Being Human, season 1, a TV series review.

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I’m on a role at the moment with my reviews. Next up is Being Human, the UK version, season 1, a TV series review. I watched it for the first time when it was aired on Syfy channel here in the Netherlands. I watched the first two episodes but decided it was not good enough to follow. But since the whole Doctor Who thing, I decided to give it another go. I mean, it has ghosts, vampires, werewolves and some of the British actors I admire.

And again, spoilers:

Plot synopsis for season 1 according to the BBC website:

Have you ever heard the one about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together? Well for George, Mitchell and Annie, that’s no joke; that’s their life… or afterlife as the case may be. The supernatural trio share a rented house, desperately trying to balance their paranormal problems with the challenge of simply Being Human.





My Thoughts:

Like I said, the first time I watched Being Human, it didn’t interest me. But over the last couple of days I watched the first season. It only has 6 episodes. Basically the series is about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, sharing a flat in Bristol. And this first season is all about learning who the main characters are.

being-human-season-1-1-flotsam-and-jetsamAnnie, the ghost, played by Lenora Crichlow. She is bound to the flat were all three of them live. She died in the flat and basically here first season is about finding out why she is still on earth. That and becoming more solid. First off she is only seen by other supernatural creepy crawlers. But gradually she becomes more and more solid. Can move stuff around, mover herself around, even kiss. And we find out why she is still here on earth. Well, that is a shocker!

Mitchell, the vampire, played by Aiden Turner. They did a good casting job there. He is the perfect vampire. Mysterious, little dark, charming, good looking, mitchell6longish hair. But as most vampires nowadays he tries going vegetarian. What is it about the movie and book industry these days, can we please have the proper monster vampires back. But back to Mitchell, vampire, working in a hospital (how does he manage, with all the blood and not drinking it) sometimes relapsing, trying to blend in. Oh and first joining then fighting the all mighty vampire power that wants to convert all humans either in food or fellow vampires. He has his nice human moments, but most of the time being an annoyed, moody vampire.

being-human-season-1-georgeAnd last but not least, George, the werewolf, played by the amazing Russell Tovey. In my opinion, he is the lead character out of the three lead characters. He steals the show, is funny, endearing, cute, and most human of all of them. He struggles with being a werewolf, why it happened to him and his general angst of biting or killing another human being. He also works in the same hospital as Mitchell, to keep a low profile and in order to lock himself up in the basement when he has his time of the month. In this particular series, just the one day. He learns how to deal with his inner doggie, and actually falls in love with Cacti, ehh I mean Nina, played by Sinead Keenan. Again marvelous acting and the two of them, Russell and Sinead together, have this thing, they sell

But the main thing is that all of them try very hard at being human, not always succeeding in it. The struggles of how three supernatural creatures watch us mere humans, want to be like us, is a nice point of view. The storylines still aren’t the best there is out there, but it’s nice and refreshing. Oh and very funny. I like the fact the vampires have normal fangs and demon eyes. Although the werewolves look real cheap. It’s a man in a werewolf suit. That could have gone Being-Human-Nina-as-a-wer-001better. And I would have liked to see more of Annie the ghost peeping trough walls and doors, instead of opening them.

Another thing, the whole George transforming into a werewolf is amazingly done. He really does act his ass off (no pun intended, well, just a little then) and the screams and cries really hit you.

The main evil character, Herrick, played by Jason Watkins, is the right amount of being evil, twisted, slightly mad and creepy. But he lacks a bit of background.tv_being_human_jason_watkins What we learned about vampires, living hundreds of years, is that they have all the time to accumulate lots and lots of money, create different backgrounds, learn lots and lots of stuff. These vampires are just plain, trying to take over the world.

But still. It’s funny, entertaining, some amazing acting, naked men, blood, violence, sex, supernatural creatures. So I’m gonna watch season 2 next.

Where can I get the DVD’s?

Mind you, this is just the first season; Amazon does sell boxes with more of the seasons all together.

Seeing it is a British series, if you can order it on it’s much cheaper. This also goes for the Dutch people.


I actually rate this 7.5 out of 10. Because of Russell Tovey and the jokes and the vampires. Go watch it!



Love, your hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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