Doctor Who – Finally… Proper Trailers!!!

Link to the new trailer –

Well, this is more like it.  After the gnashing of teeth of by fans after what will more than likely be known as “Comic-Con-Gate”, Steven Moffat and the BBC have been true to their words and delivered a trailer that really gets the mouth watering… well, since the teaser that was released a few weeks ago.

It’s only been on the web for roughly 48 hours, at the time of writing, but it has already been dissected into ribbons, but to give those of you who are newer Whovians a bit of background, I thought that I’d point out some of the items that are on show in this trailer.

1 secs to 10 secs – The Doctor speaks of the fact that he has lived many lives, but that there is one that he does not admit to.  This is obviously a reference to the conclusion of “The Name Of The Doctor” where we are introduced to John Hurt’s unknown Doctor.

12 secs to 19 secs – Are we finally getting to see “The Time War”?

For those of you who don’t know the series, “The Time War” between the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, and the Daleks has loomed large over the “Doctor Who” mythos since the programme’s return in 2005, which leads to…

19 secs to 24 secs – “Great men are forged in fire.  It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

One of the story arcs in Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor and, to a smaller extent David Tennant’s era, is the Doctor becoming a figure of terrifying legend.  The character of Madam Kovarian along with the Silence have sought to prevent a secret that would never be revealed through the Doctor visiting Trenzalore, something that he did in “The Name Of The Doctor”.

Are the actions of this previously unknown Doctor something that he is willing to undertake to pave the way for the type of man that the Doctor has become since the programme’s return in 2005?  A man who has been treading a darker path and has been less compromising to how he deals with his adversaries.

26 secs – Clara uses a “Vortex Manipulator”.

For those who are familiar with the series, only two people we know uses a Vortex Manipulator – River Song, as portrayed by Alex Kingston, and Captain Jack Harkness, as portrayed by John Barrowman.

Will a person from the Doctor’s past aid Clara in this adventure?

27 secs to 29 secs – “Geronimooooooooo” and “Allons-y”

And fandom goes wild as Eleven and Ten use their beloved catchphrases.

29 secs to 32 secs – “The moment is coming.”

Is this a reference to Part Two of David Tennant’s swansong story, “The End Of Time”, where the Time Lord High Council informs their president, Rassilon, that the Doctor had possession of “the moment” which will see the end of the Daleks and the Time Lords?

32 secs to 35 secs – The TARDIS being carried by a helicopter to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery

This was a much publicised film shoot from early on in the shooting schedule for this special and is, presumably, the set up for the action taking place in the Gallery.

38 secs to 40 secs and 49 secs – Whovians have been waiting for this joke since it was announced that Ten and Eleven were uniting in this story… I think you can work out the innuendo.

42 secs to 43 secs – “The more thing’s change…”

Ten and Eleven compare “brainy specs” and yes, Fezes Are Cool!!!

44 secs and 46 secs to 47 secs – Ten asking why these three incarnations of the Doctor have been brought together.  I think that we’ll only get this answer on 23rd November.  After all… “Spoilers”.

45 sec– A nice moment of multi-Doctor sass.

49 secs to 50 secs – “I remember this… Almost remember”

One question that has had some level of fan debate is why the Doctor doesn’t remember the experiences of his predecessors in previous multi-Doctor stories such as “The Three Doctors”, “The Five Doctors” or “The Two Doctors”?  Will this episode answer the question?

51 secs to 55 secs – “Oh you’ve redecorated…  I don’t like it.”

This has been a gag in the programme’s  history since “The Three Doctors” and, I presume, a lovely tribute to the Doctor who first used the phrase, Patrick Troughton, who also served as the inspiration for Matt’s Doctor.

(Just for those fact fans out there, a variation of this phrase was used by the second Doctor in “The Three Doctors” when he enters the third Doctor’s TARDIS and “The Five Doctors” when he visits UNIT Headquarters, by the eleventh Doctor in “Closing Time” when he visits Craig’s house and meets “Stormageddon”, and now by the tenth Doctor).  (Also, I love Eleven’s indignant reaction to this comment).

56 secs to 57 secs – A shot of Joanna Page in the role of Queen Elizabeth I.

Is this going to answer what happened between her and the tenth Doctor which got him into hot water at the end of the series three episode “The Shakespeare Code” and was alluded to by Liz X (“I am the bloody Queen”) in the fifth series episode “The Beast Below”.

59 secs to 1 min 1 s – Okay, I’m going to have an unashamed fanboy moment… ZYGONS!!!!

The particular adversary of the Doctor’s appeared in the 1974 story, “Terror Of The Zygons” and haven’t appeared since that story, apart from a couple of small clips in the fourth Doctor’s regeneration story “Logopolis”, transmitted in 1981, and the fifth Doctor story “Mawdryn Undead”, transmitted in 1983, plus a small reference to them in the 2012 story “The Power Of Three” when the Doctor’s anniversary present to Amy and Rory is ruined by a group of Zygons and their ship.

1 mins 6 s to 1 min 7 s – “For once, I’d like to know where I’m going.” “No, you really wouldn’t.”

Is this the eleventh Doctor’s way of protecting the tenth from the pain and the knowledge of what is yet to come?  After all, since the tenth Doctor regenerated into his eleventh incarnation, he has been drawn into conflict with the Silence over his future, had the daughter of his best friend kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming his executioner only to become a woman who he knows will die saving his life in his tenth incarnation, and through his own actions unleash a “genie from the bottle” in the form of his secret incarnation.

1 min 7 s to 1 min 16 s  – “I’m looking for the Doctor.” “Well, you seem to have come to the right place.”

Another nice moment of Doctor sass.

Alongside this video, a shorter version was released on Saturday morning, presumably due to an accidental leak, alongside the Doctor interfering with the BBC ident on Sunday evening.  Links to these videos, along with the 50th anniversary trailer are below.

Link to the shorter version of the trailer –

Link to Ident Interruption 1 –

Link to Ident Interruption 2 –

Link to the 50th anniversary trailer –

So, are you excited for “The Day Of The Doctor” and where will you be watching this special episode?  (I’ll be at my local cinema watching it on the big screen with a load of rabid Whovians).

Leave your comments below, it ‘ll be nice to hear how you’ll be celebrating “The Day Of The Doctor”.


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