Hot Cute Girly Geek Museum Tour: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course, this is it, the first hot cute girly geek museum tour, starting with the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities. I hope you enjoy it!

General info

Name:                                  Dutch National Museum of Antiquities

Place:                                   Leiden, the Netherlands


Date of visit:                       25th of January 2013

Permanent collection:      Egyptian department

Temporary exhibition:     Hollywood’s Egypt

Price:                                    €9.50 (+ additional €2 for the temporary exhibition)

I always had a love for the Egyptian culture and history. I love mummies and I find it highly fascinating that a civilization that far back in history was so developed, and of course that fact that a lot of that history is preserved and we get to learn about it.

This isn’t the first time I visited this museum, but it has been a while. The reason I visited the museum was because of the permanent Egyptian collection. And not so much for the temporary exhibition of Hollywood’s Egypt. Which I didn’t think much of before going. I expected a lot of stuff from the old Cleopatra movies and such. Oh boy was I wrong. But I’ll come to that later.

The exhibition about Egypt isn’t really that big, but they do have some neat stuff. When you enter the museum, the first thing you see is the temple of Taffeh, and it has been there as long as I remember.


Some other cool stuff are these Abydos stelae, and if you have seen Stargate, you remember the name Abydos.







This basalt casket is the sarcophagus of Wahibreëmakhet (translated Wahibre is in the horizon) and although it’s an Egyptian sarcophagus, the “owner” was a rich man, born as a Greek, but turned Egyptian.DSC_0013

And now for the mummy’s: In this picture we see displayed the mummy of Keku and shroud, canopic jars of Horpenmenti, Shabti boxes of Setywy and Bakenrenef, plus some shabtis of Pamel. Shabtis are little stone figurines that depict slaves who will work for you in the afterlife. Usually there are 400 shabtis for every deceased. One Shabti a day, plus an overseer per ten shabtis. In the other picture we see a display of mummy’s and sarcophaguses.








I don’t only have a fascination of mummy’s, but also for canopic jars. These are the jars where the embalmed entrails of the mummy are preserved in. In this photo we see the canopic chest of Amenhotep-Huy.DSC_0015

Last mummy pics, animals. And I can tell you, it’s a stretch to get a whole mummified crocodile in one picture. Cats are a lot easier.







And the last picture of the permanent exhibition is a photo of the bust of Nefertiti; this is unfortunately a fake one, since the real one is displaced in Berlin. Speaking of fake. This museum also has a plaster cast of the Rosetta stone. And no I didn’t take a picture of it, since I saw the real one in the British museum last year, for pics, you’ll need to wait till that post is up.DSC_0032

Moving on to the temporary exhibition, Hollywood’s Egypt. Like I said before, I hadn’t thought much about this exhibit, but since we paid for it, we took a look. What I didn’t know, was that this exhibition was spread over two floors. So when we reached the first floor and the exhibit I was loudly complaining about the fact that they showed a lot of old Hollywood stuff about Egyptian themed movies and how on earth didn’t they insert something about the mummy. It’s only one of the biggest Egyptian based movies in the present days! So when we reached the second floor my geeky heart almost exploded with geeky awesomeness. I am a huge fan of the movie the mummy (see also previous posts here: ) The museum really did get some awesome stuff:

Here we see the original costume worn by Brendan Fraser in his role as Rick O’Connell in the mummy returns. The museum also has the original costume of Arnold Vosloo in his role as Imhotep in the mummy returns. (Well costume, more like a few pieces of fabric, but you don’t hear me complaining.)









Also, the original book of the dead and the book of Amun-Ra used in the movies, that is so freaking awesome!!!







And remember these two? The puzzle box that contained the map to Hamunaptra and the key to open the books. The puzzle box is a reproduction, but the key is really used in the movies. Also, here’s a copy of the map to Hamunaptra, but I urge you not to use it, it’s a fake, lol!







What about the canopies used in the movie the mummy, these are also reproductions and as you can see there are five of them. They are the canopies of Anck-Su-Namun. The problem with it, is that there are supposed to be just for canopies, there is nowhere in the Egyptian history a mention of using five of these and especially non with the head of a lion.DSC_0055

Last two mummy pictures, the dagger of Anck-Su-Namun, used in the movie and an emblem of the Scorpion king.







And I leave you with this awesome costume. The costume and mask of Ra used in the movie Stargate, yep I squeed when I saw this.


So this is the first official hot cute girly geek museum tour post. I hope you liked it and let me know what you thought of it!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy!

