Doctor Who: Journey to the centre of the Tardis, a review

Hi my hot cute girly geeks and boy geeks of course. This time, a Doctor Who review by your own hot cute girly geek. My good friend and fellow blogger Theta has written reviews for all the episodes so far, only one excluded is this one, journey to the centre of the Tardis.

So bare with me as I give it a go. And it will be slightly different then you are used to. I’m a new Doctor Who fan. I’m not British, I didn’t grow up with it, in fact, I became a fan about a year ago. I only have seen the new episodes and not the old ones, so I can’t compare with them, like Theta does. I can only give my opinion on what I have seen, so please don’t shoot me.

And talking about Doctor Who, are you guys excited for the season’s finale this Saturday? Well, I’m not. I have the feeling that Steven Moffat will leave us fangirls and fanboys sobbing messes on the couch. I have set up a Skype date with Theta to review the episode right after we watched it, or better known as the whovian support system. I have a feeling we are gonna need it. But let’s not speculate and just wait and see. Here is my review of the season 7 episode Journey to the centre of the Tardis:


We start the episode on some crappy old spaceship, and we soon find out it’s a salvage ship, finding something not worthy of our time. When we switch to the Tardis, the Doctor and Clara are having a domestic, about the Tardis. Seeing as Clara and ‘sexy’ still don’t get along well and the Doctor wants them to be good friends, he tries to let her fly her. (ok, is the key with the name Smiths on is a subtle reference to Matt Smith or the Doctor’s human name John Smith, or just a coincidence)

Back to the savage ship, creepy android guy spots the Tardis and they go in for the salvage. And all hell breaks loose in the console room. And no, there isn’t a big friendly button to fix it this time 😉 (ok I have the slight feeling this is gonna be a long review, or mainly me making comments as I simultaneously rewatch the episode and write this review, guess it’s gonna be more a play by play.)

The Tardis is being hauled into the salvage ship and they try to break open the Tardis, until android dude says the strange looking blue box aka escape pod has feelings and is alive. Damnseries-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-34 well she is alive; keep your hands of her boys! Speaking about the salvage guys and their name, ‘van Baalen’ that’s Dutch!

The Doctor somehow get’s outside of the Tardis, while Clara is stuck inside. Nothing good can come from that. Clara, the impossible girl, stuck inside the Tardis, which doesn’t like her. The Doctor tricks the van Baalen brothers and creepy android to get inside the Tardis and rescue Clara.

Meanwhile Clara goes wondering of in the corridors to get out of this mess herself, but wait, there is more, it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without a monster, so while searching her way out, Clare is indeed being chased.

I was really looking forward to seeing this episode, I did some research a while back on the different rooms known to us that the Tardis houses and I really wanted to see what the writer came up with for this episode and I must say, it wasn’t disappointing at all. We always knew the Tardis was special but seeing this episode makes it all more clearer. Picturing indefinite, toxic, bigger on the inside and a missing companion, I would say (in the words of another famous doctor) a bit not good. (Sorry about that, couldn’t help myself.)

The Doctor activates the Tardis self destruct sequins to get the van Baalen brothers to help him find Clara, and the sentence ‘my ship my rules’ and ‘don’t; get into a spaceship with a madman’ lets us see that darker side of the Doctor again which has been popping up a lot this season.

The first room Clara enters is the Doctor’s room, filled with knickknacks from his own past and the past of his companions. Like his baby crib River also used, the blue toy Tardis Amy doctor-who-7_10-journey-to-the-centre-of-the-tardis-mini-tardismade, Clara’s umbrella although she doesn’t know that and I imagine lots and lots of other stuff a new whovian like myself doesn’t recognize. Also we get a first glimpse into this monster thing.

