Top 10 on Thursday vlog: Sherlock vs. Elementary

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. I know I promised I would stick to more book reviews but this was I post I just had to write and tape.

First a warning, this video contains spoilers for both seasons of Sherlock, and there is some minor swearing by me, sorry about that.

It started with me being introduced into the world of Doctor Who. I then started watching Sherlock. In the process I talked about this with my mum. She is a big London fanatic, just like I am. So I had this plan of showing her Sherlock and trying to geekyfy my mum in the process.

Turns out I created a monster and something went wrong. Although my mum loved the series, she finds Sherlock is a freak and has more appreciation for Mycroft, ehhh ok? Then she talked to be about the movies with Robert Downing Jr and Jude Law. Without seeing them, complaining that it was a US production and therefore, bit not good. Ok, I saw them and they were fun, but I can agree to that statement. Sherlock Holmes is British and therefore must be, in my opinion, always be a British production. (Please don’t kill me for saying that.)

And then she called me about Elementary, its being shown on Dutch TV at the moment. Saying that it was a great show and that this Sherlock was just as great a freak as the BBC Sherlock was.

Now let me get one thing straight. My love for the BBC series runs deep. My love for the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman runs deep. You do not call Sherlock a freak otherwise I get this urge to punch you. Seeing as my mum made this comment, I couldn’t. But she urged me to go watch it.

Ehh, it feels like cheating, big time. But after some research and conveying with other fangirls I am currently watching Elementary. Sigh, and I just do this to get my Sherlock fix until the higher powers decide to start shooting and airing season 3. Moffat!!!

That’s what led to this vlog. I’m sorry for the long introduction but I’ll shut up now and start comparing.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek

Ps: take a look at my other vlogs, cause I don’t always post a copy on my blog:


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