Bitten season 1, a series review.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Thanks to all my regular series being in summer hiatus, I now have time to catch up with other series I wanted to watch. One thing I do love is binge watching a series. Just give me all the episodes at once please.

I have watched Vikings and Bitten, currently watching Crisis and I seriously need to pick up on last year’s Covert Affairs and True Blood. But that’s for another time. For now enjoy the Bitten review and beware of spoilers!


Synopsis according to

Elena Michaels thought she left the world of supernatural behind when she left Stonehaven behind ‘for good this time’ she thought. Until the night she got the mysterious call from her pack leader asking her to come back. So now she is heading back, leaving her life as a normal photographer in Toronto for the moment to re-enter the world of werewolves, rules about protect the pack and a man she has spent years trying to get out of her system. Oh and did she mention she was the only living female werewolf in existence?

My thoughts:

Yay, another werewolf series! Although nothing can tip Teen Wolf (sorry, it’s just too funny). It seems like we’re not done with the Supernatural beasties for the moment. After the whole we love tormented sparkly vampires and zombies crawling out of their graves we move on to werewolves, one of the oldest monsters from the book.

The series is Canadian based (it seems that lately all TV series are either shot in Canada or have a Canadian origin, but I’m not complaining.) It revolves around Elena Michaels, and as the synopsis already told you, she’s the only female werewolf alive. Apparently in this ‘world’ women are too weak to carry the wolf genes and if they get bitten they die during transition.

A couple of things are different from the usual werewolf rules we know. These wolfs can change whenever they want, so they don’t need a full moon. We have just the one pack and one Alpha to rule over all the werewolves, but no Beta’s or Omega’s. Instead we have pack members and Mutts. And all the wolves, in their wolf forms seem to still have some control and can tap into their humanity when they are changed.

I like it. The series I mean. The story is good, although just like every other werewolf series the wolves seem to struggle for a power play and it’s nice to see a strong female lead character. It has a lot of really nice naked men in it as well. What I don’t like is again the CGI. Luckily they don’t look like the twilight wolves, but still. Another thing, can we please be done with the whole love triangle thing where the girl needs to choose between the two men that love her. I am so done with it.

You know what I would really like to see? And especially in this Bitten Universe? Some gay wolves, because let’s face it. The only wolves that are around are male and you can’t just sell it to me that there has to be some gay tension around there. The bromance is dripping from the screen for crying out loud!

Another thing I’m basically done with is the ‘I don’t accept the nature of my beast’ story arc. Just about every monster on screen seems to struggle with his / her humanity and acceptance and I’ve seen it all. I mean look at Louise from interview with the vampire, that sparkly vamp from the film we’re not naming any more, the beast from Beauty and the Beast and the list goes on and on. Can’t we, for once, have a monster or beast that is happy who he or she is and enjoying themselves instead of keep whining about how hard it is to change or crave blood or fight for your rights? Also, can it be the good guy as well instead of the bad boys who seem to enjoy themselves?

If you love beasties / werewolves, hot naked guys, some nice fighting scenes and a different Werewolf Universe I urge you to catch up with season 1 of Bitten. I hope you enjoy it!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


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