And the van Baalen brothers are up to something… like stripping the insides of the Tardis empty, oh she’s not gonna like that one.

tumblr_mlxnhsTiOr1soh4m6o1_500While Clara is running from the previously mentioned monster, we get glimpses of other rooms inside the Tardis. Remember that telescope from the episode of Tooth and Claw? Yep, that’s the one. (Oh how Torchwood began, it brings back all sorts of memories.) The infamous pool of course, how could we forget Matt Smith’s first appearance talking to little Amelia, or River escaping and diving straight into it. And of course we get a good look at the library.

And I must say it was not something I pictured it to be. This library looks dark and creepy, almost like the forbidden books section from Harry Potter, and you just wonder with all its dark corners if there are any Vashta Nerada on the loose. But it’s still a library too geek out over. God, what I wouldn’t give to spend some time there.

While one of the van Baalen brothers is trying to tear apart the console, voices from the past are seeping through, voices of former companions and Doctors to be exact  (even I knew that one).

22_zps5c810c0dOne of the most beautiful rooms done and shown inside the Tardis is the room which has everything. The tree of life for the Tardis so to speak. The glowing bulbs, the hanging branches, doctor-who-7_10-journey-to-the-centre-of-the-tardis-architectural-reconfigurationthe Gallifreyan writing, although it made me wonder. If this room existed, why didn’t the Doctor use it more often to fix his ship, instead of using spare parts scavenged all over time and space, and why he didn’t just grew a new chameleon circuit. But that’s just me.

The term Tardis tantrum gave me a laugh, btw.

Ok, back to the library. And something that has been seriously bothering me. The book, the history of the time war. If the Doctor indeed is so precious about his name, why place this book on a pedestal, for everyone to read, I mean, his companions must come more often in the library, and how is it that Clara just happens to find his name, in a blink of an eye (no pun intended). Come one, this was too easy and it seemed so rushed. I wonder about the deleted scenes from this episode.  And why does Clara take the time to read a stuffy old book, while a monster is chasing her, wouldn’t the idea be running like hell?Doctor Who - Series 7B

And just a sad site note. That the Doctor keeps bottled Gallifreyan speech. It made me tear up a bit.

Clara finds her way into the console room but it seems it’s a different console room then one of the van Baalen brothers is in. And as it’s later explained they are in an echo room. Again I wonder why older console rooms weren’t shown, instead of creating multiple of the same room.

We are now one van Baalen brother short and the Doctor also had an encounter with one of the monsters, seems like there are more and he knows that they are…

Clare finds herself in a loop of walking into circles the Tardis leading her towards the console room over and over. The Doctor finds a way to get Clara out of one of the echo rooms and just in time before the monster get’s her. And boy is she pissed off at the Doctor, slapping him and blaming him for the ‘zombie creatures’ and do you have the same feeling that they reminded you a lot of the Pompeii episode.

tumblr_mlxnzkzIsW1rilmg3o1_1280The Doctor explains that the self destruct was a lie, but turns out not to be. The remaining members are on a journey to the centre of the Tardis, in hope of trying to fix her. And remember when Clara burned her hand in the beginning of the episode, there are letters appearing on her hand…

The Doctor keeps hiding things for Clara and she isn’t happy about it. Questioning him all the way. And we find out what exactly android boy is made off. Turns out, he’s another van Baalen brother.

Secrets protect us; secrets keep us save, well not every time. We find out what the monsters are, it’s not only the past that is leaking out the time rift, but also the future and the Doctor 4111862-high-doctor-who-series-7bslips up. He tries to disrupt the timeline in order to save everyone, and it’s not working.

This time the Doctor is asking the hard questions. And eleven, your ten is showing (I’m so sorry, well…) would you trust him? They both leap into the unknown and end up in the heart of the Tardis, and again, it’s a bit not good. But a big friendly button is all they need 😉

Can I just say I’m not a huge fan of cracks in the wall, even if they show up vertically instead of horizontally?

And how can the Doctor and the Doctor be in the same place? Doesn’t it create a paradox?

jct20The big friendly button saves the day. And does the fact that one of the van Baalen brothers remembers one of his lines from his other timeline, also means Clara remembers something as well??? We just have to wait and see…

Love, from your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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