Thank you Eleven, thank you Matt Smith

Dear Matt,

I’m a fairly new Whovian myself (I just started watching about a year and a half ago). But still I’m writing this thank you letter.

After some pressure from a friend of mine I started watching Doctor Who, I think I watched all the episodes in one week. I started with number 9, grew terrible fond of 10, and you stole my heart as 11 and ran away with it. Although, and I presume a lot of fans started out this way, first muttered the words ‘you regenerated, I don’t like it.’

But you took my heart with you on all the brilliant adventures you had as the Doctor, showing me the universe and the stars, introducing me to new friends and foods (I really do like fishfingers and custard if they are made out of cake and I do agree with the fact beans are evil!).

Your adventures left me often amazed, confused, dazzled, screaming and yes, crying. My heart broke with you when you said goodbye to Vincent, River Song, the Ponds, all the other amazing friends you lost during those years, when you said goodbye yourself last night.

You thought me it was important to never neglect that inner child, growing up is boring, but also to fight for what you believe in, no matter how impossible it sounds.

That the drunken Giraffe is the most important wedding dance, also, having the Tardis present as something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

That it’s ok to be scared, emotional or in pain, and a brilliant smile will always help.

You thought me Triceratops like to play fetch, don’t blink upon seeing a stone angel, that your version of the sonic doesn’t do wood (you should really work on a new setting).

You showed me you make a brilliant Sherlock Holmes, to never, ever make a snowman ever again. Cracks in the wall are something to keep away from. And always keep your sonic screwdriver close at hand.

That bowties, Stetsons, fezzes and spacey zoomer rides are cool.

I wish I had a big red button I could push to bring me back in time, to watch all of your adventures like the first time, to relive all of your adventures anew.

You will always be the Doctor, the uncoming storm, the destroyer of Universes, the savior of millions, the naked boyfriend, the Raggedy man.

I don’t want you to go…

Thank you Matt Smith, for everything, goodnight and goodbye Raggedy Man.

Love, Mendy.


Dear Matt,

You don’t know me but five years ago, I sent a letter to you wishing you good luck in your forthcoming role as the Doctor, to which you very nicely sent me a signed photo.  (Don’t worry, I still have it.  It hasn’t been sold to the highest bidder on eBay).

Can it really be five years since a fresh faced 26 year old appeared on our screens to say that he was taking on an iconic role ON A SPECIAL TELEVISION PROGRAMME?  Wow, how time flies.

And then, there was the wait.  Nearly a year went by from that announcement until everyone saw there first glimpse of your interpretation of the Doctor – wearing “Ten’s” suit, complaining that you weren’t ginger and, of course, that first “Geronimooooooooooo!!!!”

As your last regular appearance in the series is due to take place on Christmas Day (I’m betting that you’ll don the bow tie and Fez for the Diamond Anniversary special in ten years time), I wanted to bookend your time in “Doctor Who” with another letter of thank you.

I have seen Doctors come and go and I miss them all in different ways, but I have learned some valuable life lessons during your time as “Eleven”, namely:

  • That to some people, beans are evil, bacon is poisonous and we won’t talk about bread and butter, but fish fingers and custard is the perfect combination;
  • Bow ties, Stetsons and Fezes are cool – and let nobody say anything different;
  • That when it comes to scientific instruments, bigger IS better and it isn’t compensating… but don’t hold them like water pistols;
  • It’s okay to leave a girl waiting for five minutes, but not for twelve years.  That said, if it’s a woman who leaves a man waiting, he should stick around for sayyyyyyy 2000 years;
  • It is NOT cool to suddenly shout, “WHO DA MAN?!?!?!”;
  • It is okay to fall in love with your vehicle of choice and call her “Sexy”… in about the same way as it is appropriate to fall in love with your own bespoke psychopath who has a penchant for using hallucinogenic lipstick and wearing Laboutin shoes;
  • The rule about falling in love also applies if said bespoke psychopath looks older than you, but is in fact the daughter of your twenty-something travelling companions. (It’s a bit “Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey);
  • About the “Timey-Wimey” thing, grown ups can think of you as being a little childish for saying something like that, but that can be a great trade off for the “Feels” you show when your best friends suddenly disappear on you, never to be seen again;
  • It’s okay not to be afraid of the monsters, because the monsters are afraid of you… unless you play matchmaker for a couple of monsters who are stuck between two universes and then that’s okay;
  • In fact, all monsters aren’t nasty and evil and some may need your help – but try not to mistake the two;
  • Don’t be impatient.  Situations, like good art, will reveal themselves in good time;
  • Don’t forget to carry your special straw with you at all times.  It makes the lemonade more fizzy;
  • Tea is best served strong, with the bag left in;
  • You may not be proud of all the aspects of your personality, but sometimes you just have to accept that they’re always going to be there and may be the answers to a problem;
  • A trowel is a good thing to put on your Christmas list… unless you think that you’re too old for a Christmas List.  (I’M NOT!!!);
  • Never… ever… noogie a Sontaran during combat prep… but also, don’t feed him sherbet fancies;
  • And that Jammie Dodgers aren’t good for bluffing as a self destruct switch, but are very good for helping your friends through traumatic situations.