PS, the reason the photos are a bit dark is that it isn’t allowed to use a flash when taking pictures in the museum.

Introducing a new subject for posts

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, first of all, sorry about no YouTube Sunday, I don’t have enough vids, so you’ll just have to wait till next week. But I do have a new subject for geeky posts. The Hot Cute Girly Geek museum tour.

I love museums, always have. Where the love comes from, I really don’t know, because my parents aren’t that crazy about museums, nor did they stimulate it for me to go. I guess it has something to do with my love for knowledge and history. All knowledge is worth having, to quote one of my favorite authors.

And I do love it when my love for geeky things is combined with museums. And this happened a lot last year and this year.

So what can you expect for posts? Well, I’m still behind on my posts for last year and I will do two posts about museums I went to last year.

  • The British Museum, London, UK.
  • London Film Museum Experience, London, UK.
  • Body Works, Amsterdam, NL.

For this year:

  • Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, NL.

Expected museum visits this year:

  • Sherlock museum, London, UK.
  • The London Tower, London, UK.
  • Tutankhamun: the Exhibition! Amsterdam, NL.
  • The Doctor Who experience, Cardiff, UK.
  • Anne Frank house, Amsterdam, NL.
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL.

It is possible that my expected list will chance during the year, depending on time, money and travelling. For now, my first post will be about the Dutch Nation Museum of Antiquities, because I went there just last Friday. And if not explained otherwise, all the pictures that will be included in the posts are my own.

Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy

A geeky valentine’s day. Gift ideas for your geeky man or woman

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. As you all know Valentine’s Day is coming up. You have must seen those cards and sweets in the shops already.

I, for one, don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s corny and not in a good way. But maybe some of my fellow readers do love it. So that’s why you are getting this lovely post. My fellow blogger Theta and I teamed up for this and decided on 10 popular fandoms at the moments and gifts that go with those fandoms. I hope this will narrow it down for you to pick that special gift for your fellow and lovely geek.

M:  stands for male gift ideas picked by Theta

F:  stands for female gift ideas picked by me

  • Game of Thrones
    • M:  Unfortunately, I’m not too well up on the Game of Thrones fandom, so I can really only recommend the DVDs and Blu-Rays to be honest – especially as Season 2 is due out on 4 March in the UK.
    • M:  So if you want to catch up, how about the Game of Thrones Season 1 & 2 box set. Okay, it’s bit pricey, but it’s a “win win”. The guy in your life gets the box set of his favourite fandom, whilst you can bask in the handsomeness that is Sean Bean.
    • F:  Winter is coming, or already here based on the snow. And now you can smell the part, yes
      you heard me right, smell. Think geek has this awesome Fire and Blood Perfume, a scent worthy of the blood of the dragon, or your own Khalesi:
  • The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
    • M:  Remember in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” when Bilbo was told that his Elven sword “Sting” was nothing more than a letter opener? Well, giftwa94046_jpg_size-285_maxheight-285_square-truere company The Noble Collection has taken that literally with the “Sting” letter opener which is available at Forbidden Planet and other good stockists.
    • M:  And, if the love of your life is a bit of completist, you could always look at getting him the letter opener set which includes “Sting”, “Glamdring” and “Orcrist”. (Just watch out for the price tag).
    • F:  We can start with the obvious jewellery that was hot like 10 years ago when Lord of the Rings made its entrance to the screens, thinks like the Evenstar necklace, but that is so redundant. Why not get your lovely geeky lady one of these mini plush toys she can cuddle up to for night when you don’t spend together:
    • F:  Or these beautiful the one ring earrings to put on your favourite hobbit/elf/dwarf lady. Now only hope she won’t disappear while wearing these:
  • Sherlock
    • M:  I am already going to assume that the chaps will already have both series on either DVD or, if you are male and follow that trait of having the latest technological gizmos, Blu Ray or downloaded it on Love Film or Netflix. Therefore, I have chosen the book “Sherlock: The Casebook”.

51OK4LK4ucL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_This isn’t just a companion book that accompanies the series. It explains the cultural impact of the Sherlock Holmes mythos, has an episode-by-episode breakdown of series one and two – along with the influences from the original Conan Doyle stories and where they figure in the episodes, and for the fans who have an eye on fan fiction (Nooooooo, not that kind of fan fiction), there’s an insight into the world of Sherlock from the point of view of Sherlock and John Watson themselves. Plus there’s the usual array of photos that are the fixture and fittings of a “making of” book.

