That certain dark edge that attracts us.

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course.

So I had an interesting discussion with one of the interns at work and I wanted to share it with you. We found out we both have a love for vampires. And I don’t mean the sparkly kind.

We discussed our favourite vampire movies, series and books and I recommended a few to her 😉

But we also spoke about what it makes that we love these dark characters so much and not only vampires but other people / characters / monsters in general.

vampire armand

Why is it that we love vampires, and I’m talking about modern day vampires? The kinds like Spike, Lestat, Damon, Eric. What makes us that we fall hard for these bad boys?

eric gif

For me it started around puberty. I read vampire books before (children’s novels) but when I grew older and I first discovered interview with the vampire. That’s where it all began for me. Sure Brad Pitt looked gorgeous in that movie, but I was much more attracted to Armand (never had a thing for Tom Cruise). In Buffy the Vampire Slayer I fell hard for Angel, but when Spike appeared, he was my vampire.

Spike gif

If I look at what’s on TV and in books today. I would say Damon from the Vampire Diaries, or what about Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time? (Not a vampire) or who wouldn’t remember the phantom from the phantom of the opera.

captain hook

Why do we have a fascination for these dark, soulless creatures? Is it because they look beautiful? (Although that doesn’t count with the phantom). Is it because we think we can save these monsters from damnation? (Others have tried and failed, so I guess not).  Is it that edge of danger these characters bring with them we are looking for? Are we all a bit of a John Watson, needing that piece of danger and adrenaline in our lives to continue on living? Do we think they can protect us against even greater evil? And why wouldn’t the good guy do this for you? Why not choose that sparkling vampire? Or the one still remembering the day he had a soul and was a good guy? Is the good guy more boring? Not enough adventures or bloodshed?

But if we ask ourselves these questions, would you really? Would you indeed if Damon stood in front of your door, waiting to be invited in, let him bite you and live for all eternity?

damon gif

Would you stay with Captain Hook on his ship in Neverland?

Would you follow Sherlock trough London, knowing you might be hurt in the process.

Sherlock gif

Do you really wish to be a companion to the Doctor, knowing you might die, get your memory erased, being left behind in a parallel dimension?


Does the risk of being hurt weight less when you get a short exciding life out of it? Is it worth it?

Are our lives that boring or unsatisfying we would throw it all away in a heartbeat? Or is it just something we like to fantasize about when we had a crappy day and settle down in front of the TV or on the couch with a book and loose ourselves for a couple of hours with these dark creatures.

And why in the end, in real life we settle for safe and boring, stability? Someone to raise our kids with, make a family, why not try to settle with the bad guy, or isn’t it possible to settle with that dark edge?

not my division

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

PS: all pictures used are .gifs, some won’t properly move, so just click the picture so it will give you that bit of extra…

PPS: all gifs are nicked from the internet using Google, sorry I didn’t credit the makers of these beauties.


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One thought on “That certain dark edge that attracts us.

  1. Tekira says:

    Interesting question! Although I don’t watch any series with real people with vampires, I do love the anime Vampire Knight (narcissistic, sadistic and dangerously vampires everywhere). I usually root for the bad boy in movies and series. I think it’s because a risky uncertain love appeals more to imagination than a boring safe one. But in real life I life together with a guy I met in my first year of university and we start dating after we’ve known each other 2 years (talk about safe). I did date (if you can call it like that) a wrong ‘dangerous’ guy, but I only ended up hurting. Not recommendable.

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