So, to paraphrase some of your predecessors departures, the moment has been prepared for and “Eleven’s” song is finishing soon, but I want to say a big THANK YOU for these past four years, both to Matt Smith the actor  AND Matt Smith the person who took the role of the Doctor and was a custodian and ambassador for the show’s legacy, and to quote the ninth Doctor, you were “fantastic… absolutely fantastic”.

Good luck for the future.  You will always be The Doctor.

Yours and “Geronimo”,

“Theta Sigma”

Dear Matt Smith,

I can’t thank you for the past four years, since I’ve only watched Doctor Who since November. Since I’m from the Netherlands, I’ve first heard of Doctor Who about two years ago and it took some nagging from friends and the possibility to get Netflix (this country is a bit behind in that area) before I actually started watching Doctor Who. I got so hooked on the series that I managed to watch 7 series in less than two months, and yes I have a daytime job, university and a social life (don’t ask me how). So instead of thanking you for the past four years, I thank you for the past three weeks. I can’t imagine life without the Doctor anymore and you are part of the reason why.

I’ve been on a Doctor Who rollercoaster the past two months, and I’ve seen Christopher Eccelston, David Tennant en you come and go in just a matter of weeks. I’m kind of sad that I only got to know your portrayal of the doctor so short, knowing that others have laughed, cried, and lived with you for years (wibbly wobbly timey wimey). Apart from that, I think my Doctor Who experience wasn’t so different of that from others. Just as everybody, I am sceptical when a ‘new Doctor’ arrives and I think ‘Well, prove to me you really are the Doctor then’. But you won my heart in just a few minutes. And apart from the fact that you don’t like bacon (who doesn’t like bacon!?), I think you portrayal of the doctor was brilliant and I’m sad to see you go.

You’re the first doctor of whom I thought ‘I don’t mind being in a tiny box with him, even if it wasn’t bigger on the inside’. You’ve also motivated to try fishfingers and custard, but I haven’t got the chance of trying it yet. And although you still haven’t convinced me about fezes, you are right about bowties. Those are cool.

Even if I knew you for such a short period of time, I will really really really miss you. I wish I knew you longer and I’m happy you were at the steer on a big part of my rollercoaster ride. Thank you incredibly much, and now there is not much left to say except ‘Geronimooooooo!’.


Thank you Matt Smith.

I want to take the time, this Christmas, to thank Matt Smith for the wonderous things he’s done for the Whovian community.

I often refer to Tennant as my Doctor since he’s the one that got me watching Doctor Who. However, Matt Smith will forever be the Doctor that stole me heart.

When Tennant announced his departure from the show I was devastated, but I think the amount of tears that will be shed when watching the episode will outdo those tears shed four years ago.

In a way Matt made the Doctor relatable for me. He was younger than the previous ones and my dreams of becoming the companion intensified greatly with Matt as the Doctor.

Matt, if you ever get to read this, Thank you.

Thank you for making the Doctor your own. Thank you for making the Doctor quirky and nerdy in ways I’ve never seen before. Thank you for re-kindling my love for the show that I thought was lost after Tennant left. Thank you for giving me the best Christmas special in the Christmas Carol, one that I can show my students and pass the love on to coming generations.

Thank you for flying with the Ponds, and, in my opinion the best companion yet, Clara.  Thank you for being part of this community, thank you for always taking time for the fans. Thank you for being marvelous and nerdy outside of the role. Thank you for giving the most gif-able answers at cons, thank you for being beautiful and for being absolutely fantastic. Thank you for keeping the series authentic and real for Whovians of all ages. Thank you for being part of the figment of my imagination that helps me not be too scared of the dark. Thank you for being part of the most heart-warming and heart-breaking 50th Anniversary episode. Thank you for everything Matt. It has been a pleasure to have you fly the Tardis for the past years.

Thank you Matt Smith, for being The Doctor, for being my Doctor.

Matt is a glorious actor and he did the role as the Doctor great justice. He evolved the character we all love and cherish into something more personal, something that every actor keeps doing and I hope this will continue. I have gotten more attached to the Doctor as his regenerations has gone by and my hopes are that Peter will continue this tradition. 

I am going to go now, and actually watch the episode that will, undoubtedly, cause a massive waterwork attack on my eyeballs!

So one last time, thank you Matt Smith. You will be dearly missed and forever remembered as our Doctor with the bowtie and fez. Geranimo my dear Doctor and on to new adventures.



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Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

2 thoughts on “Thank you Eleven, thank you Matt Smith

  1. Ilana says:

    What lovely honours to Matt!

    I have been watching Doctor Who since the mid 80s. I’m not a Whovian, but my sister is, and so I’m quite versed in the Whoverse.

    Peter Davison was my doctor. I just adore him. This will never change, as Whovians will tell you. Your Doctor is your Doctor.

    I loved McGann and Eccleston a lot, and approached David Tennant carefully, but he won me over after only one episode. He will forever be my second Doctor.

    What a lovely fandom to skirt and be around, with such a rich history, rich writing, awesome acting and rich viewership.

    To many more years!

    • ALthough I think of David Tennant to be my Doctor, Matt is brilliant in his own way. And I’ll really miss him, sobbed my heart out during the Christmas special. Then again, also looking forward to what Peter Capaldi is bringing in the fall of 2014.

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