Tekira’s challenges for 2014

Hello everybody! Just as Mendy, I’m planning to set some challenges for myself this year. I’m not planning on participating in much ‘official’ challenges, but I’m definitely going to set some personal goals.

As for my personal life, 2014 is going to be the year that I graduate from university and hopefully get a job, so those are some challenges on their own. But that isn’t going to stop me from setting a few nerdy geeky challenges as well!

1) I want to participate in NaNoWriMo! I’ve only heard about it it for the first time last year and it was too late to participate. I want to be done with my thesis in April so I hope I will have plenty of time to write in November (especially if I haven’t found a job yet about that time but let’s not jinx anything shall we?).

2) I’m not going to set a goal on how many books I’m going to read this year, but I want to be reading a book at any point in time. I can take as long as I want before finishing the book, but when I finish it I want to start reading another one instantly.

3) I want to follow at least 1 anime every season. Last season I watched nothing and I really disappointed myself because I usually follow 2-4 anime per season.

4) I have an Unlimited Cinema Card but I don’t use it enough to make a profit out of it. So I want to visit the cinema at least once a week.

5) I want to write a review of every game, manga, and anime I finish. I know I have been lacking in the game-review area and that doesn’t make sense at all because I finished 4 games in the last 2 months (Windwaker HD, Pokémon X, a Link between Worlds and Super Paper Mario for those who want to know). It would be a waste not to write reviews about them.

I realize I make a lot of promises right now and I really hope I can fulfill them all. I’m going to do my best and give it my all. 2014 is going to be awesome!

About Tekira

26 year old psychologist, on the quest of finding a job, loves anime and games.

One thought on “Tekira’s challenges for 2014

  1. Sounds like awesome challenges, I like your book challenge a lot, hihi. and if you do go to the cinema every week and the films are geeky, you can always leave a review, but not Smaug, I’m doing Smaug, lol.

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