Doctor Who Proms 2013

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. No YouTube Sunday today, cause I don’t have enough vids, but something else for this lazy Sunday. The Doctor Who Proms 2013!

Doctor Who Proms 2013 07

Doctor Who Proms 2013 01Unfortunately I wasn’t there yesterday, but the lovely people from BBC 3 radio made sure all the whovians from all around the world could listen to it live yesterday evening. And if you follow me on twitter you know I did just that.

In one word: Brilliant! I have seen some recordings from earlier Doctor Who Proms, but this is the first time I was in the position to listen to it live. And let Doctor Who Proms 2013 Tardisme tell you, it was amazing.

Because we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who later this year on the 23rd of November (also known as my 30th birthday) it was a special occasion. Murray Gold even wrote a special song for this occasion.

Doctor Who Proms 2013 Song for Fifty Lyrics

And let’s not forget us tweeting whovians made the Doctor Who Proms a trending topic last night. Never underestimate the power of fangirls / fanboys.

Doctor Who Proms 2013 03

Doctor Who Proms 2013 monstersJust about all the monsters where present, Silurians, Judoon, Cybermen, Daleks, Venetian vampires, Sontaran, Weeping Angels, the Silence, Ice Warriors. Oh I can’t Doctor Who Proms 2013 empty picturewait until the BBC releases the video footage of the proms.

Some familiar faces where there as well, Madame Vastra and Strax, I love Strax, my favourite potato. Who of course was very confused about all the puny humans present.

Doctor Who Proms 2013 Vastra and Strax

And of course, the star of the show, the Doctor himself! Together with his companion Clara! Although they did something wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff to get there, at the Royal Albert Hall and something went wrong with the Doctor’s hair…

Doctor Who Proms 2013 the Doctor and Clara

And special guest was the 5th Doctor! Together with the first ever companion!

Doctor Who Proms 2013 5th Doctor and 1st companion

Like I said, I really need the video footage asap, work on that BBC!!!

Doctor Who Proms 2013 Ben Foster and DalekThe music played was old and new. Popular like ‘I am the Doctor’ (one of my favourites) sad and full of feelings, Amy’s goodbye and the 10th Doctor’s last song ‘Vale Decim’ (still makes me wanna cry every time I hear it). The companions suite, the theme song, the Daleks and many, many more.

Let’s just say listening to it last night, and now relistening to it again, it’s giving me goose bumps. If you missed it last night, you can listen to it right here: Doctor Who Proms 2013 Cyberman chess and I urge you to do so.

Before I end this post I need to put in a disclaimer. Normally I don’t bother, but since I nicked all the pictures and vids from the BBC, here is the disclaimer:

Doctor Who Proms 2013 JudoonDisclaimer: I do not own the music, videos and/or pictures used in this blog. No copyright infringement intended. Everything belongs to their respective owners

Doctor Who Proms 2013 Ice Warrior

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


Doctor Who Proms 2013 the Doctor and Clara 2



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