Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

I can’t say I have a lot of Marvel knowledge, but I’ve seen the movies (except for the Hulk movie(s), forgive me). What I love about them is that Marvel managed to connect all the movies and still gave all the avengers their own stand-alone story. You can only watch Iron Man and understand what’s going on, but you can also choose to see every movie and get the bigger picture. And if you watch all the movies a second time, you notice a lot more things that connect the movies, little things that seemed insignificant before but connect the movies on a more subtle level. And since I absolutely love Easter eggs, I can’t stop myself from looking for each little connection the Marvel movies have. They’re all written with a bigger plan and it’s done splendidly.

So last week I went to see Thor: The Dark Word. Fangirl as I am, I clapped my hands every time Loki got screentime, annoying the crap out of my neighbour (but I know I was not alone, because I heard my people all across the cinema). And every time Loki’s and Thor’s faces were in the same shot, I heard myself whispering ‘now kiss’. But it’s a shame to say that that is about everything positive I can say about this movie. If you haven’t watched it yet: Don’t read further and go watch it (although my review isn’t going to be very positive, it’s still worth to go see it if you’re a Marvel fan or a Loki fangirl or a ThorxLoki fangirl). If you’ve already watched it or if you just don’t care about spoilers; go ahead!

The movie starts with an explanation about dark creatures having a sort of weapon, but they got defeated and the weapon is hidden. Then Thor’s girlfriend (her role in this movie is so insignificant that I don’t even remember her name) accidently finds this weapon. Yes, of all people of all the planets of all the nine worlds, she finds the weapon and not even on purpose. The weapon goes into her body and from that point on, TG (short for Thor’s girlfriend) loses all personality she has (no, not because the weapon took it from her, just because of bad writing) and she becomes a helpless kind of damsel in distress with no opinion whatsoever. Thor takes her to his world where they are, of course, attacked by the dark creatures who survived after all and Thor, Loki and TG go after them to defeat them. A lot of action scenes later the evil aliens are defeated and Thor leaves TG behind on Earth again.

I know this is a very very short summary and I’m missing a lot of essential details, but then again, I guess you’ve already watched the movie yourself and if not: go watch it.  Like you’ve already guessed, I’m not really fond of this movie, and that’s because of the following reasons:

1) TG. TG was an interesting girl in the previous movie. Strong and independent. In this movie she is reduced to a vessel for carrying the weapon and she as a person has no relevance for the plot whatsoever. They could’ve created an interesting plot by confronting her with Sif (who obviously has the hots for Thor too), but they just don’t.

2) Plot devices. Thor: The Dark World is full of plot devices. The weapon itself, the fact that TG finds it, and the way they defeat the big evil guy. All plot devices. I know all Marvel movies are full of plot devices, but I didn’t care because they didn’t carry the story. The story around it, the interaction between the characters are so great to watch that I forgive them for using plot devices for creating a story. In Thor: The Dark World, everything is about defeating the evil aliens and there is not much story or secondary plots besides that.

3) Lack of connections with the Marvel Universe. Yes, Captain America made a cameo. Yes, the mention S.H.I.E.L.D., but that’s about it. Like I said, I’m a sucker for easter eggs and this movie is lacking them compared to the other Marvel movies.

Well, enough ranting, this movie has a few good points too:

1) Humor. Loki has a good sense of humor and he shows it. TG’s intern and her intern are funny as well (although it’s obvious that that’s their only purpose in this movie). I laughed a lot.

2) Action Scenes. The action scenes are exciting. A lot of movies tend to make them too long, which results in making the action scenes boring, but in Thor: the Dark World the action is great and never boring.

3) Shirtless Thor. And the mere fact that Loki is in this movie. He’s not shirtless though. But that’s a reason to go see part 3.

Conclusion: I’m probably too harsh on this movie. I’m just so irritated by the negative points that they ruin the whole movie for me. I guess the movie itself is okay, but I just expected more from a Marvel Movie.

Grade: 6,5


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