reveal. They showed a very cool trailer and told us that PS4 owners will have exclusive access to the beta.

Diablo 3 Last of us Dungeon


Battlefield Hardline

We saw something of this multiplatform game during the EA conference, but PS4 owners will get access to the beta. They showed a trailer.

Disney Infinity

PS4 owners will receive the Hulk first when they buy the Disney Infinity bundle. Aren’t you happy now.

Magicka 2

Another new announcement and a very cool teaser trailer.

Grim Fandango

They told us in a very humorous movie that this point and click adventure from 1998 made by Tim Schafer will get a remake on PS4. And Disney will work on it too. Another new announcement.

Indie Games

They showed us a bunch of well known indie games that will get a port on PS4 and Vita.

Let it Die

Another new exclusive by Suda 51. They showed us a very violent looking trailer. Coming 2015.


Another new indie game! From Giant Squid, the makers of Journey. They showed us a beautiful cartoony looking trailer featuring the exploration of a under water world. Will get his debut on PS4.

No Man’s Sky

Again an indie game! We got to see gameplay of an enormous and beautiful cartoony open world. The developer got stage time and told us that this will be a science fiction game which focuses on exploring planets. There will be in infinite random world, which made me think of Minecraft. But it looks nothing like Minecraft.

Project Morphius

BAM. Another bomb. They are making a virtual reality headset. You need the PS camera though. But hello, a VR HEADSET.

New features on the PS Network

You can share in game photo’s and post video captures on youtube. And stream on Twitch.


DLC which allows you to film yourself while you’re playing games.

Free to play games

There will be 25 free to play games available within the next 12 months, including Planet Side 2.

PS Now

A service which allows you yo stream PS 3 games (and other games in the future) on PS4. Later also on PS3, Vita and Sony tv’s.

Vita ports

A lot of games will get ports to the vita.

PS tv

This 100 dollar device will let you play Vita games on the tv, and will let you stream your PS4 games on other tv’s. Available this autumn.

Mortal Combat X

They showed the first footage of this multiplatform game.


A Sony exclusive Marvel tv-series. Free to watch for PS+ subscribers. Releasing in December

Ratchet and Clank the Movie

They showed a trailer

Ratchet and Clank Reimagening

They revealed that they are going to reimagine the original Ratchet and Clack game on PS4.

the Last of Us

PS 4 will get a remastered version of the Last of Us. They showed us a trailer. Release date is July 29.

Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom Pain

They showed a really cool trailer of this upcoming multiplatform game.


GTA will come to the PS4 this autumn. There will be compatibly with the PS3 AND THE FREAKING XBOX 360.

Batman Arkham Night

They showed in game footage of this multiplatform game. PS4 owners will get exclusive content.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The last new announcement of the show. They showed a trailer. Coming 2015

My Thoughts

Sony is again the big winner of the E3 2014. In the almost 2 hour long press conference they focused on indie games, compatibility and they had a lot of new announcements and exclusive titles. They made it clear why you should buy a PS4, even for the multiplatform game, though exclusive content and early access. I think there will be a PS4 in our house by the end of July…


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