Blog still under construction (and a poll)

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course.

I am still working on my blog to make it better, more professional, bit more mature sort of speak. And although I love my blog name (my best friend Lex was the one who gave me the nick name hot cute girly geek) I’m not sure if I want to keep this name or change it.

A lot of people know me with the hot cute girly geek blog, but since I have a couple of more permanent writers as well, and one of them is a guy, can hot cute girly geek still keep its name?

I asked around before in this blog, but also on twitter and you lovely readers are devided in keeping my name or changing it. So it’s time to add a poll.

Please give me your opinion about changing or keeping the name.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


About hotcutegirlygeek

Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

4 thoughts on “Blog still under construction (and a poll)

  1. Ilana says:

    I agree the name can bare updating, mostly because it’s perhaps a bit on the youngish side, and not professional (yet). That said, Yahoo and Google did just fine with crazy names that aren’t adult!

    I’m wondering if the girly side has to be taken out just because there is one man co-writing amoungs a few women working on the blog. It is friendly toward the guy (presumably), but is it necessary? When the first women started to work in areas that were men-only, no one changed any names to allow for their presence. Not that I condone that either, I’m just saying that maybe the man wants to be here, as the women wanted to be there. The lady-Mythbuster who is as gung-ho as the guys she does the show with hasn’t been the cause of changing the show’s name to Mythbusters and Busterettes!

    Your female and sexy oriented name states what the special value of your bog is. It doesn’t say everyone working on the blog is a woman, or should be. Everyone in the end probably wants to be found as equal (even if they are not the same) in the arena they are chosing to be part of.

    A more adult version of the hotness and cuteness that the girly geek blog has to offer, has a place in fandom. Seeing as boy-fandom (occupied by a great many adult to older men, as well as boys) is definitely different, and they have plenty of forums around. If the female geekness disappears from this blog, I’d be sorely disapointed, and would hunt for another one (are there any?) as generic (i.e. male) geeky forums do just that: catering to the male fan.

    As a female fan of 42 years old and a wide range of fannish interest that touch on, but certainly not equate those of the male fans (no matter what age), I celebrate the fact that this blog exists.

    So please don’t change. Grow and mature, and keep your enthusiasm and stay yourself. I embrace any male fans who enjoy what I as a girl-geek do, and I am happy to meet them all on my terms, as I meet them on their terms when I visit their arenas.

    • Don’t worry, the hotness and girl-geek part will continue on this site, it’s just the name I’m thinking about changing. I was thinking of changing the subtext underneath the blog name into something like: 3 women, 1 man giving you all the geeky things any hot cute girly geek needs in her life, geekyfying the world one (wo)man at the time.
      But I’m just toying with different ideas at the moment, hence the poll I added today. My readers have all different opinions wheiter to keep or change the name. But I need to make a finall decision some time. I’m really gratefull for your comment and giving me advice about the name.
      Love, Mendy

  2. Anita says:

    The Girly Geek

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