De Bende van Oss (the Gang of Oss) a movie review.

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks, another review.


This time, a Dutch movie. Normally I wouldn’t review Dutch movies, because it’s you wouldn’t have seen it if you’re not from the Netherlands. Also, really bad acting. The quality of Dutch movies sucks. But there is a reason behind my review. This movie is about the gangs of Oss, the city I was born in. And that is pretty awesome. For such a small town, well actually it’s a city but with village mentalities, to have a movie made of it. That’s just awesome.

And as always, spoilers!

Synopsis according to IMDB:

In the 1930s the Brabant [southern province of the Netherlands] city of Oss was caught up in a crime wave. The military police was sent from the north to Oss to free the city of the terror regime of the Gang from Oss [Ossche Bende]. When the military police discover sex crimes and fraud even among the local clerics and prominent members of the community, the conflict escalates between the catholic south and the protestant north which eventually leads to the fall of the Colijn administration the last operating pre-war administration.

Trailer, with English subtitles:

(Trailer is not suitable for young kids because of… nudity, just to give you a warning)


My thoughts:

Wachtmeester-marrechaussee-Daan-SChuurmans-De-Bende-van-Oss-credit-Victor-ArnoldsLike I said before, the quality of most Dutch movies suck, and this one is no different. Then why write a review? Even though the quality sucks I love the movie for the fact that it’s about my hometown and actually shot in my hometown and surrounding towns. Also, the language, specifically the accents. Every region in every country has its own accent, and ‘Brabant’ the region I grew up in is no different. It feels like a bit of home since I don’t live there anymore. And I find it funny that a lot of people have difficulty understanding it, even if they’re from Holland. The accent makes it difficult to understand if you’re not from that region and aren’t accustomed to it.

The movie has a very good Dutch cast; a couple of actors even grew up in the same region as the movie takes place in, so it felt like coming home for them also.leider-Wim-de-Kuijper-Marcel-Musters-met-neef-Ties-Mathias-Schoenaerts-en-Johanna-van-Heesch-Sylvia-Hoeks-De-Bende-van-Oss-Credit-Foto-Victor-Arnolds

The idea of the movie is really great, the script is actually good, and the shooting and picturing the right atmosphere is also done amazing. It’s just that Dutch movies have the tendency to be harsh and easy with certain aspects. For example. If you see a love scene in an American movie, it’s all about the passion and feelings behind it. You don’t see much nudity, but the beauty is in what’s implied. Yes it’s often over the top and dramatic, but that’s why we go see stuff like that. In Dutch movies it goes something like this. Woman needs something from man, pulls of her clothes, they fuck (excuse my languages but you can’t call it lovemaking) you see just johanna-van-heesch-sylvia-hoeks-in-haar-cafe-de-bende-van-oss-credits-victor-arnoldsabout everything and then it’s done. That’s what I don’t like about it. Same goes for all the other emotional stuff going on in Dutch movies and this movie. It’s like they are afraid we are too stupid to imagine what happens next, they need to spell it out.

Enough complaining. The historical events depicted in this movie are really accurate, this really happened in Oss in the ’30. Well, not maybe the story of the lead female, but the gangs and the violence and the whole Catholics against Protestants.

And although I like the fact that the story is told from a woman’s point of view,  Johanna van Heesch, a young café proprietor (later on prostitute), daughter of Mien de Snol (Mien the FILMSET BENDE VAN OSStrollop) and half sister of the mentally handicapped Trees, and wife of Ties. I sometimes have the feeling it’s distracting from the main story about the gang violence. It’s nice to have the two plotlines intermingled, but I would have liked to see less of Johanna and more of the gang violence and its background.

Another fun thing, there is a lot of cycle racing going on. For me, it’s that part of my childhood again. My dad did and does a lot of amateur cycle racing and I have the feeling it’s also a part of the lives of the people living in that particular region. Back then and now.

de-in-plaatselijke-kroeg-midden-aan-tafel-jan-greven-benja-bruijning-bendelid-links-met-pet-jan-hein-kuijpers-de-bende-van-oss-credits-victor-arnoldsI do recommend seeing this movie if you like historical drama / crime. The movie is actually better than most Dutch movies and I am biased in this as well.

Where to get a copy:

If you want to get your hands on a copy, you can buy it on Amazon, although it’s expensive because it’s import. But it has English subtitles.

Amazon UK:

For the Dutchies, I got my copy at ‘de witte boekenmarkt’ or you can order it online at


I’m debating on my rate for this movie, but decided to settle on 7 out of 10, just because of the sentimental value it has for me.

I hope you liked my review.

Love, your own hot cute girly geek, Mendy


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