Hot cute girly geek, the Dutchie version (or what happend when 2 bloggers meet-up).

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. As you all know, my fellow blogger Theta and I have been planning to meet each other, and now it finally happened!!! Can I get a whoop, whoop?!


I met Theta when I first started blogging and soon we became very good online friends. We talk to each other regularly on Skype, tweet a lot and basically annoy the hell out of each other 😉 What started out as a joke a year ago, him wanting to visit the Netherlands and I offering to play tour guide in Amsterdam, quickly changed into something more serious.

He bought plane tickets and I invited him over to my house, since I have a guestroom, why pay for a hotel? And after what seemed like an awfully long wait, last week he finally arrived at Schiphol airport!

DSC_0078So what do you get when two fellow geeky bloggers meet-up? First of all, a much stressed hot cute girly geek wanting to get everything perfect and inDSCF3312 desperate need of cleaning my house. Second of all, a lot of geeky hugs, inside whovian jokes, playing yellow car for 6 days straight (btw I won), going on rollarcoasters, look cake! And much, much more. This will be a more general account on what we did for 6 days and I will post separate blogs later about the museums and stuff.

As I said, we started with me being very stressed and almost running late picking Theta up from the airport. Since I don’t have a drivers license, public transport was the way to go for the next couple of days. But luckily I got there just in time, had an enormous hug and introduced Theta to his first view of the Netherlands.DSC_0082

After dumping his suitcase back home we went into the city centre of the lovely and picturesque (nah not really) town of Gouda, where I live. Let’s just say we decided after that night to do the rest of our travelling either by walking or public transport after a minor biking accident. Guess the old Dutch saying of you’ll never forget how to ride a bike doesn’t take in account you actually have to be Dutch for it to work.

We had a lovely dinner at one of our local restaurants, went back home and it was time for presents. Since it’s hard for me to get hold of the Doctor Who magazine (I can get hold of it, but it is truly overprized) Theta brought a stack of them just for me! Along with some awesome Doctor Who related novels, DVDs and proper English tea! We watched some Doctor Who of course and went to bed early, cause our second day we were supposed to go to the Efteling. Our largest and most famous amusement park!


DSCF3067Although us Dutchies bitch a lot about the national rail service, turns out, it isn’t as bad as the British one. At least they inform us when stuff happens.DSC_0289 But we had a smooth trip to the Efteling and pretty much behaved like 12 year olds, going on all rollercoasters and walking around fairytale forest. If you ever get the chance as a non Dutchie to visit the Efteling, you should do so, it’s amazing! Theta ate his first ‘Bossche Bol’. Oh and I got a chance to buy a new book by one of my favourite Dutch children’s book authors. He wrote the story specially for the Efteling, since one of the shows and rides is based on this.

Day three of the ultimate geeky blogger meet-up and we went to Amsterdam! First stop the tourism office to buy ourselves an I love Amsterdam card. Basically it gives you free travel in the Amsterdam public transport and a lot of free access to a lot of museums and a discount for other museums. Even for Dutchies who want to spend the day in Amsterdam going to museums I would recommend buying such a card. Check the website for the up-to-date list of museums and restaurants you can get a discount for and the prices and such:

DSC_0287Our second stop after walking through the main shopping area was Marks & Spencers. As far as I know, the only one in the Netherlands and since I don’t go that often to Amsterdam it’s a good store to stock up on British products. (I must confess I’m addicted to their chicken sandwiches, I basically live on those when I’m in the UK) and I also bought a bag of jelly babies. How can I host a 50th anniversary whovian birthday party without jelly babies?

And what would a visit to Amsterdam be without checking out Waterstones. Seriously, I’m not capable of leaving a bookstore without buying a book. IDSC_0290 bought Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and together with Theta we bought a present for Lokke, one of my fellow DCC members who happens to celebrate her birthday in a couple of days and who would be playing tour guide the next day. And across from Waterstones there’s the English DSC_0291bookstore, basically the English version of what we Dutchies call the ‘witte boekhandel’.  I picked up the princess bride and Theta bought another book for Lokke.

After the necessary shopping we went to see the ‘van Gogh’ museum. A must visit for a whovian or a museum geek, take your pick. I’ll be posting a separate blog about this later this week or maybe next week. Let me just say it was brilliant! DSCF3199

With the ‘van Gogh’ museum checked of our to-do list the next stop was the ‘Rijksmuseum’. As a Dutchie I must confess it was the first time I went and saw the famous ‘Nachtwacht’ painting.DSC_0251

Although not as amazing as the ‘van Gogh’ museum, we still had a good time and Theta felt right at home as a British person with all the queuing we had to do to enter the museum. Seriously, first a queue to get into the museum, then a queue for buying tickets and the last queue to drop of our bags, seeing as you can’t bring your bags into the museum.

As the day was nearing its end we decided to do a ‘canal tour’ as last activity for the day. Packed with tourists I was probably the only Dutchie on board. Our tour guide was a local and he loved to take the piss out of people, which nobody understood as he did it in Dutch. I had the time of my life, and tried to translate as much as I could for Theta.

We were both pretty much dead after two days of running around and it was a good thing I planned a relaxed day in between. Sunday was reserved for a slow day in Delft, meeting up with my fellow DCC member and friend Lokke. She showed us around Delft, introduced us to the best apple pie ever (seriously, Dean would freaking love that apple pie, it was worth it), Theta had his first experience with a ‘Haagse Hopje’ and herring, and basically we had a good time.DSC_0258

Monday was again another day in Amsterdam and we started with the Anne Frank house. Because I know this is a popular place to visit we did this first thing, but if you plan on visiting it, no matter what time of day, prepare to wait at least an hour before you can get it.

