The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery, an E-book review

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Guess it was time to do another review, since I have a new e-reader. I am so happy with it. Although I have to say I’m still getting used to the whole touch screen thingy. I hate touch screens. My Smartphone has a hidden keypad and I don’t do I-pads or any pads for that matter. I want buttons and keyboard. Things to touch, not to swipe. But I’m getting distracted, so yeah, I got a new e-reader. And as a good crazy person I am, I named him Boris.

Boris!Turns out, 2 of my fellow bloggers have the same e-reader and one of the e-readers is called Sonya (I’m detecting a Russian theme here) but with the new e-reader I found it time to catch up on some much needed Doctor Who e-books and such. Starting with the Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery.The Angel's Kiss

About the book:




Synopsis according to Goodreads:

The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Story is an ebook based on a story partially told in British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
The book, fictionally written by River Song under the detective pen-name Melody Malone. It was featured in the episode “The Angels Take Manhattan”, with The Doctor reading it.
The story of “The Angels Take Manhattan” is formed in The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Story.

On some days, New York is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
This was one of the other days…
Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency, has an unexpected caller. It’s movie star Rock Railton, and he thinks someone is out to kill him. When he mentions the ‘kiss of the Angel’, she takes the case. Angels are Melody’s business…
At the press party for Railton’s latest movie, studio owner Max Kliener invites Melody to the film set of their next blockbuster. He’s obviously spotted her potential, and Melody is flattered when Kliener asks her to become a star. But the cost of fame, she’ll soon discover, is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.
Will Melody be able to escape Kliener’s dastardly plan – before the Angels take Manhattan?

My thoughts:

Beware of serious spoilers for this book as well as the Angels take Manhattan, Doctor Who season 7 episode 5!

I was quite anxious to read this book. It is mentioned in the Angels take Manhattan, season 7 episode 5 of new Doctor Who. But as I heard from other fellow whovians, it wasn’t the book used in the show. Only the title. Which is a shame, really. It would have been wonderful if the author used the chapter index and the message to the Doctor in this book.

So my thoughts. I liked it. Not loved it, just liked it. The book is told from Melody Malone’s point of view, who is as we all know River Song. And although I did think the author stayed pretty true to the character of River it was a bit over the top. Now it seems all River is doing is paying attention to her looks which makes her seem very shallow. And although the River we know from the show is a flirt and loves giving double entendres, in this book it is just too much.

About every other sentence we read Melody’s own thoughts on the things she sees and notices and although I love to know why and how a character takes a decision, it’s a bit much and very distracting from the main story.

The main story however, I found brilliant, molto bene! I love the Angels; one of my favourite episodes is Blink. And all the episodes with the Angels are amazing, even the Angels take Manhattan with all its inconsistencies. So sue me! We can all have our own opinion. But I do love how the author used an Angel to create doppelgangers and everything, and it makes me wonder, if this Angel he used in the story, is going to be the Angel in chains in the Angels take Manhattan.

Buttons, aka buy that book:


My rating:

I give it 7.5 out of 10. Like I said, loved the main story, but didn’t like how River was portrayed and that the original plot from the series wasn’t used.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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