Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. I’m taking a small break in my final sprint towards my NaNo goal.

Sherlock Lives!!! Britain’s favorite self-proclaimed sociopathic consulting detective is coming home! The last few weeks the BBC has been building the tension with us faithful Sherlockians. And not only the BBC, don’t forget the brilliant masterminds behind Sherlock, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue. We have been teased till no end until finally this morning the wait was over…

Well, I say over, we now know when the wait is finally over. But before I dive into that, here’s what happened:


We got a new trailer and a hashtag!!! I mean, I was watching the trailer when it aired right after the 50th anniversary and let me tell you, having a room full of people, and a lot of them all being Sherlocked or being in the process of turning into a Sherlockian we squeed like proper fangirls and fanboys.

Even Lou was excited…


Then, the BBC announced Sherlock was part of the Christmas festivities and would be broadcast during that time, still no airdate announced.

And good old Watson updated his blog! But please John, shave of that ridicules mustache.

Overlord Mr. Gatiss teased us yesterday night with the following…


The BBC joined in…


So did Sue Vertue…


And this morning the frenzy of troubled Sherlockians posted themselves around the famous spots in London. Us poor fans needing to stay home to work and such followed twitter like a hawk.

And then the fandom that waited, and waited, and waited, exploded…

BaPTvm9IMAAQXjm The Empty Hearse BBC1 BaPOod8IUAA6GYP BaOoXcnIQAACPJh BaOof6XIQAAe5z4 BaO7uCeIAAApveA BaO_1rPIUAAf0ps

Pics of the empty hearse and the airdate driving around London, we paid our r3spects online and the lucky ones in real life.


We got some wise words from the bosses…

screenshot_2013-11-29_2025_1 screenshot_2013-11-29_2025_2 screenshot_2013-11-29_2025 screenshot_2013-11-29_2023

All the airdates are now confirmed.

The radiotimes suggests how to throw a Sherlockian New Year’s Day party, according to Sherlock.

And the BBC1 provided us comfort.


So sit back, grab your union jack pillow, deerstalker, shockblanket and a proper cup of tea, and wait just a few more weeks for Sherlock to return to your screen.

Sherlock season 3 episode one: Wednesday January first on BBC1

Sherlock season 3 episode two: Sunday January 5th on BBC1

Sherlock season 3 episode three: Sunday January 12th on BBC1

Sherlock season 4 episode one: somewhere in 2016 probably…

How are you preparing for this??? Me, getting ready by rewatching season one and two on New Year’s Eve.

The Game, my fellow Sherlockians, is finally on!

Love, from your own hot cute girly geek Mendy.


Disclaimer: I do not own pictures used in this blog. No copyright infringement intended. Everything belongs to their respective owners. All the opinions stated in this blog are my own.

Credit for the pictures goes to: BBC1, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Louise Brealey, Amanda Abbington, Speedy’s cafe, Sherlockology, radiotimes, John Watson, @vickieleni, @Marley_89, @kirk_skirk, @AccioSherlock13, @y_in_bllue. If I forgot to mention someone, I’m truly sorry, just let me know!


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One thought on “#SherlockLives

  1. rtgrthetasigma says:

    Well, this airdate just proves it. Mr Moffat is on a quest for world domination through our emotions. Last episode of “Who” on 25th December and then “Sherlock” on 1st January.

    Yes, it’s been a long time since “The Reichenbach Fall”, but talk about leaving you wanting for more, whether it be by accident or design.

    And yes, the TV will be on and the phone and social media will be off. Well, until after the first episode’s been transmitted.

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