    • F:  If your geeky girl likes board games, check out this special edition for Cluedo, you and your lady can play the parts in being Holmes and Watson and solving crimes:
    • F:  As my lovely fellow blogger won’t touch the subject of that kind of fan fiction, I however will. You know what I mean. It is too bad there isn’t much Sherlock merchandise out there but if you want something special, you can always browse the Devian Art site. A lot of artists do commission work and you can order the most beautiful art pieces to give to your geeky girl, just go to the site: and search for Sherlock or Johnlock and contact the artist for your own commissioned work.
  • Vampires
    • M:  This one I am going to cheat a little by combining this and the next category, whilst throwing in a ghost for good measure.

511DVPj61tL__SL500_AA300_“Being Human” is a bit of a cult phenomenon in the UK. Whilst it isn’t on any of the mainstream BBC channels, it continues to get a loyal viewership on BBC3.

For those, who don’t know, “Being Human” revolves around a group of housemates – difference is, these housemates are a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. To make it extra geeky, you get quite a few cast members who have appeared in other genre productions most notably Russell Tovey (“Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”), Lenora Critchlow (“Doctor Who”), Aidan Turner (“The Hobbit”) and Sinead Keenan (“Doctor Who”) – plus it’s created by Toby Whithouse who has scripted a few episodes of “Doctor Who”.

  • Comics and movie adaptations
    • M:  Comic Book adaptations in the movies have been a bit hit and miss – for every “Avengers” you’ll get a “Punisher” (and I mean the Dolph Lundgren version from the 80’s… shudder). But, if you ask who is the geek of the superhero world, only one name comes to mind and that is ol’ web-head himself, Spider-man.

61XAzAp6nwL__SL500_AA300_Now, whilst I liked Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of the role, I prefer the latest reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”, “Never Let Me Go” and the “Doctor Who” two-parter from Season Three, “Daleks In Manhattan” and “Evolution Of The Daleks”). He is who I imagined Peter Parker to be – a loner, intelligent, awkward around the girls, loves his aunt and uncle – and he also manages to pull off the “Spider-man” part of his persona – smart mouth, brave and the everyman of the Marvel Universe.

And if that’s not enough, you get a great supporting cast including Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, Martin Sheen and Denis Leary and brilliant direction by Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”)

Plus, if you’re fella is a real film geek like myself, there are loads of extras to get his teeth into including a Second Screen App for the iPad or Sony Tablet which gives more information on the film.

  • Books:
    • M:  Okay, I’m going to go with a film adaptation of a book that seems to be catching a lot of interest at present, especially due to the fact that it’s being released near Valentine’s Day itself (dependent on where you live) and that’s “Warm Bodies”. I’ve already read the novel written by Isaac Marion and the film is being billed as a zom-rom-com.

Basically, it’s the story of a zombie who is known as “R”, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult from “Skins”, “X-Men: First Class” and “About A Boy”, who is a bit of an unusual type – even for the undead. During a hunt, he meets a living girl by the name of Julie, portrayed by Teresa Palmer from “I Am Number Four”, “Bedtime Stories” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and through a series of circumstances he starts developing emotions for her and starts getting in touch with his human side again.

I loved the book and I am really looking forward to the film, especially as it’s directed and scripted by Jonathan Levine who directed “50/50” which was one of my favourite films of 2011.

STK520312_jpg_size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueAnyway, IDW comics are releasing a four part prequel called “Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness” written by Robert Orci, who is one of the script writers on the 2009 “Star Trek” film and the forthcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness”, and Mike Johnson, who is responsible for the ongoing “Star Trek” series for IDW.

These Blu Rays include not only extended cuts, in some instances of the feature films, but also special features which are more in depth than the standard releases. Currently, films 1-6 have a release in the format in the UK with films 7 and 8 recently being released in the US as a double pack.

I hope you loved the ideas in this massive post. I know Theta and I had loads of fun browsing the net to find you the perfect gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Love, from both Theta and your hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

YouTube Sunday!!!

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course it’s Sunday again so that means another YouTube Sunday! I don’t have that many vids this week. You can’t have it all, all the time, so sit back, relax and enjoy the vids I have in store for you:

Mea Martin, standup comedy and a very good explanation about what goes on, on tumbler: it’s really funny!

