The Petrosian Invitation by T.P. Keating, a book review

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks. The perks of running a book reviewing blog is that sometimes authors find your blog, contact you and ask you to read their books. Oh and in the process they actually provide you with a book to read. I love free books and I’m to Dutch to turn such an offer down 😉

That’s how you end up with this latest review. And just let me say, vampires, Russian Culture, cooking and a to die for Chocolate dessert? Oh yes please! Beware of some spoilers, although I try to keep them to a minimum.

About the book:

  • edition language: English
  • Author: T.P. Keating
  • Genre: vampire romance novel




Synopsis according to Goodreads:

Oleg Petrosian, the self-made Russian Billionaire, wonders when his un-beating heart will experience a glimmer of love. On a business trip to London, to seal a gas deal, he meets Sam Latham, the chef at a swanky restaurant in South Kensington. After she caters for a business meeting at his nearby home, his private Learjet (flown by his cosmonaut sister) whisks Oleg, Sam and her younger actress sister to Oleg’s cliff top home in Russia’s Anapa, a health resort on the Black Sea. But can their fledgling romance survive Oleg’s deep, dark secret?

About the Author:

Hmm, I have to say this author seems to be as mysterious as Oleg. All I could find about the author was on Amazon:

I live for writing, and travel has always been an awesome source of inspiration for me. I love my cats – which mean I cannot travel so much nowadays. At home with 6 cats and my wife, I am never far from my keyboard. I was a former semi-pro musician; until my wife convinced me to switch to writing (she’s full of good ideas like that). You can contact me by email at Or drop by my website at

My thoughts:

The fact I read this book in just 2 days (and I had to work those 2 days) says enough about me that I really liked it. I mean, I’m a sucker for vampire novels, mix that with Russian culture (which I’m also interested in) and some cooking and I am sold.

And my biggest issue with this particular novel is that it’s too short. Now don’t worry I’m going into a bitching mode. But I like more elaborated books. Sometimes the story feels too rushed or things aren’t explained to properly. For example I would love to read more about Oleg’s background. And this is addressed in the book briefly I want more explanation. Or Sam going through the motions a bit more. I mean, she accepts Oleg’s invitation a bit too easy for my taste, dragging along her sister into a big adventure. Certainly towards the ending, which came way too early for my taste.

But Oleg’s Russian background is a relief for all the current American sparkling vampires walking around. Finally a bit more man instead of teenage boys swooping up the public.

I loved Sam’s no nonsense attitude and hard working attitude towards life. It gives it a ‘real’ feeling to the story. And the fact that she’s a female chef (where do I get the recipe for that Mousse au Chocolate Noir???) is a big bonus for me. She’s not some troubled young female in need of rescue. (Thank god for that one).

I like books that have a different outtake towards vampires instead of walking along the better known paths of vampire history. And T.P. Keating certainly delivers on that front.

I don’t know if this book is getting a second part or is going to be re-written into a longer novel or if it’s gonna stay the way it is. But I found it funny, well-written, new in its genre, a bit of romance, which is always good and it made me hunger for more.

Where to get your own copy:



My rating:

I rate this book 7 out of 10. And that’s just based of the fact I want more. So should you read it? Yes definitely. If you like strong female characters, handsome Russian vampires and a bit of romance added in the mix. So go get your own copy and leave a nice review on Goodreads for this author!


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