Doctor Who – The Day Of The Doctor (Children In Need preview)

Yesterday was that day of the year again where the BBC ask people to set aside their problems and issues for one day and do something to help disadvantaged children through the “Children In Need” telethon, and along with it came another preview for a forthcoming episode of “Doctor Who”.

Now, the classic incarnation of “Doctor Who” did have links with CiN.  The first UK screening of the twentieth anniversary episode “The Five Doctors” was transmitted as part of the evening in 1983.  There have been appearances by cast members subsequent to that, but the less said about the 1993 effort, “Dimensions In Time”, the better.

Since “Doctor Who”‘s return in 2005, a preview or minisode has been a firm fixture in the “CiN” schedule, and last night was no exception as we were treated to a very small preview of the forthcoming fiftieth anniversary special, “The Day Of The Doctor“, but what does it reveal?

Well, very little to be honest, but that’s not a bad thing as we wait for the 23rd November with baited breath.  We obviously see that the Doctor and Clara have been summoned by Kate (Lethbridge-) Stewart and her UNIT team to the National Gallery.  (That, so much, we know from the trailers featuring the TARDIS being airlifted to Trafalgar Square).

There’s a nice start to the preview with the eleventh Doctor showing that where there’s a fez to be worn, he’ll plonk it on his head.  I loved the fact that Matt behaves like a naughty schoolboy as he is unable to resist trying his trademark piece of headgear whilst Jenna portrays  Clara like a teacher trying to keep her charge out of mischief.

Apparently, it appears that he has been called in to investigate paintings which have become three-dimensional.  There is a hint that this could be more widespread as Clara states, “3-D again.”  It’s good that the story is actually building the 3-D element in as part of the storyline, rather than the techology be used as a gimmick.  We also know that the paintings have had their protective glass broken from the inside and that the figures within them have escaped.

Then we are given the main treat of this preview as the Doctor notices a vortex and, in the nature of Steven Moffat’s storylines things go all “Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey”as he recalls something… something that involves him travelling through this vortex and meeting his tenth incarnation.  It was a nice touch having “Ten” plonk the fez on his head.  Does this mark the start of the Doctor’s fez fixation?  Yeahhhhhhhh, Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey.

So, as previews go, it does the trick of whetting the appetite for the main course next Saturday evening… 3-D paintings, UNIT, a dash of timey-wimeyness and two Doctors meeting… Looks like it’s just another day in the office for our favourite Time Lord.

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