The overenthusiastic fangirls already have seen this vid, but I think it’s worth sharing. Misha Collins (aka Castiel on the show Supernatural) doing a cooking show with his adorable son West. It’s epic:

Another Supernatural related vid. Hiatus is over and I’m happy to have the rest of the season starting again. Last week’s episode was brilliant and sad and, ugh, yep, let’s not talk about it anymore. But here’s the trailer for next week. And I am geeking out! I mean, Supernatural, everybody’s favorite geeky IT lesbian Charlie is back! (I’m walking on sunshine!) And there is larping evolved! To give a quick explanation. Larping is Live Action Role Playing. Basically, you and a couple of other geeks come together to reenact quests and adventures. I never did any larping, I only did some minor AD&D back when I was 16. But I still can get excited over this:

Most creepy and awesome Mythbusters vid ever! Just watch and please, don’t try this at home:

Normally I don’t watch a lot of TV; in the sense of I watch shows and movies directly broadcasted on TV. I hate commercials. If only I lived in the UK, I would watch TV just for the commercials, I mean, look at this vid: 4x David Tennant! Yep, I would order this immediately!

The last vid for today, it’s recorded in 2011, but I stumbled on it this week. It’s a really good video talking about the equality of women, and the fact that 007 cross dresses to get the message abroad is just an unexpected bonus.

That’s it for me today, I’m gonna try and defrost my washing machine, since the bloody thing has frozen again! I really hate the cold and snow!

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy.

Beautiful Creatures, the Caster Chronicles #1 by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, a book review.

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, another book review, this time Beautiful creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Since everyone is crazy about this book, I decided to join the bandwagon and start reading it. I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but I can’t promise anything. Here’s my opinion:

About the book:

Beautiful CreaturesTitle: Beautiful Creatures, the Caster Chronicles #1

Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


ISBN 13: 9780316042673

Genre: YA / Supernatural




Synopsis according to Goodreads:

There were no surprises in Gatlin County.
We were pretty much the epicenter of the middle of nowhere.
At least, that’s what I thought.
Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
There was a curse.
There was a girl.
And in the end, there was a grave.

Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she’s struggling to conceal her power and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.

Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the town’s oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.

In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.


What the hell is a movie trailer doing in a book review? Sorry about that, but I think it’s needed and totally relevant, and very, very awesome!


My thoughts:

I love it! No seriously, I love this book. It took me a while to grow on me, but now I love it! Here’s why. When I read the first couple of pages, I was like, what is this about? Small town in America, boy having strange dreams and hearing strange songs. Mind you, I didn’t know what the book was about, just that a lot of people really liked it.

And the whole American Revolution thing. Ok, I must confess it gives a nice twist and makes this book stand out from a lot of other YA books. But I think it has to do with the fact that I don’t know much about this ordeal, because I’m Dutch, so I can’t really relate to it. Sometimes it just feels like a hidden history lesson inside the story. But it does give a nice background to all the characters and their motivations.

What I do love is that this isn’t about your typical young female playing damsel in distress that needs saving by young male and they fall in love, the end. Yes she needs saving, but she is absolutely not a victim, but a young female controlling as much as she can, empowered, trying to make the right decisions in the midst of hormones, the queen bees in high school (yep I threw in a mean girls reference, sorry about that), what is expected from her and her own heart’s desire and of course a terrible curse.

This book stays away from the expected paths a lot of YA books take. Every time you think something is gonna happen, there is another twist. And I love a book that keeps me on my toes while reading it. The more pages I turned the more I wanted to read. And being also a supernatural kinda book makes me love it even more. I mean, Casters, incubus, southern voodoo. Yep, love it!

Oh and the main characters, they are awesome! Ethan, falling in love hard with the beautiful and mysterious Lena. How he chooses again and again for her. Listening to his own heart and not what the people say around them. In fact standing up to a whole town of small minded people, you go Ethan!

And there is the beautiful and mysterious Lena, a social outcast. She never stood a chance. But regardless of everything, she keeps fighting for it. And the whole, I’m a unique person and I stand for my own believes but also secretly wanting to fit in is so realistic. I can relate to that.

So yeah, I love this book, even though it took me a while. And I urge you all to start reading it for yourselves!

I want to buy my own copy (aka buttons):




This book gets a definite 8 out of 10 from me, no doubt about it!

Until the next review, love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy!

Top 10 on Thursday vlog: Sherlock vs. Elementary

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. I know I promised I would stick to more book reviews but this was I post I just had to write and tape.

First a warning, this video contains spoilers for both seasons of Sherlock, and there is some minor swearing by me, sorry about that.

It started with me being introduced into the world of Doctor Who. I then started watching Sherlock. In the process I talked about this with my mum. She is a big London fanatic, just like I am. So I had this plan of showing her Sherlock and trying to geekyfy my mum in the process.