I have visited the Anne Frank house when I was about 12 years old, but it still got to me. I’ll try to write a proper blog about it later this week. But I will say one thing. You are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum. This is because of the fact that for a lot of people the visit is really emotional and out of respect you are simply not allowed. And there are signs saying you’re not allowed. And, excuse my language, bloody stupid American tourists, you can read English! Don’t take pictures!!! (Ok, rant is over now)

We needed a bit of a cheer-up after the visit and decided to stop drinks and ‘bitterballen’ before our next visit to the Hermitage.DSC_0267

The hermitage is linked to the one in St-Petersburg and since I’m such a geek for Russian culture I wanted to visit it. We were being told the old exhibit was still open next to the new one, but when we arrived we missed it by a day. But it was still lovely to see. (Again, expect a blog post later this week).

DSC_0270Oh and in between we stopped for lunch at an Irish pub located at ‘Rembrandt plein’  St. James. Best burgers ever!

And our final museum visit was foam. Normally I’m not that big on photography, but they did an expose about David Bowie and we decided it was something we both liked to see. The main museum wasn’t that interesting, but the Bowie expose was amazing. (You guessed it, blog post is coming later).

After foam it was time to make a quick stop at the American and British sweetshop in Amsterdam to stock up with all sorts of goodies. (And again, buying stuff for my birthday party, jammie dodgers anyone?) DSC_0286

Our visit to Amsterdam ended in Waterstones where I picked up an amazing and newly published Doctor Who book and got myself a Waterstones card as well.


This was our last evening together and what better way to spend it with a couple of beers and ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ seeing all the paintings we saw in real life a few days prior.

DSC_0281And, insert sad face here, our final day. We did a quick tour through the city centre of Gouda, bought ourselves a giant syrup waffle, he bought cheese and I treated him to an ‘oliebol’  and it was time to drop Theta off at the airport again. We said our goodbyes with a big hug and I am sure we’ll team up another time, probably me going over to the UK. In the mean time we’ll continue to Skype and tweet and annoy the hell out of each other.

Thanks for the amazing time sweetie 😉

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


About hotcutegirlygeek

Hi I’m Mendy, 30, live in the Netherlands together with my lovely cat Sir James. I’m a social worker who works with drug addicts and homeless people by day and a geek, avid blogger and aspiring author by heart. I read, write, blog, bake and create. More about Hot Cute Girly Geek

5 thoughts on “Hot cute girly geek, the Dutchie version (or what happend when 2 bloggers meet-up).

  1. Ilana says:

    What a lovely geeky holiday. Much more culture than geek, really! Culture is sophisticated, not geeky, when you’re past 30 years old or so. 😉

    Being a hot dutchie girly chick myself who is married to an Englishman, I can spot the little bits of Brit rubbing off on you in your writing. Brilliant! Enjoy the geeky Brit boy while you can. They can be adorably nice. Seems like you two had a lot to talk about. Best book that UK trip soon, that’s all I can say, sensing romance in the air. Remember, geeky Brit boys are shy. Dutch girls are forward. 😉 I rest my case.

    Spending time in British SF, RPG and media fandom can also be great fun. I can recommend the following non-commercial conventions:
    Eastercon 65 – the British National Science Fiction Convention.
    18th – 21st April 2014,
    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, UK.
    about 800-1000 people
    the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). Comes around rarely in the UK or Europe. Last time was 2005.
    14-18 August 2014
    ExCeL, London Docklands, UK.
    expecting over 4000 people
    The Multimedia Science Fiction Convention 2015 (it’s bi-yearly)
    20-22 February 2015
    Britannia Hotel, Coventry, UK
    about 300-500 people

    There are many more cons in the UK, both fan-run and commercial, but these are definite don’t-miss ones.

    Enjoy Brit fandom!

    • AWW thanks for the nice words about my blog post. I think culture can be geeky as well, since I’m also a museum and history geek. And us whovians have a way to make everything about Doctor Who 😉
      About the romance comment: whahahahahaha, nope. We’re really good friends, that’s all, I can safely say there’s no romance involved. But if you know of any hot single guys, British or Dutch, I’m always open to a date or two 😉 And my UK trip is probably not gonna happen until 2015, since I’m planning to visit my BFF in Texas next years, which will pretty much drain me from all my money, and it probably will be around Christmas as well. But thanks for the tips. I might to a con post at the end of this year for the cons for 2014.
      Love, Mendy

      • Ilana says:

        Ah I see love everywhere! 🙂 I’ll let you know if I find an unclaimed geeky hot guy in either British or Dutch fandom!

        Since you say you are also a history geek, I would like to bodaciously plug my own tiny blog about Japanese culture and history.
        Thank you for your indulgence! I promise I won’t do it again. 😉

        I enjoy your blog. Don’t change!

  2. rtgrthetasigma says:

    And you were more than a fantastic host.

    It was six memorable days with geekery, childlike behaviours, awesome museums, food and friendship.

    Thank you for a brilliant six days.

    PS – You were kind about my lack of cycling ability.

    PPS – You were also kind about Yellow Car. Let’s fact it, you beat me solidly throughout the weekend on that game. 😀

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