Artist Promo Blog: Meike Zane, portrait artist

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Because I’m crazy busy at the moment I don’t have any time to do a YouTube Sunday for the next couple of weeks, because I simply don’t have the time to spend searching the internet during the week. So I have something different for you today, and I think it’s even more awesome then my YouTube Sunday!

This is a new subject, and I was thinking about it for some time to do add this to my blog. And when I saw one of my DCC friends on twitter talking about promoting her blog, well, why not help her out. So here it the first artist promo blog, featuring Meike Zane, portrait artist.

Sherlock by Meike Zane

About Meike:

Supernatural by Meike ZaneMeike Zane is a 23 year old portrait artist from the Netherlands. She is currently in between studies, as she just graduated from the International Bachelor Communication and Media at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and is starting the MA Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management, and Education at Maastricht University in September of this year. She is passionate about art (both her own and others), photography, travelling, music, family, and more.

About Meike’s art:

Meike has four traditional drawing styles she uses most frequently and offers for commissions. These styles are realism, pointillism, ink, and quick sketches. Most of her works Ian Somerhalder by Meike Zaneare on size A4 and A5, but on request will also draw larger pieces.

Meike’s statement:

While I originally started drawing in 2006, I wasn’t nearly as interested in or passionate about it as I am now. I drew some of my favorite bands and athletes, but had no future aspirations concerning my own art or the art world in general. It wasn’t until my father passed away unexpectedly in 2009 that things started to change drastically. His last words were the evening before, to me – right after I had finished a drawing – that he was so proud of me and my artwork. The next morning I realized I wanted to spend most of my time drawing, and have been doing so ever since. I owe my father a lot, including making me see my true potential and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

In my portraits I try to portray the subjects as they are. I strive to not only capture their likeness, but their soul on the paper as well. This is why I often choose to draw portraits of people I admire and respect. People whose work I enjoy, people who have made a difference in my life, people I look up to.

Lea Michele by Meike ZaneWhat I find most important is that others enjoy my art, which is why I offer commissions. Many people want drawings of their loved ones or heroes to grace their walls, and I am honoured that they come to me to create them. The biggest compliments I receive are the ones from people telling me my art has inspired them to pick up a pencil or be creative otherwise themselves. Creativity decorates the world; I see it as necessary to make it a better place to live in. It doesn’t matter whether that creativity is expressed as drawings, pictures, films, music, etc.; I consider it all to be art.

Different kinds of art:

Meike works with different drawing styles, first of all, Realism. A realistic drawing of the subject (and my personal favourite, if I may say so.) Second she uses Pointillism. Which is really awesome, Meike uses small dots to create an amazing image of the person or the commission (baffled by this style). Ink is the third one, using ink and different brushes to create beautiful pieces as well. And then we have sketches, quick sketch portraits done with pencils (Oh I would love to have just a bit of her talent). And mixed media, where Meike uses different styles of drawing techniques into one image, one of the best and most amazing examples is the one she drew of James Rhodes. (Speechless, just speechless.)

James Rhodes by Meike Zane

But that’s not the only thing she makes! If you visit her etsy shop, you’ll see she also makes these beautiful pieces of jewellery, the Tree of Life, with different kinds of gemstones (also available as a custom made order if you wish)

Tree of Life by Meike Zane

So that’s it? Nope, she also makes her art into amazing Resin Necklaces, for you know, if you want to display your fandom throughout daily life.

Ministry of Magic by Meike Zane

What makes it geeky?

What makes it geeky? First of all, Meike is one hot cute girly geek herself! Big hug for that one Meike! Embrace that inner geek and never let go of it! Second of all, all the Loki by Meike Zanefandoms!!! Just a small selection of a few of the fandoms she uses to make beautiful art from:

  • BBC Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Glee
  • Harry Potter
  • BBC Merlin
  • the Vampire Diaries
  • The Avengers
  • Supernatural
  • And many, many more!

Ok, can I marry you now?

My thoughts:

Sherlock sketch by Meike ZaneWow, just one word wow. Spending so much time online I see a lot of art and fan art passing. And although everyone has his or her own style, I do have my own preferences, especially when it comes to realism. Not many artists are capable to capture not only the 2D image of a picture and drawing it on a piece of paper, but in Meike’s case she is able to capture the essence of the person she is drawing, making them seem alive, the emotions they display in that drawing real.

Within the fandoms present, Meike is a rising star; her art is being displayed at Speedy’s cafe. (For the people who don’t know Speedy’s, first of all, shame one you! Second, go watch Sherlock!) Even Benedict Cumberbatch has noticed her thanks to Speedy’s, which was tweeted just a couple of days ago. I mean, how awesome is that!

I wish I had an original Meike Zane at home, but you know how life is, and short of cash 😉 But buying one of her beautiful art pieces is high on my priority list at the moment. (Oh and I do accept gifts, if people are wondering.)

The Eleventh Doctor by Meike Zane

How to buy Meike’s art:

So by now I know you guys are curious and you have seen some examples of her art on this blog (don’t worry, I asked for permission to use it) And I know you all want to buy some of her art. So where can you find it?

Right here!

A small gift to use:

As a thank you for visiting this blog and finding Meike Zane as a new artist, you can now use the following code to get a 15% discount on her art, just use to following code HCGGBLOG when you buy one of her art pieces on etsy.

Sherlock 2 by Meike Zane

Lots of love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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One thought on “Artist Promo Blog: Meike Zane, portrait artist

  1. Brenda Lee Rogers says:

    Meike is an incredible artist. She did an amazing drawing of my dad for me. He died almost three years ago, but her picture captured the twinkle in his eye, the laugh in his smile. I am continually impressed by her new art and look forward to seeing her posts. Go buy something from her! You’ll cherish it.

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