Turns out I created a monster and something went wrong. Although my mum loved the series, she finds Sherlock is a freak and has more appreciation for Mycroft, ehhh ok? Then she talked to be about the movies with Robert Downing Jr and Jude Law. Without seeing them, complaining that it was a US production and therefore, bit not good. Ok, I saw them and they were fun, but I can agree to that statement. Sherlock Holmes is British and therefore must be, in my opinion, always be a British production. (Please don’t kill me for saying that.)

And then she called me about Elementary, its being shown on Dutch TV at the moment. Saying that it was a great show and that this Sherlock was just as great a freak as the BBC Sherlock was.

Now let me get one thing straight. My love for the BBC series runs deep. My love for the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman runs deep. You do not call Sherlock a freak otherwise I get this urge to punch you. Seeing as my mum made this comment, I couldn’t. But she urged me to go watch it.

Ehh, it feels like cheating, big time. But after some research and conveying with other fangirls I am currently watching Elementary. Sigh, and I just do this to get my Sherlock fix until the higher powers decide to start shooting and airing season 3. Moffat!!!

That’s what led to this vlog. I’m sorry for the long introduction but I’ll shut up now and start comparing.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek

Ps: take a look at my other vlogs, cause I don’t always post a copy on my blog:

J.K. Accinni Book Blitz: Baby

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks of course. Today a very special post for you awesome geeks.

The J.K. Accinni Book Blitz, with the book Baby! And also a link to get your own copy! How awesome is that.

banner 2

So let’s get started:

About the Author:

author photoJ. K. Accinni was born and raised in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she lived with her husband, five dogs and eight rabbits, all rescued and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida. Mrs. Accinni’s passion for wildlife conservation has led her all over the world, including three trips to Africa, where ten years ago she and her husband fell in love with a baby elephant named Wendi, that had been rescued by a wildlife group. That baby is the inspiration for the character Tobi, the elephant featured in her fourth book titled Hive.

The character of Caesar is inspired by a real life iconic tiger from Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. A portion of the proceeds from her third book, Armageddon Cometh, will be donated to the sanctuary in support of the enormous expense required to house and feed the displaced wildlife in their care. Mrs. Accinni invites her readers to visit to view the astounding facility and plan a visit with your family.

About the book, Baby:



Have you ever wondered why God does not punish the evil and depraved of our planet? Why does He babytolerate the destructive bloodthirsty nature of Homo sapiens allowing them to rule over all creatures, abusing and exploiting according to their whims? Why has science been unable to solve the vexing mystery of our ancestor, the Missing Link? How could one planet evolve such complex and divergent examples of biodiversity? Can you imagine God ever saying, “To Hell with this mess that is Earth?”

The series “Species Intervention #6609” spans two hundred years, encompassing tender love between divergent species, political downfalls and violence of unspeakable order. It is an unfortunate tale of Armageddon and the remote possibility of redemption.

In Baby, Netty is a naive teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a successful citizen during the years of Prohibition in Sussex County, New Jersey.  After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist husband, traveling back to the farm worked by her parents, where she rescues an unfamiliar damaged creature she finds in a cave in the woods of her childhood, falling in love with the enigmatic creature she names Baby. Together they find happiness and fulfillment despite the changes to Netty’s body wrought by the proximity of the unusual creature.

When a handsome Italian stranger comes into Netty’s life, complications ensue as she falls in love while trying to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her farm and her body.  Netty, Baby and Wil strive to conquer obstacles thrown in their path by life, succeeding wildly until the heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story.

My thoughts:

Ok, I haven’t read this book yet, but I will sometime very soon, so keep a look out on my blog for the review, which I will also post on Goodreads. But the synopsis of the book as described in the piece above is enough for me to get my interest. Upon first reading it, it reminds me in an instant of the books written by Jean M. Auel, the Earth’s Children books. And I really loved those, so I imagine that falling in love with the books by J.K. Accinni wouldn’t be a problem at all. It has almost all the elements of a good story in this synopsis and I for one can’t wait to sink my teeth in this book.

Where to get your own copy:

Did I mention you can get a free copy? On January the 15th and 16th and all you have to do is click on this link: DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE so please do so and let me all know what your thoughts are on this book.


Yep there is also a giveaway tied to this awesome book blitz. Check out this facebook page: Species Intervention 6609 Just click on the link and follow the instructions.

Where to find the author:







Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy