Chicks dig Time Lords: a celebration of Doctor Who by the women who love it. A book review

Hi my hot cute girly and boy geeks. It’s been ages since I did a proper book review and I’m way behind on them, according to my Goodreads list. So it’s time to catch up a little and also do new reviews as soon as I finish a book.

I decided to start with the most recent books I finished first and this is a though one to review, since it isn’t actually a story, but a bunch of collected essays. But I’ll try.


Oh and I don’t know if you can spoiler a collection of essays, but just in case, warning: may contain spoilers!

Goodreads description:

In Chicks Digs Time Lords, a host of award-winning female novelists, academics and actresses come together to celebrate the phenomenon that is Doctor Who, discuss their inventive involvement with the show’s fandom and examine why they adore the series. These essays will delight male and female readers alike by delving into the extraordinary aspects of being a female Doctor Who enthusiast. Essays include Carole Barrowman discussing what it was like to grow up with her brother John (including the fact that he’s still afraid of shop-window dummies), columnist Jackie Jenkins providing a Bridget Jones’ Diary-style memoir of working on Doctor Who Magazine, novelist Lloyd Rose analyzing Rose’s changes between the ninth and tenth Doctors and much more. Other contributors include Elizabeth Bear (Jenny Casey), Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Mary Robinette Kowal (Shades of Milk and Honey), Jody Lynn Nye (Mythology series), Kate Orman (Seeing I), and Catherynne M. Valente (The Orphan’s Tales). Also featured is a comic from the Torchwood Babiez creators, plus interviews with Doctor Who companions India Fisher (Charley) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

My thoughts:

I received this book as a birthday present from a good friend of mine and absolutely love it, being the whovian that I am. Like I said it’s a collection of essays by women that somehow are connected to the Doctor Who universe and they talk about how they were sucked into it and how Doctor Who played a part in their lives. The book was created between the 10th and 11th Doctor so we only get views upon David Tennant’s Doctor, but I don’t mind. I love to read how these women came in contact with Doctor Who. Seeing it as kids on TV, or by their partners, or having a lovely brother that has a role in the series. Women who run conventions and fan fiction sites, write their own stories, or played in the show themselves. And although I’m only familiar with the new Doctor Who series, it’s nice to read about the old series as well. Even though you know little about it. I will pick a few stories that particularly had my interest for this review and leave it up to you to buy this book and read the rest.

The first one is obviously the essay from Carole E. Barrowman called Time is Relative. Carole is of course the sister of John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and 538932_10151063014022285_304470139_nTorchwood) and together they wrote a couple of Torchwood novels, the latest being Torchwood: Exodus Code (a must read for any Doctor Who and Torchwood fan, review will be up later.)

She talks about when she first met the Doctor, the second Doctor and when little Johnny was born, being an obnoxious baby, always crying. (Now why doesn’t that surprise me)? She made her little brother into a fan and together they watched Doctor Who, and she gives us a few little insides in the life of John Barrowman, which is absolutely adorable. And she tells about the Doctor being a constant in her life, the geekyness about her brother being in Doctor Who and sharing secrets, even going on set of Torchwood as well as Doctor Who. The way she describes it, having such a good connection with her brother and sharing their inner geek together, it makes you nostalgic.

twbabiez_1The second essay isn’t really an essay but a comic. Torchwood Babiez! Behind the scenes by Tammy Garrison and Katy Shuttleworth. I wasn’t familiar with halloweeniez_babiezTorchwood Babiez so I decided to check it out online while I was writing this review, needless to say I got distracted. If you don’t know them yet, head over to: it’s absolutely adorable and brilliant and cute and, well you catch my drift. But the comic in the book tells about how these two amazing women met and created the most awesome, cute, geeky comic ever seen. How they were recognized at conventions and recognizes by staff. Apparently John Barrowman has a blow-up picture of him as a Torchwood baby himself. That is the ultimate appraisal I can image happen to you.

The last essay I want to talk about is: Two steps forward, one step back: Have we really come that far by Shoshana Magnet and Robert Smith. They discuss the companions as being new female role models and making Doctor Who more attractive for women to watch, but also, what each companion bring with him/her and if showing the characters they have is really a step forward or a step back. It makes quite an interesting read.companions-forever-doctor-whos-companions-19934567-1024-768

Ok, I’m a bit biased if it’s about Doctor Who, but the quality of the essays is really good and discusses a wide range of topics. From just entertaining, to background information to topics that make you rethink your own interests and views onto Doctor Who. But still, I rate it a 9 out of 10

Love, your own hot cute girly geek Mendy.


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3 thoughts on “Chicks dig Time Lords: a celebration of Doctor Who by the women who love it. A book review

  1. rtgrthetasigma says:

    Sounds like an interesting book.

    One to get hold of should it come out for the Kindle. (I do hope so).

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  3. […] Chicks dig Time Lords: a celebration of Doctor Who by the women who love it. A book review ( […]

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