Museum Review: World of Manga

Hello everybody!

First of all: Sorry for writing in such a low pace. Life can be busy sometimes! But I’m planning to write about lots of stuff (Tsunacon, cosplay, an anime review, and more!) in the near future so I’ll make it up to you!

World of Manga was an exhibition in the Word Art Museum (Wereldmuseum) in Rotterdam from June 28th 2013 to January 12th 2014. I visited in July, before I’ve even heard of Hot Cute Girly Geek, hence the (very) late review. But if you missed it and want to know what you missed: this is your chance! But since it’s about half a year ago since I visited, I don’t remember the exact details of the exhibition 100%. So I’m just going to give you the highlights of what I remember.

Also, for credits of the artwork and photo’s, please keep your cursor on the image for a bit 😉

Let’s first watch this trailer:

Sounds cool doesn’t it? I thought so too! I remember we first entered a room with a lot of ancient Japanese relics and statues, of course each with it’s own story. Later in the room, they showed parallels with ancient Japanese folklore stories and characters from the video game Street Fighter. Very amusing to read. I always like in-depth analyzation of games!

Next was a room which focused on mecha. There were a lot of mecha artworks, either from the the games series Armored Core or just from the fantasy of the artist. The drawing below is especially made for the exhibition. You can see the Erasmus Bridge on the background!

A few other rooms I remember, in random order: a room dedicated to Japanese tattoo art, a room with drawings of a specific artist which told a story about an emperor and his lover, and a room with photographs of people as manga-like characters. The room I enjoyed the most displayed (digital) art of various artists. The colors and details were amazing! The drawings are not related to any official manga or anime. Here are a few examples:

Last was a room dedicated to the recent movie Wolf Children. They showed concept art, stills from the movie and a few short fragments.

What did I think of the exhibition? I liked it a lot! But there is one, but very BIG ‘but’. The whole exhibition didn’t have anything to do with manga. I haven’t seen a single manga page. I expected that they would give information about manga, like my manga 101 blog or my genre 101 blog. Some information about the history of manga or famous artists like Tezuka or famous anime creators like Hayao Miyzaki. But there was none of that. Yes, they did give some in depth information, but that was about (only 2!) games. And the last room was just one big promotion of Wolf Children. Even in the museum shop, I could only find three manga booklets. There was other cool stuff though, like kimono’s and informative books. But no manga.

Conclusion: World of Manga was in interesting exhibition! But if you visited the exhibition with the intention of learning something about manga,  you would’ve been disappointed. ‘World of Japanese Visual Culture’ would’ve been a better name.

More photographs, artworks, and information about the artworks (in Dutch) can be found here:


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