Next 3 Days: Tekira’s E3 Coverage

Imagine it’s Christmas AND your birthday and it takes 3 whole days. That’s what the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) feels like for gamers. It’s THE game conference of the year. And today is the kick off. All big game developers will reveal their plans for the next year. Here is an overview of the press conferences:

  • Microsoft – Monday June 9 – 09:30 Pacific Time / 17:30 UK Time
  • EA – Monday June 9 – 12:00 Pacific Time / 20:00 UK Time
  • Ubisoft – Monday June 9 – 15:00 Pacific Time / 23:00 UK Time
  • Sony – Monday June 9 – 18:00 Pacific Time / Tuesday June 10 – 02:00 UK Time
  • Nintendo – Tuesday June 10 – 09:00 Pacific Time /  17:00 UK Time

Nintendo will not have a live press conference, but will revealing their plans through a world wide stream, just like last year. All press conferences are streamed live on Nintedo’s stream can be watched on the Nintendo website of your own country. If you’re from Europe, I recommend watching the UK one and not the US one because release dates of games and special actions can differ per continent.

I will write a recap right after all the press conferences, except for the Sony press conference because that will be 03:00 at night for me. Even my geekdom has it’s boundaries. I will also write a recap of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament which will take place at Tuesday 16:00 Pacific Time / Wednesday 00:00 UK Time, but I will also write about that the next day due to my need for sleep.

See you later!


About Tekira

26 year old psychologist, on the quest of finding a job, loves anime and games.

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