Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead, an e-book review

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. I’m trying to mix up my blogs a bit so you don’t get all the same sort of blog topics all at once. So another book review. And another Doctor Who 50th anniversary short novel as well. By none other than one of my favourite vampire novel writers Richelle Mead. And remember, spoilers.Something borrowed

About the book:

  • Kindle Edition
  • Published: June 23rd 2013 by Puffin
  • edition language: English
  • series: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary E-Shorts #6
  • Author: Richelle Mead


Synopsis according to Goodreads:

A wedding on the planet Koturia turns out to be a far more dangerous proposition than the Sixth Doctor and Peri ever expected. It marks the return of a formidable old foe whose genius matches the Doctor’s. Can the Doctor outwit this villain, save Peri and stop the wedding in time?

Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories: a year-long celebration of Doctor Who! The most exciting names in children’s fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time-travelling Time Lord.

My thoughts:

Oh my, my geeky heart was really excited when I learned that Richelle Mead was writing one of the Doctor Who novels, and although I wouldn’t classify her as a children’s book author, but more young adult, seriously, I don’t care!

I love her vampire academy books and the spin-off series and her other novels. I can’t get enough of them and have them in paperback as well as on my e-reader. And Richelle is just adorable, ok?

But back to reviewing the book. Again, I can’t comment about the fact how she described the sixth Doctor and his companion, cause I still haven’t watched the old Doctor Who episodes. But I can give you my thoughts about the story itself.

Although this isn’t one of my favourite stories in the 50th anniversary short novels, I did like it. I find it really interesting to read this story, knowing it is writing by an American author and in comparison with the other stories, it does have a different feel to it. I mean, if you only look at the fact it’s based on a Las Vegas style planet.

But somehow it really works. Although I can understand some other readers / reviewers have a bit of difficulty with it. But I’m not picky and the more Doctor Who the better.

The story itself is entertaining, again setting a high pace, but for me, it also got the time to explain itself a bit more instead of rushing everything to get a story on a minimum amount of pages.

And I loved the pterodactyls in the story. It gives such a Torchwood feeling to it as well (Myfanwy anyone?) The Doctor does seem to have a thing for or with pterodactyls. I don’t know how often they appear in the classic series, but in the new ones they are featured quite often.

Where to buy it:

My ratings:

Oh yes, a definite 9 out of 10. Funny, thrilling and exciting, written by Richelle Mead and pterodactyls, what more can a geek ask for?


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2 thoughts on “Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead, an e-book review

  1. Anita says:

    When I saw the title I was shocked. hahah I though Hot Cute Girly Geek reviewing a chiklit book on her geek blog? Then I saw the cover of the book was Doctor Who. hahahahah. Check out the movie version:

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