YouTube Sunday!!! Star Trek into Darkness special

Hi my lovely hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. Because of the London premiere of Star Trek into Darkness I have a special YouTube Sunday, and also a little bit for my good friend Zee. She is a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan, but failed to notice that he has a role in this movie. So here is an amazing playlist, full with Star Trek into Darkness and other Benedict Cumberbatch related vids, and I hope you enjoy!

We start off with a very funny interview with Spocko. And can we all appreciate how Benedict plays along and his cute approach to try to talk German:

Oh my, thank you Captain, for allowing him to live:

And there are more disrupting vids, this time, Uhura:

And we have some short vids as well, Vendetta:

Short vid: World:

Short vid: the Future:

Short vid: The Dark:

Short vid: Run:

Star Trek into Darkness: Kirk:

Have you all seen the Graham Norton show? A lot of my lovely twitter fans attended and I watched it on my couch at home 😦 But here are some clips from the show. First of all, Benedict doing a sinister voice:

And the next one how lovely and sweet Benedict and Chris treat their fans:

And now some vids from the actual London premiere:

London premiere and also Benedict:

Celebrities arriving at the London premiere:

Simon Pegg interviewing JJ Abrams talking about Star Wars:

Ok, the next video is really bad quality, but it’s shot inside the theatre and the introduction of the movie by JJ Abrams, introducing the cast and crew:

Lovely vid about the world premiere in London, newswrap:

If you have 3D glasses at home, find them, put them on and watch the next vid:

And here is the Star Trek into Darkness Press Conference:

So that’s it for this week’s YouTube Sunday, I hope you enjoyed it and if you wanted to see all vids, here is the link for the entire playlist:

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy

PS: quick update, new vid with more interviews with the cast:


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