YouTube Sunday!!! And Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who.

Hi my lovely hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. Wow, are you fellow whovians as shocked as I am? If you haven’t heard yet, you must have been living under a rock or something. Yesterday evening the news came out that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

Yep you heard it. Matt Smith, the current 11th Doctor (not taking in consideration what part John Hurt may play in the 50th episode) will be leaving Doctor Who during the Christmas episode at the end of this year.

I think I was one of the first of my friends who found out yesterday evening. The news was leaking a bit early. They planned on releasing the news around midnight, but it was online around 10 pm last night. And the internet exploded. Facebook, twitter, and I can only imagine how tumblr must have looked. I didn’t have access to TV or a computer last night and depended on others feeding me snippets of news. Oh how I love my fellow fandom friends, keeping me updated.

So what are your feelings about this whole ordeal? I love Matt as the Doctor, he did some brilliant episodes, played the role exceptionally well, but he isn’t my Doctor. That is and forever will be David Tennant.  Maybe that was the reason I wasn’t freaking out as much I thought I would. I mean, I had my proper Doctor moment last night, when I read my twitter feed. I think I exclaimed ‘what’? About six times. And my friend was a bit worried about me, to say the least.

I talked about Matt Smith with my good friend Theta a couple of days ago. We wondered how long he would be playing the role. The news was that Matt signed for season 8, and now he’s leaving. I will miss him as the Doctor, but I’m also anxious to see who will be next in line. I trust the good people of Doctor Who to pick a brilliant actor for this role. And like everyone I have my preferences.

Can we have David Tennant back? He is back for the 50th, so he can continue as the Doctor… I know, this is never ever gonna happen, but a girl can hope.

The second name I would like to drop is Ben Whishaw. He is a young actor, upcoming star, just won a Bafta and would be perfect for the new Doctor.

And people, please don’t mention Benedict as the new Doctor. He already declines the role ones, he is far too busy with other stuff and I don’t think he would be a good Doctor. Not that he’s not qualified to play the role. But it just feels wrong.

Check out this link, where Blogtor Who has a list of his own:

I will keep you guys updated with news, if you want instant news you should follow my twitter account, otherwise, just subscribe here.

For now, we continue with a couple of vids.

Don’t know if you have seen it already, but this is an awesome vid. Some cheerleaders decided to make a video clip from the song, Call me maybe, and some US military guys, decided to remake theirs. Watch:

Some pranking behind the scenes of shooting Harry Potter:

Who hasn’t seen the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, when they grew up? Or at some point during their life. Turns out, Will Smith and his son where guests on the Graham Norton show, and boy do they have a surprise! Watch the whole vid and prepare for rolling of the couch from laughter.

One of my fellow Dutch Supernatural friends is currently living in London and as part of her graduation project she made this awesome vid about cycling in London, we Dutchies just love to cycle. Watch it and share it please!:

And I end this small YouTube vid list with the news item of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who as seen on BBC news yesterday evening. For the peeps, who just like me, didn’t have any access to a TV at that time.

Lots of love, from your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.


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