EA E3 press conference Recap

The second recap of today. EA. Started a bit late and I skipped the pre-show because I was writing about Microsoft. But let’s move on quickly so we don’t miss the upcoming Ubisoft conference.

Star Wars Battlefront

Some really cool looking in engine footage and some people telling us about the creation process.

Dragon Age Inquisition

A live cello-ist was providing the music for a new trailer, which contained some footage we already say in the Microsoft conference. We got an explanation of the concept of the game and we saw some screenshots. There will be an option between real time battles and tactical battles. They showed another trailer featuring your companions. Release date October 7.

Mass Effect/New IP

They told us in one breath that they are working on a new Mass Effect Game and a new IP, which appears to be some kind of fantasy game. They also showed some footage, but it’s not clear to me if that’s from Mass Effect or the new IP.

Sims 4

They showed some footage and tried to convince us that the Sims 4 will be different from Sims 3, but I really didn’t see any differences. It even looked the same to me, graphic wise. I’ve been a huge fan of the Sims 1 and 2, but this is meh. Release September 2.


Footage of a martial arts game featuring Bruce Lee. Release June 17.

NHL 15

Ice hockey game. Graphics looked amazing though.

Another new IP

Developers from the Burn Out games told us that they are working on a racing game featuring all possible vehicles. We saw helicopters, jet ski’s, botes and more. They showed us prototype footage.

PGA Tour

A golf game. Footage showing real-life courses and fantasy courses.

Madden NFL 15

HUURRRR AMERICAN FOOTBALL. They showed us some game footage and told us something about tackles.


EA’s answer to League of Legends. This game is already in beta. They showed us some footage and told us something about the creation process.

Mirrors Edge 2

This is what a lot of people were waiting for. They showed us some ‘conceptual prototype footage’ featuring Faith and told us that this game will focus on her and her personal story.


Do I need to give an explanation? Corner flags will move, people. They felt the need to tell us that. Graphics didn’t look very good in my opinion. Trailer and in game footage.

Battle Field Hardline

The new Battlefield focuses on the battle between cops and criminals. They showed us screenshots and gameplay and revealed that the beta version would be playable right after the conference on PC and PS4.

My thoughts

Although EA had not much to tell in comparison to Microsoft, I liked this press conference more because all developers told us something about the creation process of the games in stead of throwing trailers and gameplay at you. It felt more personal. Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect, the 2 new IP’s and Mirrors Edge 2 were the highlights for us.


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