Too much stuff.

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, today not a review, but a post about stuff.

I have too much stuff

Do you ever look around yourself, to the house you’re living in, or your own bedroom and wonder what the hell happened these last couple of years. How the hell did you get so much stuff?

I do, and then I push that thought away, somewhere deep down inside and ignore it really hard in the hopes it will just go away.

But I’m an amazing collector of stuff. Not to the point where my whole life if overflowing and my house is inhabitable, (I’m not a hoarder) but still. I have a lot of stuff on my computer, I have a lot of stuff in my bag, I have a lot of stuff in my house. And then I have a lot of drawers, boxes, baskets, bags, all filled with more stuff.

stuffAnd I don’t know if it’s just me, or me being a woman or me being a geek, but I do enjoy my stuff, until it gets annoying, like now.

I lose stuff, can’t find it, accidently throw stuff out, bitch about it to other people, complain to my mum that I can’t find anything. And I don’t get it. My mum is a real busybody when it comes to organizing her life and home, always cleaning, putting her stuff in the right place, complaining to me I need to do the same. But I have a more laid back attitude in those kinds of things.

I remember when I first moved out of my mum’s house and got a place of my own. A small 1 room apartment for which I lived in for 5 years. Once every 2 years I would do a major spring cleaning and toss out a lot of stuff. Because I didn’t have the room to keep it anymore. And then I bought my first grown-up house, more rooms although not a lot of storage space. First thing my parents did was bring over all the stuff they collected for me over the years. Jeez, thanks for that! I sorted it out and kept a great deal of it and the rest went into the garbage. I sorted through my own stuff and moved a great deal with me and the rest I left behind, again in the garbage.

I now live here in this particular house for almost 3 years. Some of my moving boxes still need to be unpacked; I have a drawer full of photos that I saved for sorting on a rainy day. As you can guess, many rainy days have passed and they still aren’t sorted.

I have many DVD’s I collected over the years which I don’t watch, and I still buy new ones. I have many books I collected over the years, some of them, still left unread, and I still buy new ones. I have loads of make-up; part of it is old and part of it I don’t use. It’s still taking up space.

Do you know that scene from the Labyrinth, with the garbage lady? That is how I feel some times.Labyrinth Junk Lady

Also, my mum is great into giving me stuff and then asking me to keep it for her until she takes it back. Arrrghhhhh, no more stuff!

And what if I want to move in with someone? Or better yet, someone wants to move in with me? Where is his stuff going to go, on the roof? What about kids? They bring in even more stuff!

So why is it we need so much stuff, why do we cling to those material things we don’t use anymore? Why is it so hard to get rid of it? I mean, I tossed out almost two dozen of mugs last week. Mugs I don’t use but have some sort of sentimental value for me, because they remind me of something. Some where a gift, some I bought myself, and I suspect some just appeared in my cupboard. Because mugs are sneaky that way. And at first I found it really hard to throw them out. I left them standing on my kitchen dresser for a couple of days. And whenever I put in a new garbage bag I tossed away a few. Now they’re all gone. And I like the fact I have more space in my cupboards. But the initial feeling of tossing them out was almost heartbreaking.

weve-all-got-too-much-stuffIs it maybe a part of growing up? Letting go of fond tokens of years past. Letting go of those physical memories because you know you have them locked into your heart.

I don’t know.

I do know I need to clean out my house, so I’m making a plan. Me, the geek who is terrible at planning is making a schedule on how to clean my house. Doing a bit every day. Rearranging my bookcase, looking trough DVD’s I don’t watch anymore. Sorting trough clothes I don’t wear anymore. Seeing if anything can go to goodwill or again into the garbage. And I’m dreading every moment of it. But I know I’ll feel much happier when it’s done.

I probably start collecting more stuff, and in two years time I’ll be facing yet again the same dilemma, cleaning up my house, deciding what stuff I want to keep and what stuff I don’t want to keep.

Cause let’s face it, moving into a bigger house isn’t an option.

And I’m not leaving you guys with some smart-ass Zen lesson saying less is more and go minimalistic, I love my stuff to much for that, I only want it more approachable. After all I thrive in chaos…

stuff is awesome

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

PS: my schedule

Now until the 13th of January: bookcase/DVD’s

14th of January till 20th of January: rest of the living room

21st of January till 27th of January: bedroom, including photos

28th of January till 3rd of February: spare bedroom

4th of February till 10th of February: clothing/bathroom/laptop.


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    I have nominated you for “The Shine On Award”! Thank you for being such a support to me!

    Lots of love, Emily

    “The Light-Bearer Series” Novelist

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